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Divide, Conquer And Save Money! Apr 23, 18 11:24 AM

There is a silver lining to this cold and wet spring of 2018: The weather’s been nearly perfect for the horticultural practice... more

Southampton Fresh Air Home Now Operating On Solar Energy Apr 23, 18 9:20 AM

The excitement is positively electric for staff and patrons of the Southampton Fresh Air Home, where a newly operational solar... more

Architecture Photography Put Into Focus At Parrish Art Museum During April 20 Conversation Apr 16, 18 12:17 PM

Architectural photography is the subject of “Flattened Space,” a talk planned Friday, April 20, at 6 p.m. at the Parrish... more

Harden Off Plants And Tease Out Roots Before Planting Outdoors Apr 16, 18 11:40 AM

So far it’s been a frigid spring. Plenty of rain, a few tantalizing days of sun, but for most of April we’ve been digging,... more

Davinci Haus Brings German Principles To Homebuilding Apr 9, 18 3:10 PM

Just past the Bridgehampton Inn on Montauk Highway is a new small, modular structure with glass, posts, beams and a walkway—the... more

Extremely Cold December May Pay Off With Lilac Blooms Apr 9, 18 9:42 AM

Somewhere on your property there has probably been some damage from the ravages of winter. In some cases, it will be very... more

$200,000 in New York State Budget Will Fund WaterTraq, Outreach Apr 8, 18 5:21 PM

New York State has included in its recently approved budget $200,000 in funding for the Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection,... more

Superstorm Sandy Review Task Force Will Have Hearing April 18 In Southampton Apr 8, 18 3:26 PM

The next public hearing of the Superstorm Sandy Review Task Force, which is working on recommendations to better prepare and react... more

Suffolk County's Septic Improvement Program May Expand To Include Short-Term Rentals Apr 6, 18 1:49 PM

When Quogue resident Eileen Duffy inherited her parents’ home in 2013, she also inherited the two-story house’s more... more

It's Not A Petunia Apr 1, 18 2:11 PM

One area of the garden that I don’t get very involved with are pots and containers. But, like you, I see the wonderful pictures... more

The March Ramble: Prepare For A Late, Cold, Wet Spring Mar 25, 18 7:29 PM

After several months of the weather folks not quite getting it right, it looks like they hit the nail right... more

Ecological Culture Initiative Offering Organic Gardening Classes In Hampton Bays Mar 25, 18 2:50 PM

The Ecological Culture Initiative is offering organic gardening classes starting Friday, March 30, in Hampton Bays, where students... more

Surchin: 'Image Building' Reveals Phenomena In Architecture Mar 20, 18 2:16 PM

The architect Louis Sullivan observed, “Once you learn to look upon architecture not merely as an art more or less well,... more

Modern Is In Today Mar 19, 18 11:31 AM

Modern furniture refers to furniture produced roughly from 1900 to the present that is influenced by the modern movement.

Post-World... more

Hamptons Soil Is Ideal For Beets Mar 18, 18 6:21 PM

If you haven’t noticed by this point, growing things out here on the East End has a number of advantages. One of them... more
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