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Jun 19, 2012 3:29 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Bishop, Altschuler Divided Over Immigration Issue

Jun 19, 2012 4:11 PM

President Barack Obama’s executive order last Friday to allow hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants to remain in the country has forced Republicans and Democrats nationally to take a stance on the thorny issue—including here in the race for the 1st Congressional District seat on Long Island.

U.S. Representative Tim Bishop, a Democrat seeking his sixth term, wholeheartedly embraced the new policy, and has already dedicated a Congressional staffer to help individuals become temporarily legalized. His Republican opponent Randy Altschuler has criticized the president’s unilateral move to bypass Congress, and attacked Mr. Bishop for using his office to “promote Obama backdoor amnesty policy.”

The new immigration policy saves young undocumented immigrants from deportation if they are younger than 30, were brought into the country before they were 16 and have lived here for at least five years. They must also be in school, have graduated from high school, or have served in the military.

The policy also requires an individual to demonstrate good standing, by not having been convicted of a felony, a serious misdemeanor, multiple misdemeanor offenses or pose a threat to national security or public safety.

Mr. Bishop said he’s been moved by the immigration issue, and said he has found it particularly “heartbreaking” when he visits high schools in the district where undocumented students are at a loss as to how to live their lives after graduating. Often the soon-to-be-graduates ask him “Now what do I do?” he said.

“I think at its heart is fairness,” said Mr. Bishop. “This is, it’s very carefully crafted, to deal only with those individuals who came to this country through no choice of their own. They were brought here by their parents. I think the simple question of fairness demands that we 
provide these people with an opportunity for a life out of the shadows.”

Like other Republicans across the country, including Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Mr. Altschuler has framed the move as an election-year stunt and called it “political pandering at its worst.” He assailed Mr. Bishop, saying the congressman should instead be focusing on job creation in the district.

“The president is effectively sidestepping the problem,” Mr. Altschuler said on Monday. “He hasn’t done anything to fix the problem and frankly, Congressman Bishop’s stunning release just shows how out of touch he is.”

Asked if he would support the policy if called to vote upon it in Congress, Mr. Altschuler did not answer yes or no, saying only that “It’s got to be considered in the context of a larger program to deal with the entire illegal immigration problem.”

“We can’t be granting amnesty to people,” Mr. Altschuler said. “And we can’t not put in place a long-term solution to the problem.”

Long Island’s 1st Congressional District has become a hotbed for immigration issues in part after it was thrust into the national spotlight in 2008 after Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero was fatally stabbed in a racially-motivated attack by a group of teenagers in Patchogue. It’s unclear how the politics of the executive order will play out in this race, given the emotion surrounding immigration issues here and the rapidly rising number of Latino residents.

The number of people self-identifying as Hispanic or Latino in Southampton and East Hampton towns swelled, according to figures in the 2010 Census. In East Hampton, the percentage climbed from 14 percent in 2000 to 26 percent in 2010, or 2,746 people. In Southampton, that figure skyrocketed from 8 percent in 2000 to nearly 20 percent in 2010, for a total growth of 6,595 people.

Observers of the race can’t be sure whether Mr. Bishop’s stance will help or harm him in November’s election. Two years ago, Mr. Bishop narrowly kept his seat by about 600 votes against Mr. Altschuler. With a race that close, anything could affect the election, according to Albert Cover, Ph.D., a political science professor at Stony Brook University. But he said he thinks it’ll ultimately boil down to how President Obama does in the district.

“Given the peculiar nature of how close the race was, you certainly are going to be able to point to specific things like this and say, ‘that affected the outcome,’” the professor said. “And you can say that about a lot of things because, again, the race was so close. But I think the real story will be the more 
general one of how popular President Obama is in the district than the extent to which that spills over into the Congressional race.”

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What a joke. They need to prove they are under 30 and been living here illegally. Maybe when they do the federal GVT can follow the law and deport their parents. All illegal aliens should go through the normal immigration process to seek citizenship. Then they can pay taxes just like the rest of us and get benefits just like the rest of us.No other country would stand for all of these freeloaders
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 21, 12 7:33 PM
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You are basing your approval on the right's reaction to it? It is not surprising that 2/3 of the country approve. There is a reason we are in the current situation we are and it is the same 2/3.
By dnice (2240), Hampton Bays on Jun 21, 12 8:22 PM
If you are referring to "brown people" as Latinos then you may want to include Asians. They are entering the country illegally in masses as well. Why not. They get free health care, education, free liberties, certain Gvt subsidies and pay no taxes.
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 22, 12 5:41 AM
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I didnt mention them because their numbers were not as significant as asians and latinos but if you want to include them go ahead. Brown, yellow, black or white if they are illegal I have a problem with it. By the way weren't YOU referring to latinos as "brown people". sounds like you are the bigot
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 23, 12 7:04 AM
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What you have written is patently incorrect. Where and when did 2/3 of the country approve of this - clearly political - move by Obama?
By local12 (34), Remsenburg on Jun 24, 12 7:32 PM
Ha....you said "brown people".
By khan (36), hampton bays on Jun 27, 12 8:56 AM
Yet...Randy outsourser would not say how HE would vote if such a bill was to be placed before him.
Come on Randy......take a REAL stand.
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Jun 21, 12 9:47 PM
"Often the soon-to-be-graduates ask him “Now what do I do?” he (Tim) said."

Bull crap! .
By Mr. Snerdley (373), Southampton on Jun 21, 12 10:02 PM
For an "outsourcer" and some "baggers", they are proving to be extremely formidable opponents. The career politician raised less money than a ''bagger'' who is an ''outsourcer''. This should just about put the nail on the coffin for the provost from the deserted mount in Shinnecock. He will have been beaten by a racist, outsourcer darling of the baggers. Have a nice weekend!
By Samuel Walsh (17), Southampton on Jun 22, 12 5:53 AM
Can't wait for L'il Tim try to defend this BS when he debates Randy. If he has the testicular fortitude to actually show up for a debate.
By bigfresh (3297), north sea on Jun 22, 12 6:45 AM
oh the hipocracy its like The reason most people don’t know much about the complicated and confusing mess known as “Fast and Furious.” The mainstream media have largely ignored this Obama administration scandal, which would have dominated mainstream front pages and homepages and programs for months had it all taken place under a Republican administration
By They call me (2279), southampton on Jun 22, 12 8:51 AM
1 member liked this comment
All hail the Panderer-in-chief, first the gays and now the illegals, whose next? Tune in next week.
By MickNY (43), East Hampton on Jun 22, 12 9:30 AM
Tim Bishop is a complete and utter fraud. Do not be tricked by his desperate attempts sustain his white knuckled grip on the congressional gymnasium key card. Without Sillerman's money and the laundered union dues from hardworking dupes of the SEIU, Tim Bishop, would not have made it past Flanders.
By Stephen Maybaline (18), Southampton on Jun 22, 12 11:53 AM
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No,I'm basing my reaction on the fact that the right has proven that it hates brown people,and it is now costing them.
By philathome (2587), Southampton on Jun 21, 12 9:23 PM

That''s right,raise taxes on the freeloading rich and corporations.time to make them pay their fair share
By philathome (2587), Southampton on Jun 22, 12 10:12 AM

There is proof that the right hates brown people? That is a fact?
Rich people are freeloading? Have you heard of entitlements?
Really, ...more
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 22, 12 1:41 PM
Phil, is there a piece of left wing propaganda that you won't swallow and regurgitate? Seriously, some of the stuff you post is so ridiculous. "The fact that the right hates brown people." I looked it up on the Facts about the right website and couldn't find it. I did see that they light old people on fire and hate women. C'mon, Phil. Make points based on something with a little validity.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 22, 12 4:00 PM
And you should look at how entitlement has HURT the poor. The Fed Govt (this regime) wants to be the great enabler. There are way too many people waiting to play their part and accept the gifts from Mama Govt. In the process they stay in their place, never grow out of poverty, never feel empowered. The Liberal agenda is to subsidize controlled poverty, mostly minority poverty, and you scream that it's the rights fault. You hate this mystical right for whatever reason, that's fine. Hate away. If ...more
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 22, 12 5:05 PM
How did Bush finance the tax cuts?

Social Security "surplus" money, from the Greenspan "revenue enhancements". A regressive, and biased form of disproportionate taxation which is capped at about 105K worth of wage income.

That means that a couple earining 100K a year, pays the same Social Security taxes as Lloyd Blankfein, or Jamie Dimon dependent on how they structure their income. If it's all market related income, the "rich" don't pay SS taxes at all if they structure their ...more
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 24, 12 1:42 AM
I'm not defending Bush or the Republican party. My point is entitlements are not simply matters of helping the poor, sometimes they actually anchor the poor in remaining poor. That and Phil's "The fact that the right hates brown people" is an absolutely ridiculous post. I'm voting Romney in November. Does that make me a right wing brown people hater? Nah. That makes me someone who thinks that Romney is the better of the two imperfect choices. The country is on the ropes and I think we are better ...more
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 24, 12 10:03 AM
2 members liked this comment
You know what I see?

A group of people so desperate to play "hero", that they will sacrifice the American People to do it.

Keep on roadblocking...
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 24, 12 6:14 PM
Do you truly believe the BS that you regularly spew here?
There is no voter supression movement, unless you mean the thugs from the New Black Panther Party from the last Presidential election.
Banning abortions is the right thing to do, murder is wrong!
Changing Social Security will mean that the program will still exist farther into the future that the current model allows.
OBAMACARE will ration health care and result in older folks being denied care.
Europe is heading down ...more
By bigfresh (3297), north sea on Jun 22, 12 5:04 PM
Yes he does.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 22, 12 5:06 PM
Phil you wrote this
"I'm basing my reaction on the fact that the right has proven that it hates brown people"
Now ask your ignorance question again.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 22, 12 7:53 PM
1 member liked this comment
phil is one of these pre-programmed zombies who will short circuit when his gears frazzle and then blame it on a migraine.
By Samuel Walsh (17), Southampton on Jun 24, 12 10:37 AM
I don't Phil. Is your higher state of enlightenment the thing that makes you so bitter?
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 24, 12 4:36 PM
Hey bigfresh, check this:

Seniors and the Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act strengthens Medicare and helps seniors take charge of their health. The law provides important benefits such as free preventive services, free annual wellness visits, and a 50% discount on prescription drugs for Medicare recipients in the coverage gap known as the "donut hole." You can also work with your doctor to create a personalized prevention plan.

Top Things to Know for Seniors

•Under ...more
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 24, 12 6:32 PM
And guess what it's all free.
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 24, 12 6:57 PM
So are the criminals that have ripped this country off for over a decade:

Notes on Wall Street's Bid-Rigging Scandal

For space reasons we had to leave a few interesting bits out of my latest magazine piece, "The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia," about widespread corruption in the municipal bond markets. The odd thing is, we might actually have undersold the damage done by this sort of cartel-style corruption.

When we called around to towns and cities affected by ...more
Jun 24, 12 10:30 PM appended by Mr. Z
If I were the East End town governments, I'd be reviewing every bond floated in the last ten years. Money lost on bond investment to rate fixing, means higher taxes for the residents of towns, and municipalities.
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 24, 12 10:30 PM
Z are you bi polar? It amazes me that you have such contempt for corporate america but have no problem with Obamacare, GVT corruption or big GVT entitlement spending. Your solution seems to be to tax the crap out of the wealthy and rely on the GVT to do the rest. If the GVT actually did their job and goverened properly we wouldnt have so many problems
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 25, 12 8:06 AM
1 member liked this comment
The solution is not "tax the crap" out of the wealthy.

The solution is that that someone making seven figures SHOULD NOT have a lower tax burden than a five figure income. That is exactly where we stand.

I have contempt for systemic corruption, and people who cheat society. No more, no less.

For reference, the HealthCare bill was the largest handout to Big Pharma in U.S. history.
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 25, 12 4:05 PM
Hey BF, you know who you remind me of?

Dr. Jenna Jacobs in "The Midterms" episode ot "The West Wing".
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 26, 12 2:37 AM
Z again you contradict yourself. You post all of the benefits of Obama care and tout how great it is and then you call it the biggest handout to big pharma in US history. Which one is it?

Your statement on taxes is also not entirely correct. The top 50% of earners in this country pay 97% of the taxes and the top 1% pay 37% of the tax. A wealthy CEO who is paid via a W2, K1, schedule C or any sort of similar EARNED income is paying a higher rate than most of us. Their are exceptions where ...more
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 26, 12 9:17 AM
2 members liked this comment
I clicked like it by mistake. actually scratch that I do like what you have to say because it's just ammunition for me.

I don't know what year your fiscal data and percentages are from, but in 2009 66 percent of this country grossed less than 50,000 dollars a year. that is a full 2/3. when your top 50% of income earners take home easily 80 to 90 percent, or more of the amount of the country's earned income the ratios of taxes paid you posted actually make sense. try to wrap your mind ...more
Jun 26, 12 11:54 AM appended by Mr. Z
I'm starting to like speech to text with the occasional errors, and no capitals. Historically, just for reference, the "wealthy" paid a 90% tax rate prior to Kennedy, and they still ate caviar, drove expensive cars, built estates, and lived "high on the hog". Somehow, they found a way. And, our infrastructure was not "painted rust"...
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 26, 12 11:54 AM
Here's an old article for you to pore over...

Plutocracy: If Corporations and the Rich Paid 1960s-Level Taxes, the Debt Would Vanish

By Sam Pizzigati

July 26, 2011

Once upon a time in America, back a century ago, our nation's rich paid virtually nothing in taxes to the federal government. And that same federal government did virtually nothing to better the lives of average Americans.

But those average Americans would do battle, over the next half century, ...more
Jun 26, 12 4:34 PM appended by Mr. Z
Video: Taibbi Joins Yves Smith on Bill Moyers
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 26, 12 4:34 PM
1 member liked this comment
You are not quoting fact here. You are quoting an OPINION PIECE clearly written by a Democrat. You should stop spouting other people's rubbish and stick to your own rubbish.
By Leon789 (50), westhampton on Jun 26, 12 8:16 PM
Z you are all over the place, Obamacare, wealth disparity and the debt.
Obamacare- all of the "good things" in it that you have mentioned cost money. The cost savings measures you mentioned are already being gutted out of it. That is why you have seen revised numbers by the CBO. Lets face it this bill is nothing more than a giant money grab for big pharma and insurance companies with the tax payer footing the bill.
Wealth disparity- Why does Lebron James make more than Eddy Curry? Why does ...more
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 27, 12 9:01 AM
Since the 2010 data is not available yet (rumor has it 2010 doesn't look much better), here are the hard facts from 2009 SOI, the last year calculated (240.4M returns) that razza can possibly pull his tax data from. You may note things are a BIT lopsided. I'd like to calculate per capita income, but I can only dig up the revenue amount taken in, but not the total amount of income in 2009. Under 100k, 87.6% of the population (210,590,400) split up 53.3% of taxable income.

Over 100k, 12.4% ...more
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 27, 12 5:19 PM
Glad to see you have narrowed it down to wealth disparity. You demonize corporate America but corporate America makes up under 30% of the private sector work force. Your salary is determined by your intrinsic value . If you don't like it or think It's not fair show some initiative and inginuity and start what most people in America have ...... A small business. The more dependent people become upon the Gvt to provide for them only increases our chances of economic failure.
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 27, 12 11:34 PM
A wise man once said:

"There are none so blind, as those who will not see."

I shall no longer waste my breath on a lost cause.

Have a nice day...
Jun 28, 12 11:52 PM appended by Mr. Z
"intrinsic value": Some people say we have this inequality because some people have been contributing much more to our society, and so it’s fair that they get more. But then you look at the people who are at the top and you realize they’re not the people who have transformed our economy, our society. They’re not the inventers of the lasers, the transistors, the computer, the discoverers of DNA. They’re the bankers that exploited the poor, the CEOs who took advantage of the deficiencies of our corporate governing structure to a larger and larger share of the corporate revenues without increasing the productivity and performance of the companies or our economy as a whole. ~ Joseph Stiglitz
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 27, 12 11:52 PM
1 member liked this comment
Charity begins at home and there are millions of Americans who need it.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Jun 22, 12 6:57 PM
3 members liked this comment
so tell us what YOU have done instead of telling others what they should do.
By Samuel Walsh (17), Southampton on Jun 24, 12 5:53 AM
I'd say read MSN's latest article on Boulder, CO. A very nice, upper middle class community, still resorting to food stamps.
Jun 24, 12 6:05 PM appended by Mr. Z
BOULDER, Colo. – The small communities that dot the picturesque mountain landscape outside Boulder, Colo., conjure up an image from long before the great recession. Here the manicured lawns and expensive cars are a testament to the achievements of a fiercely independent and educated middle class; a 21st century version of suburban bliss. But often these days, the closed doors of well-kept houses hide a decidedly different reality: hushed conversation about food stamps and Medicaid, depleted bank accounts and 401K’s, kitchen shelves stocked with groceries from food pantries.
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 24, 12 6:05 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Samuel Walsh (17), Southampton on Jun 25, 12 1:59 PM
Where are all the devote lefties screaming AGE Discrimination on this one? At least this administration is consistent, consistently hypocritical!! LOL!

It seems our choices in the voting booth get tougher and tougher every year, like this one I despise Randy's outsourcing, but this move by Bishop sickens me equally!

By ICE (1211), Southampton on Jun 24, 12 5:01 PM
WOW Phyl- one needs a photo ID to collect welfare, food stamps or to apply for SS benefits, the Demokratz have no problem with this. Seems like they need to keep their fraudulent voters in business and that can't happen with a photo ID!
Once again YOU have injected race into the discussion, classic liberal tactic. If the Klan was set up at a polling place with clubs intimidating voters you would lose what's left of your mind, but when the New Black Panther Party did the same thing, not a word---HYPOCRIT!!
By bigfresh (3297), north sea on Jun 25, 12 6:36 AM
You do realize the inherent difficulties switching to the Euro created for Euriope? Austerity does not work. Overspending, defecit spending, and TAX EVASION don't work either. Austerity just digs a deeper grave.

You should try reading Stiglitz, Shambaugh, and even Keynes.

You should take some good literature outside with you, sit under a tree, and read it.
Jun 26, 12 1:35 AM appended by Mr. Z
And, just for reference, COMMUNISM has NEVER WORKED. There are versions of "free market Socialism" which have worked rather well. In fact, most systems based on "free market" Capitalism, or Socialism reach critical points of failure when corrupted by systemic greed, and avarice, not because of their principles. As usual, you have NO IDEA what Socialism means.
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 26, 12 1:35 AM
How is stating the fact that an organization had some of it's members dressed in paramilitary garb carrying batons at a polling place intimidating voters bigotted or racist? The name of the organization is
The New Black Panther Party.
The "Reverends" Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are racist fools who have no visible means of financial support but lead rather extravegant lifestyles. The Black community doesn't need "leaders" that's just another bit of racism from the left.
A government ...more
By bigfresh (3297), north sea on Jun 25, 12 9:23 AM
I guess bigfresh missed the GOP purging of the voter rolls in Florida. Repeatedly.

Republicans have been guilty of "caging" so many times, I lost count since the 1980's. Caging usually purges students, soldiers, renters, and even convicted felons who have earned relief from civil disability through the courts.

Once again, your ignorane is astounding.
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 26, 12 1:44 AM
1 member liked this comment
Sure Phil just let anyone vote without seeing their ID that makes real sense. Under the constitution we as citizens have a right to vote doesn't it make sense to make sure voters are citizens? As far as Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go I have never heard two chuch leaders spewing such hate.
By chief1 (2372), southampton on Jun 25, 12 4:18 PM
1 member liked this comment
Phil, should ID be required in order to prove citizenship and your right to vote?
Why weren't you screaming about ACORN?
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 25, 12 5:09 PM
So anyone can just show up and vote? If you ask for ID from someone you are a right wing racist? Do I have the logic right?
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 25, 12 9:19 PM
That and there are estimated 20 million illegal aliens in the USA. It makes sense for all of us, any of us to prove that we are here legally and have the right to vote. This is not an infringement on someone's civil liberties, it's a matter of common sense.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 25, 12 10:01 PM
So what is your problem with providing ID when voting? Your article and cut and pastes still don't answer that question. Where is the harm in asking for ID? Answer - there is no harm.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 26, 12 7:41 AM
Phil, you are really a sad and lost individual. The last line of your post sums up your twisted views perfectly. I feel bad for you.
You go from immigration to bigotry to Nazism in the blink of on eye. Unreal.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 26, 12 9:25 AM
I'll take my chances and hope we don't end up with armbands and cattle cars. Something tells me I'll be ok. Have you ever asked yourself why you are the only one that states "The right hates brown people," and later compares them to Nazi's? Have you? I'll give you a hint; it's not everyone else with the twisted and paranoid views. Love your country and your neighbors, Phil. For all of its faults America is still the best the world has to offer. Don't give it away.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 26, 12 1:21 PM
uh, ok.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 26, 12 3:31 PM
Border Patrol arrested 800 Middle Easterners illegally crossing the Arizona border last year.
Jun 26, 12 8:34 AM appended by double standard
I sure hope we didn't violate their civil liberties by not allowing them the right to do the jobs Americans don't want to do, or asking them where they are from.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 26, 12 8:34 AM
Anarchy. Not just for the UK!
By Stephen Maybaline (18), Southampton on Jun 26, 12 12:28 PM
1 member liked this comment
Anarchy, and Freedom.

Two distinctly different conditions...
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 26, 12 6:50 PM
Care to source a few FACTS to back up your inane statements in your June 26 post there Phil? Not Daily Kos talking points, but facts.
By bigfresh (3297), north sea on Jun 27, 12 4:47 PM
You listen to the misogynist Ed Schultz. That qualifies you as a hate filled, brain dead liberal.

By RealityFirst (597), Bridgehampton on Jun 28, 12 2:22 PM
In case you missed this, here are a few FACTS:

Since the 2010 SOI data is not available yet (rumor has it 2010 doesn't look much better, I expect it by August), here are the hard facts from 2009 SOI, the last year calculated (240.4M returns). You may note things are a BIT lopsided. I'd like to calculate per capita income, but I can only dig up the revenue amount taken in, but not the total amount of income in 2009.

Under 100k, 87.6% of the population (210,590,400) split up 53.3% ...more
By Mr. Z (9930), North Sea on Jun 27, 12 11:45 PM
They also paid 37% of the countries revenue.
By razza5350 (1893), East Hampton on Jun 28, 12 6:40 AM
That should be an inspiration to work harder and smarter! Shows what is possible in this great nation of ours.
Care to point out the percentage of taxes paid by the same groups of people?
By bigfresh (3297), north sea on Jun 28, 12 6:24 AM
HEALTH CARE LAW UPHELD!!! Take that, tea-partiers!!
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Jun 28, 12 10:14 AM
2 members liked this comment
You'll be on suicide watch after the November elections.
By RealityFirst (597), Bridgehampton on Jun 28, 12 2:17 PM
Allow me to spike it - Stick that in your tea and brew it! Justice Roberts sided with Obama
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Jun 28, 12 1:04 PM
2 members liked this comment
Good, now we never want to hear "activist court" and "extreme right wing court" from you again.
By RealityFirst (597), Bridgehampton on Jun 28, 12 2:16 PM
Republicans are so full of it. They give lip service to tough anti-immigration laws, but when they get to the congress and senate, they vote to keep their cheap labor. They had 8 years under Bush and they did nothing. Same thing with abortion. They give lip service to anti-abortionists, but they know antiabortion and anti-immigration sentiments are a cash cow for the GOP, so they are certainly not going to end abortion or illegal immigration. They'd lose billions in funds from Catholics, fundamentalist ...more
By btdt (413), water mill on Jun 28, 12 3:51 PM
registration, east hampton, day care, early childhood education, junior pre-k, pre-k, toddler