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Geraniums And Impostors May 24, 15 8:39 PM

Back in my youth, when I knew nothing about plants, a geranium was a geranium. Every May, the local churches would have their... more

Hampton Gardener: May Ramble May 17, 15 4:45 PM

It’s been a dry spring so far, and it’s been warmish but not oppressive on the East End—and that... more

Interiors By Design: Hitting The Hamptons Hot Spots May 17, 15 4:37 PM

Since the winter glaciers have receded, our East End dealers of all that is vintage or antique have been warehousing treasures... more

A Sweeping View Of Architectural History In Southampton House Tour May 17, 15 9:18 AM

Perhaps the humblest but sweetest of seven stops on the Southampton Historical Museum’s annual Southampton House Tour, which... more

Montauk Book To Be Launched Memorial Day Weekend May 15, 15 12:45 PM

There she was! The Marion H., berthed securely on page 100 of the newly released book “Images of America: Montauk.”

An... more

Addicted To Primulas May 9, 15 6:38 PM

Here’s the scene. A few weeks ago I’m in a garden center that reminds me of Frank’s. That was... more

The Accidental Beekeeper: Things Get Ugly May 9, 15 6:02 PM

If you missed the first column, here are the basic facts: In the spring of 2013, I accidentally became a beekeeper. And by... more

Making Scents Of Lavender Apr 30, 15 3:49 PM

Several years ago a wealthy local family spent a number of weeks in France, and when they returned the lady of the house immediately... more

A 'Resident' At The Watermill Center Apr 27, 15 11:40 AM

On a beautiful sunny day last week in Water Mill, artist Natacha Mankowski rolled out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast.... more

Brogan Lane Design Opens Showroom In Sag Harbor Apr 27, 15 10:30 AM

Interior designer Brogan Lane hopes to bring her own style and flair to the East End after recently relocating from star-studded... more

Use Tough Love At Planting Time Apr 26, 15 11:48 AM

It's finally warm(ing), and every gardener's fancy is turning to planting.The garden centers are quickly filling... more

Don't Treat Your Outside Like It's Inside Apr 26, 15 11:40 AM

Thrilled to see inventive new products in the ever-expanding universe of outdoor furniture, I, like any interior... more

The Accidental Beekeeper Apr 20, 15 2:33 PM

I never wanted to be a beekeeper. I mean, I was all for saving the bees and whatever, but at a theoretical level. On a personal level,... more

In East Hampton, LongHouse Opens For The Season On Saturday Apr 20, 15 12:23 PM

It’s easy to imagine sculptures at LongHouse Reserve waking up—Chinese warriors stretching, oversized chess pieces... more

Hampton Gardener: The Heartbreak And Thrill Of Magnolias Apr 19, 15 12:21 PM

Many of my childhood memories revolve around plants and my father’s gardens. We had a small vegetable garden,... more
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