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The Arts


Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival Kicks Off With Free Concert Jul 22, 14 12:02 PM

Twelve concerts. More than 40 performers—both established and up-and-coming. One musical series.

This is the 31st... more

Art Market Hamptons Opened Thursday Night Jul 14, 14 12:40 PM

Art Market Hamptons opened with a preview party on Thursday, July 10, on the grounds of the Bridgehampton Historical Society. The... more

Scenes From ArtHamptons Opening Night In Bridgehampton Jul 11, 14 9:24 AM

ArtHamptons opening night was held on Thursday, July 10, at the sculpture fields at Nova's Ark in Bridgehampton. The art fair will... more

Two Major Art Fairs Prepare For Face-Off On Thursday Night Jul 8, 14 11:32 AM

If there are two things Kevin Berlin knows, it’s his art and his women.

When he’s not holed up in either of... more

Bastienne Schmidt: Creating a Personal Topography Jun 24, 14 4:46 PM

There are those of us who have spent a considerable amount of time trying to express what Bridgehampton artist Bastienne... more

Young Filmmakers Rally Together For Inaugural Hayground Festival May 5, 14 12:43 PM

The question had caught Madeline Grabb off guard. “What?” she asked.

“Do you want to see our films?”... more

Long Island Native Returns To Her Artistic Roots With New Bridgehampton Gallery Apr 30, 14 3:20 PM

After Bonnie Edwards scoops up her son, Chase, from the Bridgehampton School, she will occasionally bring him to her new... more

CMEE Starts Painters Young With New Creative Series Apr 15, 14 11:36 AM

Landscape artist Ralph Carpentier stood up from his stool at the head of the table and cleared his throat, breaking nine... more

Swooning Over Smooth Song Mar 4, 14 10:17 AM

Ladies, hold on to your hearts.

Next up in the Parlor Jazz/Art of Song concert series is Greg Galavotti, a smooth singer-songwriter... more

From 'Cannonball Run' to 'Kings Of Speed' Feb 25, 14 11:20 AM

The engines purr with raw power and beauty, vibrating under the hoods of the speed demons parked inside the Red Ball Garage in... more

Steve Miller: A Natural Visionary Feb 18, 14 11:01 AM

All that artist Steve Miller trusts are his eyes.

What he sees, he believes.

And when he sees a path, he... more
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