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Southampton Animal Shelter Senior Dog Stars In Bay Street Production Of 'Of Mice And Men' Nov 18, 15 9:21 AM

Every dog has its day. But Roscoe, a 9-year-old Labrador mix, gets to have many, plus 15 minutes of fame.

The canine is... more

Actress Julianne Moore Donates 10,000 Pet Meals To ARF Nov 8, 15 3:33 PM

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons has received 10,000 pet meals, totaling 2,500 lbs, from Halo and Freekibble.com as per request... more

Southampton Animal Shelter Recognizes Adopt A Shelter Dog Month Oct 20, 15 5:30 PM

The 30 dogs that currently reside at the Southampton Animal Shelter sure live happy lives there.

There’s Caliber,... more

Southampton Animal Shelter Expands Outreach To Puerto Rico Oct 20, 15 2:51 PM

The Southampton Animal Shelter has outreach programs that extend beyond the borders of Southampton Town, often taking in animals... more

Southampton High School Students Help Tag Great White Shark Pup Sep 9, 15 10:16 AM

A team of researchers, including students from Southampton High School, attached a satellite tag to a great white shark pup in... more

Preservationist Pitches Immunocontraceptive To Control Deer Sep 2, 15 10:48 AM

There have been numerous efforts to curb the high population of deer on the South Fork: sterilization and spaying, extended hunting... more

At The Hampton Classic, Vets Were On Call To Keep Horses In Tip-Top Shape Sep 1, 15 6:03 PM

Dr. Emily Bruschi was about to sit down for lunch in her trailer at the Hampton Classic on Friday when she heard a knock at the... more

Water Is A Relief For Hampton Bays Dog Sep 1, 15 9:17 AM

For the last two summers, fishermen lining the waters off Hampton Bays have been doing double takes whenever they see a little... more
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