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Quogue School Projects Spending Decrease For 2014-15 Apr 15, 14 3:26 PM

If current budget projections hold true, taxpayers in the Quogue School District will see a slight dip in their property taxes... more

East Quogue School Board Intends To Try To Pierce Cap Again With Budget Proposal Apr 9, 14 1:23 PM

The East Quogue Board of Education announced Tuesday night that it will try, for the second time in as many years, to pierce the... more

East Quogue Board Of Education Approves Tax Break For Veterans Feb 26, 14 11:43 AM

The East Quogue Board of Education passed a resolution Tuesday night that will give wartime veterans a break on their school taxes—a... more

East Quogue School Board To Hold Hearing On Proposed Veterans' Exemptions Feb 19, 14 12:23 PM

Before next week’s East Quogue Board of Education meeting, school district officials will hold a public hearing to discuss... more

Report: East Quogue School District In 'Moderate Fiscal Stress' Jan 22, 14 11:10 AM

A new state comptroller report released last week confirmed what East Quogue Elementary School officials have been lamenting for... more

State Audit: Quogue School Overbudgeted, Piled Up Too Much In Reserve Dec 18, 13 1:18 PM

A state audit of the Quogue Union Free School District revealed that the district has consistently overestimated expenditures and... more

East Quogue School District Tax Rate Nearly Double Original Estimates Oct 23, 13 12:44 PM

Most East Quogue homeowners can expect to shell out more in school property taxes than originally projected—more than double... more
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