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'Love Letters:' Tony Walton, Pia Lindstrom And Terrance Fiore Destined To Be Together May 5, 15 12:55 PM

Packed inside a crowded Orient Express carriage, actress Ingrid Bergman caught Tony Walton’s attention with a flash of her... more

Walter Channing, 74, Remembered As Vintner, Sculptor And Family Man Mar 24, 15 1:47 PM

Catching a glimpse of Walter Channing Jr. at work often stopped his wife, Molly, mid step. She would stare across the field... more

BCMF Plays Sounds Of Summer Classics In Spring Mar 17, 15 1:47 PM

To the ear of pianist Gilles Vonsattel, the acoustics inside the circa-1842 Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church are so close... more