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  • Wed, Jun 20, 2018 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
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Quogue Library
90 Quogue Street
Quogue Library Announces June Outdoor Sculpture Artist Niki Lederer as our Uplift-2018 Outdoor Sculpture Series Artist of the Month! Her sculptural practice combines east and west coast sensibilities, with formal and conceptual approaches to art making. Lederer explores a love/hate relationship to consumer culture, most recently manifested in her found object sculptures created from repurposed consumer plastic. Discarded and found objects are her starting point, she makes sculpture from repurposed plastic that she harvests from curbside recycling. Lederer finds the colors intoxicating and can’t resist collecting them, going late at night while she walks her dog so she doesn’t draw attention to herself. The sheer volume of recyclables creates and endless and overwhelming supply of material. Back in the studio she process the bottles by thoroughly cleaning them and removing all branding, then dissects them by cutting the plastic with scissors or a box cutter and fastening them back together with wire, jump rings, machine bolts and hex nuts. The ease of assembly enables spontaneity and lends a playful quality to the work, some shapes are organic clusters and others flat forms. Sculptures hang from the ceiling with fishing line—light and buoyant, they gently sway as viewers pass by. Niki's work has been reviewed in The Brooklyn Rail, The Globe and Mail and The New York Times, among others. Most recently her sculpture was published in Die Verschränkung von Kunst und Nachhaltigkeit, (Wabl, Ans), as one of five featured artists exploring art and sustainability. Come view her work on the grounds of The Quogue Library through the month of June!
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