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East Hampton Officials To Propose Moratorium In Wainscott Sep 13, 16 2:13 PM

The East Hampton Town Board will propose a moratorium on new commercial development, or substantial redevelopment of commercial... more

U.S. Army Corps Will Be Responsible For Repairing Damage To Montauk Beach From Monday's Storm Sep 8, 16 11:15 AM

The Town of East Hampton will not be responsible for repairs on the Downtown Montauk Emergency Stabilization Project for damage... more

State DOT Will Close Buell Lane and Toilsome Lane In East Hampton For Storm Drain Inspection Tuesdays Sep 6, 16 5:15 PM

Those with Buell Lane and Toilsome Lane on their commute should make plans for an alternate route on Tuesdays.

The northeast... more

Affordable Apartments Above Garages Draws Some Criticism, Some Support In East Hampton Sep 6, 16 5:12 PM

East Hampton Town’s plan to allow some residents to construct accessory structures, like garages, on their property to host... more

East Hampton Supervisor Applauds Way Cops Handled Potentially Armed Suspect Sep 6, 16 4:46 PM

East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell applauded several town police officers for their professionalism and level-headed approach... more

Storm Uncovers Sandbags On Montauk's Beach Project Sep 6, 16 3:56 PM

Storm waves from the remnants of Hurricane Hermine scoured away thousands of tons of sand from atop a sandbag revetment constructed... more

A Quieter, Kinder Montauk In 2016 Sep 6, 16 3:29 PM

As the sun sets on the summer of 2016 in Montauk, most are looking back at the bustling weeks as a return, somewhat, to what they... more

LTV Orientation Class Offers Intro To Television Production Sep 6, 16 3:22 PM

LTV has announced its next Orientation Workshop for any East Hampton resident interested in local television production.

The... more

East Hampton Village Board of Trustees Commit Money To Repairs On Pantigo Mill Sep 6, 16 2:29 PM

The East Hampton Village Board of Trustees approved the use of $14,363.80 for the Pantigo Mill Restoration Project to repair the... more

Trial Run For Trash Attendant At East Hampton Beach Goes Well Sep 6, 16 12:20 PM

The shores of Atlantic Avenue beach were kept a little bit cleaner over Labor Day weekend thanks to one passionate citizen who... more

Bigger Parking Lot On Tap In Amagansett Sep 6, 16 11:42 AM

East Hampton Town is preparing to purchase a chunk of land at the northeast corner of Amagansett’s main municipal parking... more

Bonac Community Notes, September 8 Sep 5, 16 1:44 PM

Labor Day must be the most depressing day of the year, or the best. As tropical storm Hermine swirls closer to our shores, I pray... more

Springs Community Notes, September 8 Sep 5, 16 11:22 AM

The arrival of September can provoke a feeling of loss for me in that summer days were simply all too fleeting. Though, I am mostly... more

Montauk Community Notes, September 8 Sep 5, 16 11:14 AM

At our house we spread out during the summer. Think: Outdoor furniture, fishing gear, gardening tools, flowerpots, driftwood. When... more

East Hampton Community Notes, September 8 Sep 5, 16 11:04 AM

Phew! Now that Labor Day has passed, there is a collective sigh of relief from service workers and residents alike. Living in East... more
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