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Defend H20 Files Federal Complaint Over Montauk Sea Wall Sep 29, 16 9:45 AM

Defend H20, a water quality advocacy organization headed by former Peconic Baykeeper Kevin McAllister, has filed a complaint with... more

Edward Albee, Celebrated Playwright, Dies At Home In Montauk Sep 20, 16 4:39 PM

Edward Albee, who died Friday at his home in Montauk at age 88, could have been considered fourth in a list of “greatest... more

Growth And Migration In Montauk's Future Discussed During Hamlet Study Sep 20, 16 4:02 PM

The future of Montauk, in particular its downtown business district, rests on the shoulders of the town and its residents to adapt... more

Robert Entenmann, Founder Of Martha Clara Vineyards, Dies September 15 Sep 20, 16 2:18 PM

Robert Entenmann, founder of Martha Clara Vineyards and Big E Farm, who had a home and kept the family boats in Montauk for many... more

Major Changes Waiting In Wings For Montauk Harbor Sep 20, 16 1:51 PM

For all the talk about how much Montauk has changed with the influx of wealthy part-timers, the planning consultants conducting... more

Montauk Community Notes, September 22 Sep 19, 16 3:03 PM

I’ve been crocheting obsessively on a granny squares afghan I’m creating for my great-niece, Eleanor Bee Otto, daughter... more

Surfers Healing Makes Stop In Montauk Sep 16, 16 4:32 PM

The weather and the surf conditions came together on Friday for “One Perfect Day” with Surfers Healing at Ditch Plains... more

Four-Day Planning Discussion Starts Wednesday In Montauk Sep 13, 16 4:36 PM

The East Hampton Town hamlet study will begin its most involved phase this week with four days of meetings and discussion of business... more

Governor Cuomo Signs Law To Protect Montauk Lighthouse From Erosion Sep 13, 16 1:04 PM

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday signed a law designed to protect historical landmarks such as the Montauk Lighthouse from shore... more

Montauk Community Notes, September 15 Sep 12, 16 11:41 AM

Very early on Tuesday, September 6, as I, raincoat clad, ventured out with dog Chance, we were startled to discover that about a quarter... more

U.S. Army Corps Will Be Responsible For Repairing Damage To Montauk Beach From Monday's Storm Sep 8, 16 11:15 AM

The Town of East Hampton will not be responsible for repairs on the Downtown Montauk Emergency Stabilization Project for damage... more

Storm Uncovers Sandbags On Montauk's Beach Project Sep 6, 16 3:56 PM

Storm waves from the remnants of Hurricane Hermine scoured away thousands of tons of sand from atop a sandbag revetment constructed... more

A Quieter, Kinder Montauk In 2016 Sep 6, 16 3:29 PM

As the sun sets on the summer of 2016 in Montauk, most are looking back at the bustling weeks as a return, somewhat, to what they... more

Montauk Seafood Festival Is September 10 And 11 Sep 6, 16 11:18 AM

The fourth annual Montauk Seafood Festival will take place at the Montauk Marine Basin on Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, September... more

Investigators Bust Illegal Montauk Share House With 18 Tenants Saturday Morning Sep 5, 16 3:30 PM

East Hampton Town Code Enforcement discovered an illegal share house, which was carved up into rooms for 18 occupants and violated... more
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