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Jul 29, 2009 11:36 AMPublication: The East Hampton Press

East Hampton GOP outpaces Dems, Zwirn turns to state leader for financing

Jul 29, 2009 11:36 AM

Election day is little more than four months away, and East Hampton’s Democratic Committee is still in the red, while the town GOP has raised more than $62,000 but spent more than that amount on fund-raisers, consulting, polling and advertising, according to documents filed by the July 23 deadline with the New York State Board of Elections.

Meanwhile, Democratic Town Supervisor candidate Ben Zwirn has loaned his own campaign $9,100 and has turned to backing from several corporations closely tied to New York State Democratic Party chairman Jay Jacobs.

GOP Town Supervisor candidate Bill Wilkinson’s separate committee, Wilkinson for Supervisor, had more than $18,000 on hand at the filing deadline, while Mr. Zwirn’s Zwirn for East Hampton campaign had raised more than $25,600 and had just $126 in the bank at the end of the filing period, after an intense round of advertising.

In addition to the money Mr. Zwirn loaned his campaign, he received $8,500 from 29 individuals. He also received a total of $8,000 in amounts of $1,000 each from eight different businesses with the same address in Glen Cove and one in Woodbury. Most of those businesses are summer camps with ties to a foundation run by Mr. Jacob’s family.

The East Hampton Conservators, a political action committee that supports many Democratic candidates, had $40,000 in the bank in January and now has $38,000 on hand. The Democrats’ Campaign 2009 committee had a little more than $2,000 in the bank as of the July filing date.

“I’ll speak to our trusted accountant today,” said Democratic Party Chairman Bill Taylor, who said that he believes the party’s records with New York State are incorrect. “That’s just baloney. I don’t trust numbers from New York State. We’re still here.”

“So people should send us some money,” he said.

Perhaps the most striking results of this July’s campaign finance reports is the breadth of the town Republican Committee’s fund-raising reach.

Between January and June, the committee raised more than $43,000 from 284 individual donors, while the Democrats raised just $2,075 from 10 people. Democrats raised $2,800 from 25 businesses, while the GOP raised more than $10,500 from 58 businesses. Thirty-six people donated to Campaign 2009. The Republican Committee ended July with $5,200 in the bank.

“Fund-raisers are very expensive, but they have been raising awareness,” said John Behan, co-chairman of the town Republican Committee, who added that the Republican Committee is holding a $500-a-head fund-raiser at Wei Fun on Pantigo Road on August 5.

“It’s time for the people who live in this town to step up. They just can’t assume the Republican Party is going to win and solve all their problems without their efforts also,” he said.

“We don’t have any really fancy people who are big donors,” said GOP Co-Chair Trace Duryea, who added that the event will be hosted by Ben and Bonnie Krupinski, who own Wei Fun. “We have to rally the troops and get as much support as we can. Joe Bloecker and Keith Grimes thought we should reach out to people who do business in this town who have suffered the threat of retribution over the years.”

The GOP is also planning to open a campaign office on Newtown Lane in early August.

Mr. Taylor said that the Democrats are also currently planning a “huge summer gala” in late August or early September.

“We’re inviting soon-to-be Governor Cuomo out. All four Beatles are going to reunite. Paul McCartney’s invited. He can come if he wants,” he said.

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sad commentary.
By Board Watcher (532), East Hampton on Jul 28, 09 11:30 PM
Darn computors! What I was writing before I mistakenly hit the "send" button was this:

Last I knew the "trusted accountant"/treasurer for the Democrat Committee was David Gruber who, despite spending vast amounts of his own monies on his campaign for Town Supervisor, lost that election some time ago. As a matter of fact, I'd like this reporter to investigate exactly how much money Mr. Gruber spent on his campaign because, I think, ironically, it comes close to the amount that Mr. McGintee ...more
By Board Watcher (532), East Hampton on Jul 28, 09 11:44 PM
Did anyone else pick up on this in the article?

"He also received a total of $8,000 in amounts of $1,000 each from eight different businesses with the same address in Glen Cove and one in Woodbury. Most of those businesses are summer camps run by the TLC Foundation, which is closely tied to Mr. Jacob’s family."

Wake Up People of Easthampton!!! This should be illegal. Can you read what's between the lines here? Mr. Zwirn is an up Island Hack who has to rely on the Party Chair ...more
By JackC574 (21), Southampton on Jul 29, 09 8:03 AM
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