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Reviews by tim2011

Saaz Indian Cuisine Jun 1, 15 12:16 AM
Excellent, both the food and the service! Very large portions and a great value.
Fellingham's Restaurant May 19, 15 1:19 AM
I have enjoyed Fellingham's takeout for years. Recently I ordered food including their macaroni and cheese, $8.50. It was the same Kraft boxed macaroni that you buy in the supermarket, complete garbage food. The macaroni noodles of Kraft are very unique, it absolutely was boxed macaroni! Bye to eating at Fellingham's.
Green Thumb, The Sep 18, 13 1:04 AM
The best! The home made motzorella chese is fantastic!
Hyting Restaurant Sep 18, 13 1:02 AM
The Chinese food is really excellent, better tham most NYC Chinese. And very inexpensive.
Second Nature Health Food Store Sep 18, 13 12:58 AM
Rob has more knowledge than 80% of the Dr.'s I have deal w/.
Mount Fuji of Southampton Sep 18, 13 12:54 AM
I have eaten here many times. I alwyas enjoy all the different rolls, very good, very fresh.
Ye Olde Bake Shop Jul 7, 13 7:20 PM
I have a sweet tooth. The barkey items here are fantastic. Try the crum buns!
Ted's East End Market Jul 7, 13 7:18 PM
The hero's are delicious. And they will custom make them any way you want. Great food for the beach or boat.
Plaza Cafe, The Jul 7, 13 7:14 PM
Last winter I ate halibut, it had been in the freezer too long. It was not fresh, was flakey like a flounder, not good at all.
Café Crust of Southampton Jul 7, 13 7:07 PM
I had the pizza at a party. Pizza was delivered, it was dry, very little sauce. I was not impressed.
Shippy's Pumpernickels Restaurant May 21, 13 11:41 PM
A good place for big meat dinners, if you don't want meat I would skip it.
La Parmigiana Apr 30, 11 1:40 AM
I stopped eating @ La Parmigina many years ago. While I was dining a croach ran along the end of the table. Not abig deal, all resturants have had, have or will have these critters. I told the owner, very quietly. He proceeded to tell me that was impossible, I didn't know what I was talking about. So, I said fine paid my bill, never went back.
Paul's Italian Restaurant Apr 17, 11 1:10 AM
I love Paul's food, espicially the specials. Great prices and private in the dinning room.