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Amagansett Community Notes, June 18 Jun 15, 15 11:02 AM

Today at the Amagansett School is the music department’s Concert in the Park at 3:30 p.m. The school year is winding down and... more

Amagansett Community Notes, June 11 Jun 8, 15 1:05 PM

Congratulations to Marith Bryn McMahon, the daughter of Keith and Marian McMahon of Amagansett. She graduated from High Point University... more

Amagansett Community Notes, June 4 May 30, 15 6:07 PM

Happy Birthday to Ed Cashin, Jim Kennedy, Merritt Emptage, Joe Pucci, BJ Bistrian, Aubrey Tulp, Ben Bijur, Paloma Bahi, Jessica Lownes,... more

Lucy Ann O'Mara Of Amagansett Dies May 13 May 25, 15 1:14 PM

Lucy Ann O’Mara of Amagansett died at Southampton Hospital on May 13, with her husband and daughter by her side. She was... more

Amagansett Community Notes, May 28 May 25, 15 10:47 AM

There are a lot of festivities in the hamlet and summer is just around the corner.In Bonac Sporting news, congratulations to Amagansett’s... more

Amagansett Community Notes, May 21 May 18, 15 10:38 AM

Well, it is here! Memorial Day weekend, the holiday we either love or don’t.Please enjoy all the festivities in the hamlet and... more

Amagansett School Proposes $10.6 Million Budget May 12, 15 5:45 PM



The budget vote and school board elections will take place on... more

Amagansett Props May 12, 15 5:13 PM

PROPOSITIONIn addition to the operating budget, voters will be asked to cast ballots on the Amagansett... more

East Hampton Town To Set Airport Fines, Responds To Request For TRO May 12, 15 4:52 PM

Pilots expressed frustrations last week about East Hampton Town’s proposed penalties for those who violate the newly adopted... more

Amagansett School Board Candidates May 12, 15 3:44 PM

One incumbent Amagansett School Board member, Mary Lownes, is seeking reelection and is being challenged by Steve Graboski for... more

Amagansett Community Notes, May 14 May 11, 15 9:01 AM

Congratulations to Amagansett alumni, eighth-graders, Rose Littman, Kate Ward, Grace Myers, Rhianna Heiler, Emily Hugo, Ethan Pratt,... more

Amagansett Community Notes, May 7 May 4, 15 10:39 AM

As promised, April showers really did bring May flowers. I hope you are enjoying them.Saturday, May 9, the Amagansett Fire Departments... more

District Attorney's Subpoena Of East Hampton Town CPF Purchase Still A Mystery Apr 28, 15 4:48 PM

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office served East Hampton Town with a subpoena last week, requesting information... more

Amagansett Community Notes, April 30 Apr 27, 15 12:16 PM

Friday is May 1. Hopefully, the weather and the calendar will get in sync and bring us some May flowers and sunshine.Happy May birthdays... more

In Amagansett CPF Purchase, Right Of First Refusal Is Waived A Second Time Apr 27, 15 10:04 AM

An Amagansett property owner whose right of first refusal has held up a purchase of his neighbor’s land for preservation... more
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