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Dec 4, 2018 11:25 AMPublication: The East Hampton Press

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Two: The Work Of Recycling

Aluminum cans ready for recycling.
Dec 4, 2018 2:01 PM

In a three-part series, the Press News Group will explore the state of recycling for residents in the towns of East Hampton and Southampton. It will explore why recyclables go where they go, the factors affecting what does and does not get recycled, and the various options available to South Fork residents. Finally, the series will examine the future of recycling, and how environmentally minded residents can get the most out of existing recycling programs today.

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What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Two

Read Part 1 here:

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part One

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This article is excellent. it should be widely publicized. We have asked our trash company about our recycling off and on for years, and been told the "pickers" take care of it. We still separate it out for them. We have been highly suspicious and now our thoughts are confirmed. Why can't we on the East End use Nantucket as a model? They have a very strict recycling policy island-wide. We have a similar fragile ecosystem. It is depressing and shocking that no one cares.
By alexandra1 (1), new york on Dec 5, 18 9:55 AM
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A well-written, thoughtfully researched piece. Hooray for thrifty self-haulers recycling and composting.
By Aeshtron (391), Southampton on Dec 5, 18 10:04 AM
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Great article! And glad that I'm a self hauler!
By cpk21 (16), Hampton Bays on Dec 5, 18 11:45 AM
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This is a wonderful report on decades of failed recycling efforts here on Long Island. We only have ourselves to blame for its ineffectiveness for the simple reason that we have not made any effort to change our methods. Everyone else is doing it, why not the East End? Moving away from single-stream hauling will require initiatives by Brookhaven,Southampton and East Hampton Towns. Volunteering as a self-hauler is a failed enterprise. It's like the plastic bag fight. Expecting busy folks to volunteer ...more
By Dodger (161), Southampton Village on Dec 5, 18 12:30 PM
Hopefully something good will come of this. Our hauler, who is honest about recycling tells me that he did an experiment in one community. For an extra fee he would do another pick up for recycles. Not enough customers were willing to pay for the service So reality is evident: just wanting 100% recycling is not enough, you have to reach into your pocket or self haul.
By TheTurtle (143), Southampton on Dec 5, 18 8:55 PM
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Here’s the deal. I paid S&P for several years for separate recycle pickups. Their drivers came only on the “trash” pickup day and put both clearly labeled containers of trash and recyclables in the trash truck (this was observed by guests who stayed one summer, I wasn’t home on week days). When I called to ask why they didn’t come on both days I was told not to worry, it would all get sorted. I was skeptical, cancelled the supposed separate recycle service, and started ...more
By milo_sag (2), New York on Dec 8, 18 8:04 PM
Curbside on Thursday was always free of charge
By Mr. Z (11552), North Sea on Dec 9, 18 1:36 AM
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