Thanksgiving Break Kids Club, Hampton Kids,


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Amagansett Community Notes, August 7 Aug 4, 14 12:02 PM

What is one thing you want to do before the summer is over? Have you had fresh local corn from Vicki’s Veggies? Have you seen... more

Friday Benefit To Aid In Restoration Of Life-Saving Station In Amagansett Jul 29, 14 4:39 PM

A historical event that took place on an Amagansett beach during World War II will be commemorated this Friday night with... more

Project MOST Receives A Large State Grant Jul 29, 14 2:46 PM

East Hampton’s Project MOST, an after-school and summer learning program, has been awarded a hefty $137,500 state grant,... more

Governor Signs Tax Law For East Hampton Town Jul 29, 14 1:12 PM

Governor Andrew Cuomo last week signed a bill that legalizes the extended property tax filing deadline for East Hampton Town residents... more

East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society Hosts Summer Fair Jul 28, 14 3:17 PM

The East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society held their 118th annual Summer Fair on Saturday on the LVIS grounds. KYRIL BROMLEY... more

Young Republicans Club Will Form In East Hampton Jul 28, 14 2:37 PM

The East Hampton Town Republican Committee is in the process of starting a Young Republicans Club that will be led by the daughter... more

East Hampton Community Notes, July 31 Jul 28, 14 10:47 AM

Last week I helped with a fundraiser at Ashawagh Hall. I was in charge of getting together the art that would go up for a silent auction.... more

Montauk Community Notes, July 31 Jul 28, 14 10:17 AM

Thursday, July 31, is National Mutt Day. I have to laugh because it’s also my birthday. According to,... more

Springs Community Notes, July 31 Jul 27, 14 4:44 PM

A while back my friend, Jordan Daniel, brought to my attention a great debate around here concerning the name of our hamlet. Apparently,... more

Amagansett Community Notes, July 31 Jul 27, 14 4:30 PM

Friday is August 1, Happy August birthdays to my niece Isabelle Sanderson, Tennille Treadwell, Kerrie Jurkowicz, Jen Fenelon, Heather... more

East Hampton Community Notes, July 24 Jul 22, 14 2:37 PM

You have to love going places in summer. You never know what you can come across. Some things are awe inspiring in a positive or negative... more

Amagansett Coffee Shop Partners With Dell Cullum To Clean Up Litter Jul 22, 14 2:21 PM

Every Sunday morning at 6, Jack Mazzola and David Trotta, owners of Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee in downtown Amagansett,... more

East Hampton Lifeguard Teaches People About Rip Currents Jul 21, 14 4:34 PM

Jimmy Minardi, an East Hampton native and a longtime lifeguard at Main Beach, is doing his best to educate swimmers on the dangers... more

Surf Lodge Concerts Continue To Raise Money For Montauk Playhouse Jul 21, 14 3:56 PM

The Montauk Playhouse is still trying to raise money for a planned addition of an aquatic and cultural center, a project that is... more

Three Mile Harbor In East Hampton To Be Closed To Shellfishing For Fireworks Show Jul 21, 14 11:58 AM

Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton will be temporarily closed to the harvesting of shellfish until next week for the annual Great... more
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