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Critics Of Airport Regulations Skeptical Of Noise Committee Motives In East Hampton Mar 3, 15 12:57 PM

It’s been nearly 20 years since attorney David Gruber—a longtime member of the East Hampton Town Democratic Committee,... more

Which Aircraft Would Be Restricted At East Hampton Airport? Mar 3, 15 12:17 PM

Helicopters would account for about half of all aircraft that would be affected by proposed new noise restrictions at the East... more

Bonac Community Notes, March 5 Mar 3, 15 10:22 AM

I have all kinds of serious and timely topics I’d like to discuss, but sitting at my computer, all I can do is daydream.... more

East Hampton To Hold Screenings For Political Offices Mar 2, 15 2:51 PM

The East Hampton Republican Committee will hold formal screenings for local elective office on Wednesday, March 11, at 7 p.m. at... more

Springs School News, March 5 Mar 1, 15 8:05 AM

Springs School

As reported by the Journalism Club

Andy Piver, as part of the Visiting... more

From East Hampton To Nepal, High School Students Build Foundation For Education Feb 25, 15 4:58 PM

For most, a week-long February vacation is a time to kick back at home, play in the snow, or settle onto a beach someplace... more

Montauk Harbor Freezes Over As Temperatures Remain Low Feb 25, 15 4:58 PM

Single digit temperatures during the last couple of weeks have caused Montauk Harbor to freeze. East Hampton Press photographer... more

Community Split On Idea Of East Hampton Town Manager Feb 25, 15 11:04 AM

This spring will mark one year since East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell hired an executive assistant to help with administrative... more

Group Forms School Consolidation Committee In East Hampton To Seek State Funding For Study Feb 24, 15 5:04 PM

A group of East Hampton residents is forming a committee to push for school consolidation and expects to finalize an application... more

New Grant Helps Tackle Bullying Through Theater In East Hampton Feb 24, 15 4:21 PM

Whether it’s in the hallways of a middle school science wing, on the glass screen of a cellphone, or read on Facebook, bullying... more

Project MOST Receives $31,000 Grant For Google Chrome Labs Feb 24, 15 2:07 PM

Students at John Marshall Elementary School who take part in the Project MOST after-school program were engrossed in new Google... more

Surfrider To Petition East Hampton Town Not To Move Forward With Army Corps Project Feb 24, 15 2:04 PM

Trying to stop the Army Corps of Engineers’ Downtown Montauk Emergency Stabilization Project in its tracks, the Surfrider... more

East Hampton Residents Skeptical Of New Work By PSEG Feb 24, 15 1:45 PM

Just a year after East Hampton residents and officials went head to head with PSEG Long Island over new utility poles and a high-voltage... more

East Hampton Parents Fear Rising Costs Of Summer Camp Feb 24, 15 1:45 PM

Despite this month’s freezing temperatures, at least one local parent is feeling heated over the rising cost of summer camp... more

Four Poster Tick Management Program May Come to East Hampton Town Feb 24, 15 11:43 AM

In the on-gong battle against the prolific tick population on the East End, the East Hampton Deer and Tick Management Foundation... more
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