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Reviews by fyi

Sushi 1 Restaurant Jan 25, 12 5:15 PM
first visit excellent next time so disappointing stopped going will not return no ambience not good at all sorry they lost suckers who eat out often and enjoy good foood
Mount Fuji of Southampton Jan 25, 12 5:13 PM
ate there a while ago food especially sushi was not fresh luckily we did not get sick can prepare these dishes at home with much fresher fish.
Tony's Asian Fusion Jan 25, 12 5:12 PM
its ok the food is preprepared and just heated as told to us by the wait staff when we asked for a salt free dinner. the sushi is frozen and watery . its ok for sushi but not authentic stuff just the run of the mill american fish over rice.
the owner is not very nice no personality and they rush you through the meal which is not very enjoable.
New Moon Cafe Jan 25, 12 5:09 PM
been aroujd for more than 30yrs now must be doing something right like the food a lot but the people can get cute with the checl be careful this is commonplace in the hamptons check your tab carefully dont accept sorry i made a mistake its done on purpose so waiters and waitress can garner a larger tip based uon the total tab.