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Apr 9, 2018 2:32 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press

Davinci Haus Brings German Principles To Homebuilding

DaVinci Haus opening.   MANISH GOSALIA D
Apr 9, 2018 3:10 PM

Just past the Bridgehampton Inn on Montauk Highway is a new small, modular structure with glass, posts, beams and a walkway—the Davinci Haus Design Studio.

It sits in the foreground of Aryaman Builders, a building and development company recently relocated from Southampton. The owners of Aryaman, Punit Chugh and Anjali Gupta, are partners in Davinci Haus, a German architecture and design building company that launched in the United States last month.

The Davinci Haus Design Studio is open for prospective homeowners to come in and experience. The model features many attributes of an actual house, including an open living space design, post and beam frame, state-of-the-art technology, high quality craftsmanship, passive solar energy usage and acoustic design. It was built right off Montauk Highway to accentuate just how soundproof it is: The traffic can’t be heard inside the studio.

During a reception at the design studio on Friday, March 30, guests were welcome to use a virtual reality headset to experience a tour through a digital rendering of a Davinci Haus-designed home.

Davinci Haus aims to build beautiful, custom homes that blend into their unique environments and leave a low carbon footprint—in just 32 weeks.

“Once the design is finalized and construction starts, it is our promise to deliver the project in 32 weeks,” said Punit Chugh, the director of strategic business. “We stand behind everything we say and believe, and are serious about redefining the construction efficiencies.”

An 80-year-old company originating in Germany, Davinci Haus has seen success in Europe, Russia and Japan and plans to expand across the United States. This is the company’s first American outpost.

Mr. Chugh said that Davinci Haus believes in “refining the space, reducing the redundancies and increasing the efficiency with each of our projects by providing certainty and holistic solutions.

“We believe we are in this space to redefine and rethink how we build and consume homes.”

Basically, to rethink living.

Mr. Chugh talked about putting the homeowner in charge of the home building process.

“We wanted to give people control over the buying experience with a home that is the best in the market across all metrics of cost, time, performance and quality. The process is seamless with a single-point accountability and a streamlined supply chain, passing the efficiencies on to the customer. We make sure the building process is stress-free and one everyone can enjoy,” he said.

Another member of the Davinci Haus USA team is local real estate broker John Healey.

“I became involved in Davinci Haus after meeting Punit Chugh three years ago in Southampton,” Mr. Healey said. “He is an accomplished builder and I recommended his company to some of my clients for their projects.”

Then it got personal.

“My wife and I designed an architecturally traditional home and would like to see the adaptability of the German engineering that Davinci Haus uses,” he explained. “It is a big challenge for them and I look forward to seeing what they accomplish.”

Mr. Healey is representing Davinci Haus in America with Sotheby’s International Realty.

One major feature of a Davinci Haus project is the creation of a seamless and complete environment throughout the home.

“Every home gets the perfect balance of light, indoor-outdoor connectivity, architecture, design and quality of space that defines the entire environment—not just one or two spaces in the home. We are determined that with each home we design, we provide the most effective and well planned environment,” Mr. Chugh said.

Since the frames and larger pieces are brought over from Germany, the construction schedule is not subject to weather delays.

“Our homes are built by master craftsmen under controlled and optimal conditions without any weather impacts like rain, wind or similar,” Mr. Chugh said. “This ensures that the homes pass the highest standards of quality and performance without being compromised.”

Davinci Haus uses German design and technology but combines this with local craftsmanship to offer the best of both worlds to the homeowner, according to Mr. Chugh. He said flooring, painting, plumbing fixtures, kitchens and bathrooms, to name a few aspects of a project, are all sourced locally.

Another selling point of Davinci Haus is the one-stop process of building a custom home from the ground up—all under one roof. Not to mention the accountability.

“We have an in-house team that can handle everything from site analysis to design, permits and turn-key project execution,” Mr. Chugh said. “Or we can easily work with the architect/designer of the owner’s choice.”

Since every home is built from scratch, pricing depends on individual choices, but starts at $350 a square foot, which is fairly typical of most Hamptons homes. A big advantage, according to Davinci Haus, is a locked-in price once the contract is signed.

Mr. Chugh has referred to Davinci Haus as the “Tesla” of homes.

“We believe that we have an optimal solution providing efficiency, value and luxury,” he said.

For more information, go to davinci-haus.com.

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