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Montauk Future Depends On Movement, And Guidance Dec 11, 18 4:48 PM

Of the five packages of recommendations that consultants gave East Hampton Town officials on the long-term development plans for... more

Gone Fishing Marina In Montauk Has Been Sold Dec 4, 18 5:42 PM

Gone Fishing Marina in Montauk has been sold.

According to the Real Estate Report, which bases its list of transactions... more

Projects To Improve Water Quality In Montauk Are Pitched Dec 4, 18 5:08 PM

Advisors to the East Hampton Town Board laid out a plan for the first phase of what will likely be several projects to address... more

Volunteers Pick Up Litter Near Montauk Point Nov 27, 18 2:49 PM

Folks showed up in 28-degree weather to aid the Surfrider Foundation in a beach cleanup near the Montauk Lighthouse on Friday.... more

Montauk Fire Department, Lions Club Will Fete Senior Citizens Nov 27, 18 2:42 PM

On Sunday, Montauk Fire Department members will move all of the fire trucks and heavy apparatus outside the firehouse and transform... more

Montauk Lighthouse Lighted For The Holidays Nov 25, 18 3:38 PM

The Montauk Lighthouse was lighted for the holidays on Saturday night. Eddie Ecker and his family were honored at the ceremony. KYRIL... more

Montauk Lighthouse Will Be Lighted For The Holidays Nov 20, 18 12:39 PM

Members of the Ecker family will have the honor of flicking the switch on Saturday for the 10th annual Lighting of the Lighthouse... more

Cleanup Work Underway At The Montauk Coast Guard Station Nov 13, 18 3:58 PM

A soil remediation and groundwater project is underway at the Montauk Coast Guard station on Star Island Road in Montauk after... more

Veterans Day Observed Monday At The Montauk Playhouse Nov 13, 18 10:11 AM

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and others took part in a flag ceremony observing Veterans Day on Monday at the Montauk Playhouse. Pat DeRosa,... more

Some Say Abigail Haunts The Montauk Light Oct 30, 18 2:03 PM

Some people say the Montauk Lighthouse is haunted by a maiden who goes by the name of Abigail. Volunteers, tour guides and... more

A Long Effort To Keep Montauk's Lighthouse From Tumbling To The Sea Oct 22, 18 5:51 PM

Overseen by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, a controversial $24 million project to replace the stone seawall protecting... more

Bernadette Sullivan Costanzo Dies September 25 Oct 16, 18 2:24 PM

Bernadette Sullivan Costanzo died of a stroke at Stony Brook University Hospital on September 25, 2018, after a six-week hospital... more

Two Boats Blow Ashore In Lake Montauk Oct 15, 18 10:01 AM

Montauk waters were rough on Friday morning following the surge of Hurricane Michael to the south. Two sailboats, the Endorphin... more

Proposed Parking Requirements Draw Broad Support From Montauk Residents Oct 9, 18 7:23 AM

Residents of Montauk offered the East Hampton Town Board an outpouring of support for proposed legislation that would make it markedly... more

Montauk Lobstermen Recall Their 'Speck In The Sea' Ordeal Oct 2, 18 1:57 PM

John Aldridge was literally little more than a speck in the sea after being thrown off his lobster boat, the Anna Mary, on July... more
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