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Mar 5, 2012 11:57 AMPublication: The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press

Long Range Shots

Mar 5, 2012 1:59 PM

Happy Playoff Season! It’s Bump and I’m back!

The Killer Bees will be playing on Saturday, March 10, at 4:30 p.m. in New Paltz, feel free to take a road trip to come out and support us! Coach Johnson has been working us out and getting us ready! That’s all I can tell you, as we have a few big tricks up our sleeves. You will not want to miss it.

There are a few people I would like mention this week. For starters, the Southampton Girls Basketball team is KILLIN’ it in the playoffs! At this point they are Class B and Small Schools Champs of Suffolk County and are making huge waves across the Island! The best of luck to you over the next few weeks. And to their competitors? Watch out because the USS Lady Mariners have no problem navigating through the toughest teams and will leave you floating in their wake.

Also a big shout-out to Pierson High School for making it to the Long Island Regional. Although we lost to you, I have much respect and wish the entire team the best of luck. And I can’t forget Center Moriches High School, with a Killer Bee, Coach Nick Thomas, leading the team. Everyone here in Bridgehampton is behind the Red Devils!

Big props to the Lady Bee Cheerleaders. No, not only because one of them, India, is my little sister, but because our seasons have not been as successful in the past and you are always there to support us, win or lose. Whether it is our games, at pep rallys, in school or in the community, you represent our team just as much as we do. With your “old school” cheers that get the crowd going quickly and your positive reinforcement along the way, know you’re appreciated and are not overlooked.

On a side note, cheerleaders are indeed athletes and put much time, dedication and devotion into their sport. My sister may very well be one of the most athletic girls in her age bracket on Long Island, playing varsity level sports in ninth and 10th grade, dominating in every sport she plays, including cheer! And please ladies and gentleman, whatever you do, do not stand in a “designated cheer zone” at a game—the girls will give you “the business” and you may not make it out of their space alive. And Lady Bees? That cheer “Hey Ref, what you don’t see don’t call on me!”... that’s a team favorite, please keep it coming!

With the season wrapping up and state playoffs only a week away, I want to leave you this thought. My father and I have been taking a lot of road trips these last few weeks, mostly to Farmingdale where the playoffs have been taking place. I listen to him talking with coaches, refs, parents and old-time players and have walked away with this. Apparently we are a generation of instant gratification; I don’t see it, but I hear it enough so it must be true. I watch teams drop out as contenders and focus on what the winners are bringing to the table. These boys are not overnight basketball players, they are not instant local heroes and they did not just pick up a ball in 10th grade deciding to play. They have worked hard, very hard and now they are reaping the benefits. Not to say that they are not great players in the playoffs, but the cream is indeed rising to the top, and for those players, it’s quite delicious.

I have watched and played with many who not only fail, but refuse to commit, accept turnovers, get hung up on the rim and are content with watching the ball roll across the court more than it bounces. I have also witnessed those who know how to overcome a situation, work harder each practice and if he can’t dunk, he will lay it in. You see, he gets the job done. No flash, no show boating and no instant gratification. In my heart of hearts, I know that these are the ones who will survive on and off the court because they have learned to overcome setbacks and challenges. When education is said and done, real life begins, and like it or not it is more competitive than any high school game we have ever played. Getting through the game of life takes time, skill and practice. It’s about taking it step by step, doing it right, overcoming adversity and learning to adjust to whatever situations may come your way. I can only hope that high school sports have been a resource of showing my peers just that and providing them with the same skills it has provided me. Losses are simply temporary setbacks, and determination and effort will take you places you have never imagined. A man can only be evaluated on his performance. Glitz, glam and flash in time wear off, and you are often left with core values.

Make no doubt about it, if later in life I cannot drive to the basket, I know I will have no problem taking that outside shot with confidence!

Best of luck to you all in the playoffs!


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