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Homes Are Selling In Southampton's Art Village Feb 26, 15 1:36 PM

Quietly tucked away in Shinnecock Hills, several houses in the Art Village of Southampton have been on the market in recent years.... more

Get Your Brassicas On: Kales And Cabbages Feb 22, 15 6:36 PM

Brassicas are about the hottest thing in vegetable gardens these days, and if you’re looking for a vegetable that you... more

Phantom Devices And Prices Feb 22, 15 5:15 PM

A device that draws 1 watt of power throughout the course of a year will cost $1 annually to run.

Those dollars... more

Phantom Devices Drain Energy And The Wallet Feb 20, 15 1:49 PM

When you’re asleep, they drain. When you’re at work, they leach. Slowly but surely these phantoms consume at a cost.

Whether... more

Madoo Garden Talks Signal Spring Feb 16, 15 10:25 AM

Truly, spring will come.

The folks at Madoo think so anyway, which is why they’ve lined up three garden talks at... more

Private Clubs: 21st-Century Noel Coward Feb 14, 15 8:28 PM

Since Annabel’s made its splash and then withered, small, exclusive private clubs have permeated the aristocratic,... more

It's Good To Know Where The Snow Will Blow Feb 10, 15 11:08 AM

Driving around the area after the February 2 storm revealed some incredible differences in how the weather hit out here.... more

Gardening With A Click Feb 6, 15 7:14 AM

Once in a while you get lucky. This is a column about how I may have gotten lucky, but it will take a few years to be sure.... more

A Winter Walk At LongHouse In East Hampton Feb 2, 15 10:50 AM

Alex Feleppa, the new horticulturist at the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, will lead a winter garden walk on the grounds there... more

Baldwin's Historical Amagansett Home Undergoes Expansion Feb 2, 15 10:05 AM

After abruptly announcing that he “just can’t live in New York anymore” in 2014, it appears that Alec Baldwin... more

Finding The Sublime At The New York Gift Show Feb 1, 15 6:13 PM

Abandoning our 4-foot drifts on the East End, I bore through the icy winds of Manhattan’s canyons to survey the Winter... more

Protecting Pipes In A Big Chill Feb 1, 15 2:36 PM

A winter wonderland can spell disaster for homeowners. Water expands when it freezes, making for burst pipes, an all-too-common... more

You Say Tomato, They Say 'Tom Tato' Jan 23, 15 1:37 PM

For several years you’ve been able to go to many local garden centers and buy grafted tomatoes. More recently, a number... more

Interiors By Design: Skirting The Issue Jan 18, 15 2:24 PM

A phalanx of leggy chairs, chests and coffee tables often howls for a bit of solid grounding. A hollow entry hall simply pleads... more

Flowering Trees For Free Jan 18, 15 2:17 PM

Those who join the Arbor Day Foundation by the end of this month will have 10 free flowering trees delivered just in time for planting... more
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