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Agave's Tequila & Rum Bar

(631) 998-4200
142 Mill Road, Westhampton Beach
Spanish, Mexican & Latin, Tex-Mex & BBQ, Bar Scene 

Average Review
Reviewed by anjelfrost on Jan 14, 2013
I have never felt compelled to write a restaurant review before, but after last night I just had to. A group of 8 of us went to Agave's. The place was pretty empty when we walked in but packed by the time we left, 2 hours later. They had one (yes I repeat one) waitress on staff for the whole restaurant. The chips were dripping in oil. It took forever for her to take our order. The kitchen was out of several things already (and it was only 6pm), the machine to make frozen margaritas was broken, so everybody needed to take them on the rocks. They also ran out of the beer that one of us ordered. Our food finally came after an hour of waiting, and it was terrible. Small portions, greasy and tasteless, a total let down.

I'm sure the only reason people like this place is because they are too drunk to notice. Don't bother! So not worth it!
Reviewed by rbc11959 on Jan 9, 2012
Food is good here and enjoyed the atmosphere, including live music. I do wish, however, that live music was NOT amplified in sound. It becomes too hard to speak audibly to a dinner companion. Perhaps if Agave wants to "amp" it up for a later night crowd they could have performers unamplified before 11pm, then turn it up.
Reviewed by mawiedemuth on Jan 5, 2012
I recently discovered Agaves and am so impressed. This is exactly the kind of venue we need in the Hampton's. The building is beautiful and has a great vibe. When you combine the physical appearance and local with the Drinks, Great Food, Live and DJ music what you have is a winner.
Reviewed by seanmcdermott11 (6) on Dec 3, 2011
First time there....Waited half an hour to be served drinks at the bar...Bartenders would keep passing saying hold on,,hold on....Ended up leaving with my girls....
Agave's Tequila & Rum Bar
responded on Dec 5, 2011
Sorry that you had such a bad experience.. While it is true the bar can get busy and hectic on Friday and Saturday nights, I personally have never seen a patron wait more then 5 or 10 minutes to get a drink even when 2 or 3 deep at the bar. Could you please tell me on what day you had this experience, where you sitting at the bar or were you standing while trying to get a drink? How many bartenders where on? In addition could you please describe the bartender that was too busy filling other drink orders for a half hour without getting to yours. Your response would be helpful in addressing the situation. In addition your post is also confusing in one sentenced you said you waited a half hr to get a drink and in the next you said you wound up leaving with your girls. Thank you for your input management
Reviewed by LongislandLady on Sep 5, 2011
The best Margaritas anywhere!
Reviewed by Smiles4u on Aug 6, 2011
Food was very good! everything was fresh right down to the fruit in the Margaritas! We were very pleasantly suprised. the one thing that was missing was bread to dupe in the steamed muscles and clam sauce lol. (yes I asked, but its is a Mexican restaurant not Italian lol) I hope this a place that will be open all year round!

Reviewed by Oceanhypnosis on Jul 22, 2011
We had dinner and listened to live music, the atmosphere was very pleasent and the food was great, I think its a great space and we are glad to see it working well. We are thinking of renting out space upstairs for a party, would love to see the menu we could provide our guests!!n I think this restaurants catering would be fantastic!
Reviewed by wayouteast (2) on Jul 20, 2011
Loved the live music and the Margaritas.. Had the Baja Shrimp Special for Dinner and the Ahi Tuna appetizer amazing....Good food, Drinks Music and a great Space..
Reviewed by cheehoo on Jul 20, 2011
We had the best time, music on the dining level with steel drum rhythm going and the food was absoluetly amazing.., not to mention the margarita of the day... mmmm we will be back time and time again :o) thanks!!

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