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Apr 18, 2017 3:44 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Pat Mansir Resigns Abruptly From East Hampton Town Trustees

Apr 18, 2017 4:41 PM

East Hampton Town Trustee Pat Mansir abruptly resigned from the board on Monday, saying that she has grown frustrated with the dynamics on the board and its agenda and discussions being dominated by certain members.

“I’m used to doing things and accomplishing things,” Ms. Mansir said on Tuesday. “But I can’t seem to get anything done on this board so I’m not going to sit there and take taxpayers’ money for nothing.”

Ms. Mansir said that she feels “political motives” of some members of the board have stifled discussion by other members and left the body as a whole foundering in its attempts to move its agenda forward.

“It’s not new, I tried to fix it,” she said. “I think there’s political motives there and it’s leading to some members of the board not being able to work effectively.”

Ms. Mansir was only 16 months into her first two-year term when she resigned. She had previously served 10 years on the Town Planning Board and was elected to three four-year terms on the Town Board before becoming a Trustee.

Trustee Francis Bock, the board’s president, or clerk, said that he was surprised by Ms. Mansir’s sudden resignation, though he had known of her dissatisfaction with other members of the board in recent months.

“I heard she may not run for reelection and I spoke to her about it and tried to encourage her to run again,” Mr. Bock said Tuesday. “But I didn’t anticipate her resigning like this. So I’m disappointed.”

Mr. Bock and Ms. Mansir were part of a Democratic Party wave of new Trustees that grabbed six of the nine seats on the board in the 2015 elections.

At the board’s first meeting Ms. Mansir was appointed one of two deputy clerks alongside Mr. Bock. But at the start of 2017 a vote of the board replaced her as deputy clerk with Trustee Rick Drew.

Mr. Bock said that more than one member of the board had “lost confidence” in Ms. Mansir’s handling of the oversight of a dredging project during which she had clashed with Trustee James Grimes, leading to the choice of Mr. Drew, also a Democrat, as deputy clerk.

All nine seats on the Trustees board are up for election again this year, and with Ms. Mansir’s resignation and Republican Trustee Tim Bock announcing he won’t run again, just seven incumbents will be seeking reelection.

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The Trustees are another political body -
Bring up Personal Water Craft ?
Defend our rights -- not -- while the newbies takeover here too ..
To continue the environmental takeover of our linerties and freedoms - good riddens - time to get some young blood - people who have alternative lifestyle choices -- Ms Mansir has never followed thru on local issues - to busy taking taxpayer money being a political party player .. Soon we won't know our town anymore - or the lifestyles we grew ...more
By Martin Drew (6), East Hampton on Apr 22, 17 9:43 AM
Mike Wright when will he report on the political corruption running wild ?
Where is our town recreation committee
respect acceptance tolerance assimilition - you know MIKE - the adult words preached so often ..
Peter Van Scoyac is liasion and could care less - now he wants Supe job -
what lies this time PETE - still eaiting on return of the leaf pick up orogram you promised for last wlection ..
Trust non of these FAKE$ - nothing but $ellout$ - to "The Agen(d)a .. start reporting ...more
By Martin Drew (6), East Hampton on Apr 22, 17 9:51 AM
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