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Quogue Community Notes, January 16 Jan 14, 14 12:01 PM

Another opportunity to learn more about the avian population of our area is coming up on Saturday, January 18, when Eileen Schwinn... more

'Heroes,' Existentially Entertaining Jan 14, 14 9:35 AM

If I was going to pitch “Heroes” as a television show, I’d say that it was “Seinfeld,” set in an... more

East Quogue Community Notes, January 16 Jan 13, 14 11:46 AM

Just before the big snowstorm hit, I received an email from Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services asking residents to... more

Eldridge Frank Mills Sr. Of Quogue Dies December 29 Jan 7, 14 3:00 PM

Eldridge Frank Mills Sr. of Quogue died at Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead on December 29. He was 88.

Mr. Mills... more

George V. Clark, Formerly Of East Quogue, Dies December 23 Jan 7, 14 2:32 PM

George V. Clark of Fort Lauderdale, formerly of East Quogue, died on December 23 at the Ocean View Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility... more

Quogue Community Notes, January 9 Jan 7, 14 11:04 AM

Whether or not one subscribes to any of the various theories about global warming (or the absence of same), the lack of any consistency... more

East Quogue Community Notes, January 9 Jan 6, 14 1:05 PM

As the joys and merriment of the holiday season were slowly becoming cherished memories, 2014 arrived brashly with its “gifts”... more

'Heroes' Opens In Quogue Jan 6, 14 12:29 PM

“Heroes,” which opens on Thursday, January 9, at the Hampton Theatre Company in Quogue, tells the story of three high-spirited... more

East Quogue Family Displaced Following House Fire Dec 23, 13 6:00 PM

A fire broke out in an East Quogue home Saturday that sent flames up through the roof of the house and left a local family displaced... more

Quogue Village Considers Selling Waterfront Land For $250,000 Dec 23, 13 12:44 PM

Quogue officials are contemplating selling a $3 million Dune Road property to a pair of village families for $250,000 so they can... more

Santa Pays An Early Visit to Quogue Dec 22, 13 9:44 AM

Riding in on a red rescue boat towed by a white Quogue Fire Department pickup truck, Santa Claus made an early visit to the Village... more

Quogue Community Notes, December 26 Dec 20, 13 12:38 PM

Here’s a question: Do holiday celebrations and the joy of giving gifts—and receiving them, of course—have the capacity... more

East Quogue Community Notes, December 26 Dec 19, 13 6:34 PM

Memories of my first Christmas in East Quogue ...By the time I moved here, I had been a sole caregiver for 10 years for four loved... more

Report: Quogue Drawbridge Has Structural Issues Dec 18, 13 1:31 PM

Open rivet holes, patches of rust and chunks of steel on the verge of flaking off can be spotted on the main support beams of the... more

State Audit: Quogue School Overbudgeted, Piled Up Too Much In Reserve Dec 18, 13 1:18 PM

A state audit of the Quogue Union Free School District revealed that the district has consistently overestimated expenditures and... more
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