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Montauk Community Notes, June 4 Jun 1, 15 1:13 PM

On Saturday I looked into the nest on top of our front porch light and was sad to find it empty. This spring we’ve avoided using... more

Amagansett Community Notes, June 4 May 30, 15 6:07 PM

Happy Birthday to Ed Cashin, Jim Kennedy, Merritt Emptage, Joe Pucci, BJ Bistrian, Aubrey Tulp, Ben Bijur, Paloma Bahi, Jessica Lownes,... more

East Hampton Community Notes, June 4 May 30, 15 5:45 PM

As I watch the national news, I am very saddened by all the recent revelations about supposed cancer charities that were actually... more

New Leaders Want Youth Back At YMCA In East Hampton May 26, 15 5:48 PM

As one of their first goals as a new committee, the New Leaders of East Hampton is focusing its efforts on finding a place for... more

Homeowners Pitch In $360k For Georgica Pond Study May 26, 15 4:00 PM

A group of homeowners along Georgica Pond’s waterfront have raised nearly $360,000 in private donations to fund a two-year... more

Springs Residents Appeal Approval Of Firehouse Cell Tower May 26, 15 3:43 PM

A group of Springs homeowners have filed an appeal to the East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals, challenging the determination... more

Montauk Community Notes, May 28 May 26, 15 3:22 PM

Don and I were sitting down to dinner on Saturday when our dog, Chance, started bouncing off the sliding glass door. At the bottom... more

East Hampton GOP Picks Nominees For Town Offices May 26, 15 9:14 AM

East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell will face a challenge for his seat this fall from Tom Knobel, the chairman of the local... more

East Hampton Community Notes, May 28 May 25, 15 2:29 PM

Now that the big weekend is past us, we can all take a breath and start getting into our summer grooves. One thing that I noticed... more

Bonac Community Notes, May 28 May 25, 15 1:01 PM

“What do you miss most about living on the farm”? Prudence Carabine asked Stuart Juckett at the East Hampton Farm Museum... more

Springs Community Notes, May 28 May 25, 15 11:40 AM

Now that we all survived the rush of Memorial Day weekend, so many of us are in the full swing of our busy season. Since I have been... more

Amagansett Community Notes, May 28 May 25, 15 10:47 AM

There are a lot of festivities in the hamlet and summer is just around the corner.In Bonac Sporting news, congratulations to Amagansett’s... more

Bonac Community Notes, May 21 May 19, 15 11:44 AM

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and this weekend, Memorial Day, is the unofficial start to the summer season. Here are... more

Triune Baptist Church Finally Breaks Ground For New Home May 19, 15 10:22 AM

The members of the Triune Baptist Church have been without their own chapel for 47 years, moving from place to place to worship... more

Springs Community Notes, May 21 May 18, 15 3:12 PM

Since I’ve returned to reside in our little corner of the world, I find that my gratitude for home greatly increases always... more
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