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SoFo: LINHC Presentation: Eastern Tiger Salamander

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  • Sat, Feb 17, 2018 2:00 PM
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Conservation of the Eastern Tiger Salamander on Long Island A Showing of a 2013 Long Island Natural History Conference Presentation: Adult/Teen
Lecturer: Valorie Titus, Wildlife Conservation Society
Hosted by the South Fork Natural History Museum, with permission from the Long Island Nature Organization.

This 40-minute lecture focuses on the conservation of the endangered Eastern Tiger Salamander in New York State. The only location within New York State that these salamanders are still found is on Long Island. Populations of the Eastern Tiger Salamander are fragmented due to human interference, such as land development. Fragmentation leads to genetic isolation, which can make conservation very difficult. Please join us for this interesting lecture, especially if you plan to come to our Eastern Tiger Salamander Walk later this evening. This lecture is free to the public.

Advance reservations are required. Programs free for SoFo members. Non-members: $15/ adult, $10/child 3-12 years, 2 and under free. Fees include free admission to the museum on the day of the event.

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