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MY COMMUNITY: Sagaponack


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Sagaponack's Largest House Will Get A Little Bigger Mar 18, 15 9:25 AM

Already the largest house on the East End, Ira Rennert’s sprawling oceanfront castle in Sagaponack is about to get a little... more

Sagaponack Resident Participates In Empire State Building Run-Up Mar 11, 15 10:56 AM

For fitness enthusiast Jeremy Grosvenor, no hill is too high or too steep to run—and neither is any building.Early... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, March 12 Mar 10, 15 12:26 PM

It was almost time to start seeds, but not quite. The snow was piled high enough outside to keep us in. March is the “swing”... more

Ira Rennert Ordered To Repay $118 Million Mar 5, 15 10:32 AM

The owner of the South Fork’s largest private residence, Ira Rennert, was found liable to stockholders on Friday for $118... more

Sagaponack Village Sued Over Subdivision Denial Mar 4, 15 11:18 AM

The owners of the largest undeveloped oceanfront parcel in Southampton Town have sued Sagaponack Village for rejecting an application... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, March 5 Mar 2, 15 11:14 AM

Just as the accumulated snow becomes too ugly to look at, we get a fresh fall. That new white blanket softens the contours, brightens... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, February 26 Feb 24, 15 11:39 AM

I suffered some guilt for skipping town and missing what might have been Sagaponack’s coldest days of the year. My guilt was... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, February 19 Feb 17, 15 1:16 PM

Dear Sagg Scene,I really love Sagaponack. I’ve been coming to Sagg for more than 30 years, so the fact that I still love it... more

Madoo Garden Talks Signal Spring Feb 16, 15 10:25 AM

Truly, spring will come.

The folks at Madoo think so anyway, which is why they’ve lined up three garden talks at... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, February 12 Feb 9, 15 11:22 AM

Ground opens at the base of trees. Real dirt, dormant things where the skid steer scraped too deep, and birds are as drawn to these... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, February 5 Feb 2, 15 4:01 PM

On a warm day last week, I had watched a cabbage looper flying up and against the kitchen skylight. During summer, this is not a variety... more

Sagaponack Village Board Tosses Out Application For Single Home Jan 14, 15 2:08 PM

The Sagaponack Village Board this week rejected an application from the owners of one of the village’s last and largest undeveloped... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, January 15 Jan 13, 15 10:22 AM

January is Sagg’s sleepiest season, and we are all happy when it is here. The beach, though not altogether vacant, is, thanks... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, January 8 Jan 6, 15 10:37 AM

The best thing to happen for Sagaponack in 2014 was the decision not to repair and improve the Sagg Bridge. It was a victory on the... more

Sagaponack Community Notes, December 18 Dec 16, 14 11:27 AM

The humor of holiday shopping for someone who lives in Sagaponack is clearly that the hypothetical recipient already has it all …... more
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