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Sag Harbor

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Skilbred Rides Wave Of Success On The Water Jun 30, 15 11:04 AM

Windsurfing has been a gift for Eric Skilbred.

For the past 20 years, the Sag Harbor native has been immersed in... more

Sag Harbor Scouts Host Soap Box Derby Jun 29, 15 4:05 PM

The 3rd annual Sag Harbor Scouts Soap Box Derby was held on Sunday afternoon on High Street. This year's derby was dedicated to Ralph... more

Mary Sireci Of Sag Harbor Dies June 20 Jun 29, 15 12:47 PM

Mary Sireci of Sag Harbor died at her home on June 20. She was 40.

The daughter of George Hadjipopov, who predeceased... more

Big Egos Stirred With Wit In 'Five Presidents' Jun 29, 15 12:25 PM

Five guys in a room who have shared the same big job would inevitably lead to a lot of joshing around and slightly veiled gibes.... more

Sag Harbor School News, July 2 Jun 29, 15 11:27 AM

Pierson High School

Members of the Class of 2015 received their high school diplomas at... more

Pierson Graduates Sixty-Six On Saturday Jun 28, 15 8:03 AM

Sixty-six students were given their diplomas at the Pierson High school commencement ceremony on Saturday evening. The guest speaker... more

Newly Listed Cottages For Less Than $600,000 Jun 26, 15 12:16 PM

Surrounded by multimillion-dollar listings, we occasionally like to see what new East End homes have hit the market that we plebes... more

Ed Deyermond Appointed Clerk In North Haven Village Jun 24, 15 10:03 AM

Sag Harbor Village Trustee Ed Deyermond will return to a former post next month as he takes on the position of clerk in North Haven... more

Sag Harbor Athletic Director Steps Down Jun 23, 15 5:29 PM

Don McGovern, the athletic director at Pierson Middle/High School, has stepped down, making him the seventh person to vacate the... more

Pierson Will Not Eliminate Senior Class Rankings, For Now Jun 23, 15 3:08 PM

Sag Harbor School District officials have decided not to eliminate class rankings at Pierson High School next year, despite having... more

Hampton Hopper Will Help Teens Get To The Beach Jun 23, 15 2:45 PM

The Hampton Hopper hopes to make Sagg Main Beach just a hop away for teens this summer: The shuttle bus will make trial runs for... more

Sag Harbor Community Notes, June 25 Jun 23, 15 12:01 PM

Rain put only a slight damper on the Sidewalk Fair sponsored by the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce and the Arts and Crafts Fair at... more

'Five Presidents' Brings Politically Impossible To Life Jun 23, 15 10:56 AM

Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter are sitting in a room, airing old grievances... more

Family Man Jimmy Fallon Opens Up About 'Dada' Jun 22, 15 3:59 PM

On Saturday morning, whispers crescendoed to a quiet roar on Sag Harbor’s Main Street as official word spread that comedian... more

Sag Harbor School News, June 25 Jun 22, 15 1:27 PM

Sag Harbor Elementary School

Students learned what it takes to be a writer when Christian... more
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