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Katy’s Courage Holds 4th Annual Skate-A-Thon In East Hampton Mar 9, 15 3:43 PM

Katy’s Courage held its 4th Annual Skate-A-Thon at Buckskill Winter Club in East Hampton on Saturday, March 7. The day-long... more

Man Living In Garden Shed Calls East Hampton Town Code Enforcement Mar 9, 15 3:37 PM

The owner of a property on Middle Highway in East Hampton was charged with 11 code violations recently after allegedly renting... more

Amagansett Community Notes, March 12 Mar 9, 15 3:18 PM

I trust you remembered to spring your clocks ahead and let’s hope March remembers that spring is 10 days away.

Congratulations... more

Montauk Community Notes, March 12 Mar 9, 15 3:04 PM

The deer can’t seem to find much to eat because of snow cover still all around in Montauk as of Sunday. I saw one poor creature... more

East Hampton Community Notes, March 12 Mar 9, 15 2:34 PM

I was finally able to attend the annual Empty Bowls event benefiting the Springs Seedling Project and Project Most, now in its... more

Springs Community Notes, March 12 Mar 9, 15 2:13 PM

Waking up last Thursday morning to yet another fresh layer of winter wonderland thwarting any hopes of getting out and about, I... more

East Hampton Airport Budget Committee Cannot Work Out Impact Of Proposed Regulations Mar 5, 15 9:01 AM

A key report on the potential fiscal impact of proposed new restrictions at East Hampton Airport will not be ready in time for... more

Army Corps Expected To Open Bids For Montauk Stabilization Project Mar 3, 15 4:28 PM

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers delayed the opening of bids last week on the Downtown Montauk Emergency Stabilization Project,... more

Fire At Montauk Yacht Club Sunday Night Mar 3, 15 3:16 PM

A bathroom at the Montauk Yacht Club caught fire on Sunday night after an electrical problem with a heater in the room, according... more

East Hampton High School Kicks Off 'Grease' Performance On Friday Mar 3, 15 3:16 PM

A small group of teenage girls clad in brightly colored poodle skirts, black-and-white saddle shoes and ascot scarves quietly... more

Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center Needs $2,200 More For Junior Sports Field Mar 3, 15 3:03 PM

Three-year-olds at the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center in East Hampton Village will soon have a place to play tennis, soccer... more

Critics Of Airport Regulations Skeptical Of Noise Committee Motives In East Hampton Mar 3, 15 12:57 PM

It’s been nearly 20 years since attorney David Gruber—a longtime member of the East Hampton Town Democratic Committee,... more

Which Aircraft Would Be Restricted At East Hampton Airport? Mar 3, 15 12:17 PM

Helicopters would account for about half of all aircraft that would be affected by proposed new noise restrictions at the East... more

Bonac Community Notes, March 5 Mar 3, 15 10:22 AM

I have all kinds of serious and timely topics I’d like to discuss, but sitting at my computer, all I can do is daydream.... more

East Hampton To Hold Screenings For Political Offices Mar 2, 15 2:51 PM

The East Hampton Republican Committee will hold formal screenings for local elective office on Wednesday, March 11, at 7 p.m. at... more
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