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May 15, 2017 3:34 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

'Hills' Opponents Protest Outside Of Southampton Town Hall Monday

David Reisfield, Executive Director of the Long Island Environmental Voters Forum announced at Southampton Town Hall on Monday afternoon that the group is seeking pro-environmental candidates to run against Supervisor Jay Schneiderman unless he “stops the delays and brings ‘The Hills’ proposal to a vote.”    DANA SHAW
May 16, 2017 9:46 AM

Approximately two dozen opponents of “The Hills at Southampton,” a proposed luxury golf resort community targeting nearly 600 acres in East Quogue, held a rally outside of Southampton Town Hall on Monday urging the Town Board to reject the application, which requires its approval of a planned development district and looks to build 118 residential units, a clubhouse and an 18-hold golf course. Several protesters carried signs reading “Kill The Hills” and “Enough Is Enough.” Richard Amper, president of the Long Island Environmental Voters Forum, who helped organize the protest, said the time has come for the Town Board to reject the application. “If you can’t call ‘The Hills’ wrong for Southampton, you’re not qualified to serve in elective office,” Mr. Amper said. “If you can’t decide the matter, get out of the way and let somebody else decide the matter. The whole process has been a disgrace.” DANA SHAW PHOTOS

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Funny how most of the bozos from East Quogue live on less than a half acre and are against 120 houses built on 600 acres. Lol... Get a grip
By chief1 (2788), southampton on May 15, 17 6:47 PM
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Really, Chief? ". . . the bozos from East Quogue . ."? How to win friends and influence people.
By Turkey Bridge (1966), Quiogue on May 15, 17 8:48 PM
Dick Amper is right. Despite some overheated and inaccurate language in the press release announcing this event -- which language I'll ignore because it's not reported in this piece -- Mr. Amper is 100% right on the bottom line. I will take issue with his push on the timing, because the legal process has to play out, but in the end, I am with him when he says "If you can't call 'The Hills' wrong for Southampton, then you're not qualified to serve in elective office."

An extraordinarily ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1966), Quiogue on May 15, 17 8:46 PM
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... And, in which Southampton election district does M. Hissey vote? Oh, that's right, he doesn't.
By William Rodney (558), southampton on May 16, 17 6:26 AM
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Gents, you're both looking at this too narrowly and you both know better. Sure, Dick Amper lives outside Southampton Town, and so does Mark Hissey. In fact, that's the point exactly -- the Pine Barrens are far larger than Southampton Town, and so is the aquifer area.

That means the stakes are much higher than just a Southampton issue and that's why it's so very important. Much if not most of Long Island is involved here, so just about anyone who lives anywhere on Long Island can and ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1966), Quiogue on May 16, 17 9:02 AM
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... he started it.
By William Rodney (558), southampton on May 16, 17 9:06 AM
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Do we want nukes in EQ or not? November's election this year will be decided on one issue. Pesticides will be applied and supposedly will be contained by a liner under the greens. Really? We need more specific info on the pesticides, how they're applied and what happens to them afterwards. Will they build up in the soil forever? Leach eventually into groundwater? Questions the developer doesn't properly answer, they just deflect with promises.
By Taz (700), East Quogue on May 16, 17 9:55 AM
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You really need to examine the pertinent sections in the DEIS and then to read any subsequent comments in the FEIS by Dr. Martin Petrovic who is possibly the the world's foremost expert in Turf Science and Agronomy. The specific info you ask for is all there.

So, your speculation about deflections and lack of proper answers are utter nonsense.
By Mark Hissey (171), East Quogue on May 18, 17 10:14 PM
Build it in Arizona you nimbys!
Takes real guts to stand up & protest this .. congrats to the true community leaders doing so !!
By dave h (193), calverton on May 16, 17 11:41 AM
This zoning variance is worth more than $100 million to the developer. You can buy every vote on the Town Board for $20,000 and a turkey for Thanksgiving. This gets postponed until after next election, then approved in February. Fix is in, "last PDD", "better than existing zoning", "my hands are tied". Then the Supervisor runs for Congress with donations from Bloomberg and pals for fixing the other golf course question, blocking off Tuckahoe from locals avoiding traffic going to Easthampton ...more
By dfree (807), hampton bays on May 18, 17 8:46 AM
Would be wonderful if they accepted 'campaign contribution' funds and did NOT approve the course !! No one would ever hold that against them
By dave h (193), calverton on May 19, 17 7:10 PM
I haven't seen the public benefit from this project. Building a golf course that the vast majority will never use, surrounded by homes that are unattainable to most, over a delicate and vital part of the environment just doesn't make sense. This PDD application is for the benefit of a tiny segment of the community, and is pretty much the opposite of smart growth. As I've stated prior, there is no organic community demand for this model. It is a push strategy that imports the demand. Finally, has ...more
By Craigcat (256), Speonk on May 22, 17 9:36 AM
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