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National Parties Take Interest In Bishop and Altschuler

Publication: The East Hampton Press
By Rohma Abbas   May 22, 2012 1:44 PM
May 22, 2012 4:35 PM

National Democratic and Republican leaders are predicting a fierce battle for the New York 1st Congressional District seat in the House of Representatives and have moved Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop and Republican-hopeful Randy Altschuler to the top of their fundraising priority lists.

On May 10, Mr. Altschuler’s campaign announced that the candidate, who lost to Mr. Bishop by a mere 600 votes in 2010, is among 12 Republican candidates across the country to have achieved “full-fledged ‘Young Gun’ status.” The Young Guns program, created during the 2007-08 election cycle by Republican U.S. Representative and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Representative Kevin McCarthy and Representative Paul Ryan— and backed by the National Republican Campaign Committee— lends fundraising support to candidates who demonstrate a level of success by meeting certain benchmarks within their campaigns, said Diana Weir, Mr. Altschuler’s campaign manager.

“That’s very important because that top tier gets the most support— whether it’s financial support, or whatever they decide they’re going to do with the funding they get,” said Ms. Weir. “It’s a big deal. Everybody wants it. We were very, very pleased to get that.”

The race hasn’t gone unnoticed by Democrats either. Last year, Mr. Bishop was named a “Frontline Democrat” by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee— one of 17 Democrats in the country to receive that distinction. It was Mr. Bishop’s first time getting that label since he was elected to office in 2002. The Frontline Program bolsters candidates in tough races by providing additional fundraising support and closer coordination with the national campaign committee, with the overall goal to win back the majority in the House of Representatives, said Oliver Longwell, a spokesman for Mr. Bishop.

“It’s an acknowledgment of the reality that Tim had a competitive race last time and was able to prevail in the most challenging environment in the generation for Democrats, and that he’s running against an outsourcing millionaire who we anticipate will use his own fortune and special interests’ support,” said Mr. Longwell. “It’s helpful to have support from the national campaign committee to get our message out for what Tim’s doing to fight for the middle class.”

The 2010 race had a hefty price tag of nearly $7.7 million spent between Mr. Bishop and Mr. Altschuler, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research group that tracks money in U.S. politics.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already spent $9,000 in support of Mr. Bishop in this year’s race, according to the center. That’s compared to a total of only $379 spent by the national campaign committee in 2010. Also, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s website, Mr. Bishop appears to have raised $2,096 from eight contributors through the Frontline Program.

So far, Mr. Bishop has outraised and outspent Mr. Altschuler, according to quarterly finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission in April, which covers the period spanning January 1 to March 31. In total, Mr. Bishop has raised $1,433,029 and spent $503,802. Mr. Altschuler has raised $1,044,859 and spent $278,788 during this election cycle.

Although Mr. Bishop is leading the fundraising race, Mr. Altschuler actually raised more money during the most recent campaign filing period. In total, Mr. Altschuler raised $311,328 from January 1 to March 31, compared to Mr. Bishop’s $261,334.

Most of Mr. Bishop’s donors come from the retired community, while most of Mr. Altschuler’s money comes from the securities and investments industry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, In total, retirees have so far donated a total of $102,100 to Mr. Bishop during the election cycle. The securities and investment community has donated $287,738 to Mr. Altschuler’s campaign. That trend is a similar one from 2010— most of Mr. Altschuler’s campaign contributions two years ago came from the securities and investment industry, a total of $370,298, while most of Mr. Bishop’s contributions, a total of $192,875, came from the retired community.

But at the same time, the retired community is the second highest donor to Mr. Altschuler’s campaign thus far, contributing $75,250, and the securities and investment industry is Mr. Bishop’s fourth highest contributor, funneling $56,100 into his campaign. Mr. Bishop’s top contributor is Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund management company based in East Setauket, which has donated a total of $27,500 during this election cycle so far. The largest contributor to Mr. Altschuler’s campaign is the investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs, which donated $28,438.

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"Full fledged "Young Gun" status"..."Frontline Democrat"..."fundraising support"..."Renaissance Technologies"...Goldman Sachs"..."MCB Consulting"..."Chris Russell Consulting LLC".

Fifteen paragraphs and not a word about what either of these guys bring to the table or will do for the people. Millions spent on both sides by and for the national parties to try to become more powerful, less cooperative, and less responsive to the community. Where are the true independents? Who will lead ...more
By VOS (657), WHB on May 24, 12 12:01 PM
1 member liked this comment
VOS: This is an article about the political aspect of the race. Sometime newspapers like to write about that because many people find it interesting. In case you missed all the other articles that have been written about this race, you might like to know that Randy Altschuler is the candidate who will fight for lower taxes, revive the economy by creating jobs and help revise the awful, nightmare that is ObamaCare, while Tim bishop will fight to raise your taxes and will continue to vote in lock ...more
By Hampton Bays Voter (2), Hampton Bays on May 27, 12 8:02 AM
As I said: "Millions spent on both sides by and for the national parties to try to become more powerful, less cooperative, and less responsive to the community. Who will lead us out of the partisan abyss?"

You, HB Voter, are a big part of the problem - unfortunately there are untold numbers just like you who not only follow the BS foisted upon us but repeat it.
By VOS (657), WHB on May 29, 12 12:54 AM
"Young Guns"? What a freaking joke. Mr Outsourcer, like Vulture Capitalist Willard, would bring back the ENTIRE Bush economic policy times 2. They would destroy this country to satisfy their billionaire buddies.

FACT: Taxes have gone DOWN under Obama.
FACT: Spending has gone DOWN under Obama.
FACT: The affordable care act will SAVE money AND reduce the deficit.
FACT: The Ryan budget supported by Randy Outsourcer and Willard Romney will add 3 TRILLION DOLLARS to the ...more
By peoplefirst (787), Southampton on May 24, 12 12:07 PM
Figures and baggers don’t Lie, Democrats do.

PARTIALLY TRUE: Taxes have gone DOWN under Obama. FACT: True, because tax revenues are the lowest in year, but they went down due to expansive tax credits as part of the Stimulus debacle that failed to jump start the economy and resulted in a trillion dollars of more debt combined with the Democrat approved Bush tax cuts.

FALSE: Spending has gone DOWN under Obama. FACT: This myth is the result of recent liberal bloggers that ...more
By Mr. Snerdley (121), Southampton on May 24, 12 12:53 PM
The stimulus did work;we've had 0ver 25 months of private sector job growth.Government has shrunk,too,under Obama,with the slimming of government jobs since he took office.We now have a thriving auto industry because of the auto bailouts.Bin Laden is dead,and so are 25 of al-Quaida's leaders.We are out of Iraq,the war we were lied into,and we are in the process of leaving Afghanistan.
The Bush tax cuts were extended because the republicans used their normal lies and threats to hold the American ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 24, 12 5:23 PM
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This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on May 24, 12 12:56 PM
It will be nice to see Congressman Altschuler on the Capitol steps when Mitt Romney takes the oath of office next January.
By MickNY (43), East Hampton on May 24, 12 1:32 PM
1 member liked this comment
Way too much money going down, but you gotta fight fire with fire. Will either of these guys pledge to limit campaign spending if the other does the same? Not likely, but you can't blame them, it's the system & there isn't time to change it before election day.

Article says "most of Mr. Bishop's donors come from the reitred community, while most of Mr. Altschuler's money comes from the securities and investment industry." Heyyy, no surprise there, retirees are terrified of Randy's promise ...more
By clam pie (161), Westhampton on May 24, 12 1:36 PM
So you think it was okay for Tim Bishop to defund Medicare to the tune of $500 billion dollars? Yes, a great move on behalf of seniors.
By MickNY (43), East Hampton on May 24, 12 3:24 PM
Ahh yes, the old pushing granny over the cliff ploy. The only problem with liberal claims of republicans killing medicare and social security is, they're not true. Republican's "ending medicare" is Politifacts 2011 lie of the year. A more appropriate term is republicans are saving both entitlements as they proceed head on for bankruptcy. How can you "kill" or "end" a program that would still exist??
May 24, 12 4:27 PM appended by Mr. Snerdley
From Politifact: "Kathleen Hall Jamieson, an expert on campaign advertising who directs the Annenberg center at the University of Pennsylvania, says Democrats have been using falsehoods and exaggerations about Medicare and Social Security since at least 1952. She calls it the longest-running "Democratic deception." It fits with a core theme from Democrats that they will use government to protect seniors and needy people, while Republicans supposedly want to cut those programs, she says. It is a scare tactic that works." I'm glad the democrats are looking out for the poor and elderly.
By Mr. Snerdley (121), Southampton on May 24, 12 4:27 PM
The republicans are the ones who are liars.
When they took over state legislatures,their first priority went from jobs to restricting womens' rights-passing restrictions on abortion,planned parenthood and recently contraception.
All one has to do is read Ryans' bill to know that the republicans want to kill Medicare,Medicade,food stamps,and defund education.
Don't beleive anything any far right wing zealots post here,read the bill for yourself. Big tax breaks for the rich,paid for by ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 24, 12 4:50 PM
from factcheck on the false claim that the dems cut $500 B from medicare-

"The conservative 60 Plus Association is running a TV ad saying Congress plans to pay for overhauling health care "by cutting $500 billion from Medicare." It claims that this "will mean long waits for care" and cuts to MRIs and other imaging services, that "seniors may lose their own doctors" and that "government, not doctors, will decide if older patients are worth the cost." Actually, the House leadership’s ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 24, 12 5:10 PM
By razza5350 (1564), East Hampton on May 24, 12 9:11 PM
We cannot allow Job Shipping Randy the Exxon/Koch brother carpetbagger to eliminate medicare, drill on the coast of East Hampton, and force women to sonogram their wombs..

This is a serous election and it's imperative that we take back congress from the greedy radical right.

Reelect Tim Bishop
By Steven (113), Westhampton on May 25, 12 3:15 AM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By bigfresh (1321), north sea on May 25, 12 6:12 AM

"In the first three months of 2012, legislators introduced 944 provisions related to reproductive health and rights in 45 of the 46 legislatures that have convened this year. Half of these provisions would restrict abortion access. So far, 75 abortion restrictions have been approved by at least one legislative chamber, and nine have been enacted. This is below the record-breaking pace of 2011, when 127 abortion restrictions had been approved by at least one body in the first quarter ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 25, 12 6:43 AM

"Top 10 Shocking Attacks from the GOP's War on Women

1) Republicans not only want to reduce women's access to abortion care, they're actually trying to redefine rape. After a major backlash, they promised to stop. But they haven't yet. Shocker.

2) A state legislator in Georgia wants to change the legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence to "accuser." But victims of other less gendered crimes, like burglary, would remain "victims."

3) ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 25, 12 7:45 AM
Yeah yeah yeah... While the abortion issue was decided by the supreme court, the court also decided that a right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th the right to an abortion must be balanced against the state's two legitimate interests in regulating abortions: protecting prenatal life and protecting women's health. Budget cuts will always hurt someone and I suppose fiscal responsibility doesn't have a conscience where as over spending and entitlements does. Evil republicans, yeah ...more
May 25, 12 8:27 AM appended by Captn America
Oh, the horror...So far this year, legislators in 11 states (AK, AL, ID, IA, KY, MI, MN, MS, PA, RI and VA) have introduced provisions that would require a woman to undergo an ultrasound prior to obtaining an abortion....
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on May 25, 12 8:27 AM
So I take it that your wife never used contraception.
What about redefining rape,and the reclassifcation of rape victims as 'accusers'?
What if your job hung on a decision your boss could mak about your medical condiion,or your need for certain drugs to maintain your health?

You are very dismissive of these issues,considering that the far right once placed a heavy emphasis on social issues and morality.Did those values now become unimportant because the republicans declared that ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 25, 12 10:02 AM
Contraception is and continues to be available to those who want to use it. Redefining an alledged rape victim as "accuser," while someone is in the prosecution stage prior to any conviction, plays into "innocent until proven guilty." We've seen false accusations from prominent cases like the Tawana Brawley case and the Duke Lacrosse Team where no crime was actually committed. Both claims were proven to be bogus; there was no victim, just an accuser. You first have to determine that a crime ...more
May 25, 12 10:57 AM appended by Captn America
A war on women? I think not. A liberal war on common sense? Hmmm, maybe.
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on May 25, 12 10:57 AM
I can understand some of your position on the victim to accuser-but that is not what the change of definition of rape means-

"The act would also redefine the exemption for federal funded abortions in cases of rape to only apply to instances of “forcible rape.” What does that mean, you ask? Well, the criminal code of the US has no definition for “forcible rape,” and the bill sponsored by Rep. Smith doesn’t provide a definition either. This leaves the door open ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 25, 12 12:55 PM
Wow...its going to be an interesting election cycle...LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN!
By pstevens (399), Wilmington on May 25, 12 11:15 AM
I don't see how anyone who loves women could vote Republican. There is also something very wrong with a party that would cut food stamps to fund defense. We already spend more on defense than the rest of the World combined.You'd think that Mr Businessman mr outsourcer would have put one of his offices on the East End.He's in seven states.What an indignity poured out by this carpetbagger from New Jersey.I'm sure Bill Bradley gets a little queasy every time he thinks about him.This is not the Country ...more
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on May 25, 12 11:23 AM
Bishop has exported more jobs to foreign countries as a politician working for his constiuents with his votes for stimulus funding than Altschuler has as a business man.

And what an ignorant and bigoted statement to classify an entire group of people into one myopic category. And this is the left, the tolerant and accepting. Anyone “loving” women is a tad sexist too IMO, I would think you’d want to respect a women as individuals first and foremost.

Check ...more
By Mr. Snerdley (121), Southampton on May 25, 12 12:48 PM
Snerdley,your post is laughable. If you want to respect the rights of women,let them make the decisions important to their health and well-being and stop trying to make big government impose the will of small-minded right wingers on them.

As for defense spending,why do we have to support the rest of NATO? The constitution says

(Article I,section 8)

To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;


To ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 25, 12 1:06 PM
And we'd like to see evidence that Bishop was responsible for exporting jobs.
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 25, 12 1:10 PM
It is true that tax payer stimulus money went to businesses over seas. Personnaly though Bishop has never exported a job in fact he has never created a single job in his life. His track record in the private sector is non existent. His track record as a career politican is equally pitiful. The only thing he has been successful at is buffaloing tax payers at of their money to pay his bloated salary and benefits every two years
By razza5350 (1564), East Hampton on May 25, 12 3:04 PM
Not according to factcheck in their article 'Stimulus oney for Jobs Overseas"

Some other claims in this ad we’ve heard before, such as the absurd allegation that the stimulus did not create any American jobs (when the Congressional Budget Office’s economists state that it created or saved between 1.2 million and and 3.3 million jobs) and the overreaching claim that President Obama has “wasted” $34 billion on investments like Solyndra (when in fact only 2 percent ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 25, 12 3:17 PM
Shocker! Phil distorts the facts. The fact check article refers to green jobs and even fails to take into account Abc's recent investigation into the matter. Even Chuck Schumer jumped on board and ripped the Obama administration for out sourcing jobs. I also find the CBO's estimate amusing. Between 1.2 to 3.3 million jobs. Not a very finite number. What kind of jobs? All temporary work that creates nothing long term I'm sure
By razza5350 (1564), East Hampton on May 25, 12 9:17 PM
Then post your informtion with sources,if you have any.
Your credibility is at stake
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 25, 12 10:21 PM
your credibility has been shot a long time ago. You know perfectly will that if i post sources the press will delete it. Just google what you said "stimulus money for jobs overseas" and read. I think you will find the ABC article that references green jobs and schumer there as well as your bogus smoking gun from fact check
By razza5350 (1564), East Hampton on May 26, 12 6:33 AM
In addition we have spent close to a trillion dollars that has created 1-3 million jobs and you call that a success? Even if they were all full time jobs ( which we all know they aren't) the numbers don't make sense.
By razza5350 (1564), East Hampton on May 26, 12 8:25 AM
I don't see you posting any proof of your above post,I guess you're a liar-so whose credibility is at stake?
The first valid link is the one I quoted from; factcheck.
The next couple are about the myths de-bunked in that link
-The traffic lights in China-were made here.
- the money to Finland-went to rersearch and development for a car hat will be built here
Only someone who thinks everyone else is a brain-dead moron would twist facts so badly and expect everyone else to beleive ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 26, 12 6:31 PM
Obama created more jobs than Bush did,and all the jobs that were lost were the result of Bush's plicies.
Do the American people really want to return to those policies?
Is that what the right means when they say hey want to take the country 'back'?
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 26, 12 6:37 PM
Sources abc news, politico and huff post
By razza5350 (1564), East Hampton on May 27, 12 6:36 AM
GO Bishop!!!!!!
By SHNative (544), Southampton on May 27, 12 11:02 PM
"Obama created more jobs than Bush did"

While debateable, I'm sure Tim Bishop and the 12.5 million people currently out of work find that very comforting.

By Mr. Snerdley (121), Southampton on May 28, 12 9:39 AM
Six weeks ago on 27east, I challenged anyone to disprove a statement made by Tim Bishop. That statement was that, under the Ryan budget which Randy Altschuler has embraced, the average senior's health care expenses covered by medicare would go from 75% to 35%.

No one has answered this challenge. If this is really what Randy espouses, he's toast.
By Turkey Bridge (1165), Quiogue on May 29, 12 6:55 PM
Sure we did. It's called let's tell only half the story, factcheck debunked the general princile about a year ago. Block grants fill the void. The 75% - 35% talking point has made its way around the left reiterating the ridiculous claim that republicans seek to “end Medicare.” Ignored is the fact that the Ryan plan would not affect people currently in Medicare — or even the people 55 to 65 who would join the program in the next 10 years. Harsh terms are used like “end” ...more
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on May 29, 12 8:43 PM
There is a lot of unexplained cuts within the Ryan budget-it talks about making cuts but doesn't provide any specifics.What e do know is what the CBO reported-

"The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reviewed, at Ryan’s request, the long-term budgetary impact of his plan. CBO said spending on anything other than health care entitlements and Social Security would fall to about 5.75 percent in 2030 and 3.75 percent of the nation’s economy in 2050. How low is that? “By ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 29, 12 9:47 PM
Thanks Phil for adding to my point above and demonstrating that there is more to the plan than a straight 75-35% increase in expenses and it’s misleading to make the statement without considering other aspects of the plan. Whether elements of the Ryan budget have been ironed out or not is irrelevant to this discussion. The plan in its current proposal naturally lacks details because of the stage in the proposal process, similar to the Obama 2013 budget that was unanimously rejected with ...more
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on May 30, 12 9:04 AM
The budget that was rejected wasn't the Obama budget-it was a proposal put up by a republican legislator to confuse the budget issue.
That can be verified by anyone who wants to go to factcheck and check it out.
The Ryan budget attacks programs for the poor,elderly and disabled.
That,too,can be verified by anyone who wants to and not depend on half-assed information from a partisan hack.
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 31, 12 8:24 AM
The budget rejected by the Senate contained specifics of a narrative version of the Obama proposal . None of the content not specifics was Republican. There is nothing to confuse, the Senate hasn't passed a budget in over two years. The Ryan budget proposes to improve inefficiencies in programs destined for bankrupcty. Rather than address the problem, democrats want to play politics. You included.
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on May 31, 12 4:14 PM
It was a trick by the republicans to get the democrats to vote against it.

The republicans always operate in that dishonest way.

This vote, on a Potemkin "Obama Budget," is not intended to be taken seriously. It's a stunt designed to get a slag into the newscycle, and they tend to work. What happens is a Republican legislator presents a "budget proposal" that's designed to be a satirical presentation of an "Obama budget." Democrats don't vote for it, because they recognize that ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 31, 12 4:27 PM
Democrats disputed that it was actually the president's plan, arguing that the slim amendment didn't actually match Obama's budget document, which ran thousands of pages. But Republicans used all of the numbers in the proposal, so it faithfully represented Obama's plan.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, even challenged Democrats to point out any errors in the numbers and he would correct them — a challenge no Democrats took up. Hmmmm.I would think they would have been all over ...more
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on May 31, 12 4:40 PM
The republicans lied.
The proposal was made to trick the American people into thinking that the republicns supported it The republicans have opposed Obama at every turn;they wren't fooled. The republicans made fools of themselves.
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 31, 12 8:05 PM
The republicans misreprented what Obama proposed.
They lied and got caught on it.
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 31, 12 8:13 PM
This pretty much says it all. Great job Tim and Barack. Our country is in debt up to its eyeballs and those who will pay for it can't find a job. “In Weak Job Market, One In Two College Graduates Are Jobless Or Underemployed.”

From the Huffington Post - The college class of 2012 is in for a rude welcome to the world of work. A weak labor market already has left half of young college graduates either jobless or underemployed in positions that don't fully use their skills ...more
By Mr. Snerdley (121), Southampton on May 29, 12 9:08 PM
How quickly Greenspan's legacy has been forgotten...
By Mr. Z (6615), North Sea on May 29, 12 9:45 PM
That's what 8 years of republican policies brought us,snerdley.
And the republicans want to "take the country back' to that,with Romney hiring on a bunch of Bush's advisors.
By philathome (9499), Southampton on May 29, 12 10:13 PM
The US economy added 69K jobs in May, fewest in a year. The US economy added 69,000 jobs in May, fewest in a year; unemployment rate rises from 8.1 to 8.2 percent.- The increase drove the number of unemployed to 12.7 million. FORWARD!!!!

By Mr. Snerdley (121), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 9:55 AM
Not the hope and change you were looking for huh Snerds. Bishop is a symbol of whats wrong with Washington. A career politician who has had zero experience in the private sector.
By razza5350 (1564), East Hampton on Jun 1, 12 11:55 AM
Hoping the president fails and changing congress by electing a bunch of tea pary nutjobs that did more to screw up this country is exactly what the right wanted.
By philathome (9499), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 3:51 PM
1 member liked this comment
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By RealityFirst (597), Bridgehampton on Jun 1, 12 4:29 PM
You're the one attaching the term to the mentally disabled-I attached it to the incompetent and unqualified people elected in 2010 who have promoted and extended the gridlock we've been experinecing.

And once again,you accuse people you don't agree with of being enemes-don't you have anything new to attack with? Do you consider yourself 'superior' because of your political posiion and morrality?
You're a fine one to preach to others about who is he enemy.You promote te samedivisiveness ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 4:37 PM
Everything I stated is fact.

Who embraced the Viet Cong and protested in he streets in favor of Ho Chi Minh, my side, or yours?

Which political side of the aisle did the Soviet Union give guidance and support to during the cold war? Conservatives or liberals?

Who offered themseleves up as "human shields" to protect Saddam Hussein's assets?

Who expressed their "understanding" and sympathy for Al Queda? The political right or left?

Who burns the American ...more
By RealityFirst (597), Bridgehampton on Jun 1, 12 4:46 PM
Do you want me to do a side-by-side comparison of the republican party to it's most close resemblance?

you are permeated with hatred. It comes from your ideology.
By philathome (9499), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 5:21 PM
The republicans oppose affordable healthcare that will cover everybody.
they are against equal pay for women,womens access to healthcare,preventing violence against women,granting rights to gays,voting rights, labor rights,the minimum wage,immigration reform,regulating the environment,they are against keeping college affordable, want to destroy the education system,social security, medicare and medicade for the elderly and most vulnerable,reduce food stamps for the poor,They are against closing ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 7:03 PM
Yeah yeah yeah.... republicans this, republicans that... let's dance. the democrats want to destroy the best health care system in the world, locking republicans out of any discussion for alternatives, ramming it down the throats of the American public, disregarding any attempt at transparency. Passing it, to find out what’s in it. Shameful. Democrats have encouraged laws that dilute and minimize legislation in support of violence against women, opposing laws that maintain the integrity ...more
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 9:53 PM
Dear Tim, thanks. Obama has shelled out more in federal spending than the five presidents that came before him. New analysis shows federal spending by president as a percentage of GDP, and it doesn't reflect well on Obama. "There has been a dramatic increase in spending under the Obama administration.” "Most of it is attributable to year one of his presidency and the stimulus... but President Obama has continued to take spending to a new level." Federal spending was close to 20 percent ...more
By Mr. Snerdley (121), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 9:13 PM
and ow we're coming out of the exorbirant spending of G.W. Bush,who lied us into war and asked the country to sacrifice while he gave the rich tax cus that he puton the credit card for the next generation to pay.
More republican lies,brought to you by the party of obstruction.
What we need to do is raise revenue-taxes-particularly on the top 1% and corporations that offshore profits;the Ryan budget will make it easier for corporations to shift their profits to tax havens to avoid paying ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 9:23 PM
George Bush, raise taxes...really? That's all you got? I'm shocked... So let’s spend even more, wooh hooo. A leftist who wants to raise taxes and blame George Bush, that's a new one. Two years of a democrat controlled congress and presidency, four years of a democrat controlled congress during Bush... and it's all Bush and blame for republicans not raising taxes and corporations off shoring profits.

What we need to do is lower spending and eliminate the uncertainly in the economy ...more
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 10:28 PM
"Read my lips..."
By Mr. Z (6615), North Sea on Jun 2, 12 4:32 AM
The president has proposed not less than 3 jobs bills in the last couple of years and they were all fillibustered by the republican obstructionists.
Meanwhile,the republicans have proposed over 100 further limitations on womens health rights,especially abortion.
And yes,GW is the source for most of or problems;Taxes need to be raised to pay off the debt that he accumulated.What the republicans are proposing is to drive our country toward where Europe is.
Trickle down economics doesn't ...more
By philathome (9499), Southampton on Jun 2, 12 5:36 AM
What do you call passage of the "Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act?" A bipartisan jobs bill that was passed. Filibustering on other plans took place to avoid throwing good money after bad, some of which would have bailed states out by keeping them dependent on Federal funds. Any of the Obama plans failed to address the root cause of today’s unemployment—namely, insufficient aggregate demand. Obama’s plans would pay for that investment by (once again) raising taxes over a lengthy ...more
By Captn America (4682), Southampton on Jun 2, 12 11:50 AM
Sorry Phil what we need is too stop entitlements to the lazy and stupid. We need to cut public pensions and public benefit programs. Why do I have to pay for some lazy slob with eight kids on welfare? Why do I have to pay for people who make bad decisions? This country is becoming a haven for losers and people looking to steal from the system.
By chief1 (1460), southampton on Jun 1, 12 10:21 PM
Even better, those who do pay into the system, can't get a hand for it.
By Mr. Z (6615), North Sea on Jun 2, 12 4:33 AM
And the people leading us down that road are the people making the argument you make.
We need to increase taxes to spend on infrastrucure-that's how you create jobs.
The people stealing from the system are people like you who want your taxes lowered a the expense of the country.
By philathome (9499), Southampton on Jun 2, 12 5:39 AM
"We need to increase taxes to spend on infrastrucure-that's how you create jobs."

You won't that in economics 101; that's a recipe for government to destroy long term growth and ingenuity. Government programs are the cause of joblessness. Dig huge holes and fill them up again, or repair roads and bridges already repaired with “shovel ready” stimulus funding. You need to provide incentive for businesses to grow and the free market system to identify where to make investment. ...more
By Mr. Snerdley (121), Southampton on Jun 2, 12 3:15 PM
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