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Springs School News, March 31 Mar 28, 16 12:11 PM

Springs School

As reported by the Journalism Club

Fourth-graders Dylan Chapman,... more

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District Mar 22, 16 4:53 PM

A parent spoke at last Monday’s Springs School District Board of Education meeting about the district’s allegedly troubled... more

Crash In Springs Sends One To Hospital Wednesday Morning Mar 22, 16 3:33 PM

An East Hampton woman was injured in a single car crash on Three Mile Harbor Road in Springs on Wednesday, March 16.

Jhazmin... more

Amagansett Community Notes, March 24 Mar 22, 16 12:38 PM

David Lys celebrates his 40th birthday on Saturday, March 26, make sure you wish him a good one if you see him. Not only is he a great... more

Bonac Community Notes, March 24 Mar 22, 16 11:10 AM

I got off the plane in Maui three weeks ago. At midnight I was driving the Hana Highway, or “the road to Hana” in my rental... more

Springs Community Notes, March 24 Mar 21, 16 10:27 AM

My heart swells with happiness just by virtue of knowing that we have finally arrived in my favorite season, spring. The anticipation... more

Springs School News, March 24 Mar 20, 16 5:56 PM

Springs School

As reported by the Journalism Club

Guest teacher Jessica Vickers... more

Am O'Gansett St. Paddy's Day Parade Marches Down Main Street Saturday Mar 15, 16 5:19 PM

The annual Am O’Gansett St. Paddy’s Day parade, known as the world’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade, was... more

Bonac Community Notes, March 17 Mar 15, 16 10:29 AM

Hale Akua means House of God or Goddess. Although it is not a church, there are several on Door of Faith Road in Hawaii, a dirt road... more

Springs Community Notes, March 17 Mar 14, 16 5:01 PM

Lately, important people in my life, people who are rooted here by many generations, are seriously considering moving away. It makes... more

Gurney's Donates Furniture And More To Local Organizations Mar 14, 16 3:38 PM

Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa recently donated a variety of blankets, pillows, and furniture, including desks, dressers,... more

Springs Students March To A New Beat With World Drumming Program Mar 14, 16 2:45 PM

When teacher Angelina Modica’s Thursday afternoon sixth grade music class filed into the Springs School music room last week,... more

An Oscars Curse For Hamptons Hideaways? Mar 14, 16 2:18 PM

When you’re an athlete who wins a world championship, you go to Disney World. Apparently, when you’re an actor... more

Springs Teachers Awarded Grants From The Greater East Hampton Education Foundation Mar 14, 16 1:27 PM

Four Springs School teachers were awarded grants this month from the Greater East Hampton Education Foundation, allotting funding... more

Amagansett Community Notes, March 17 Mar 14, 16 12:06 PM

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day. Have fun. The 54th annual Montauk St. Patrick’s Day parade is this Sunday, March 20. The... more
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