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Jul 20, 2018 10:29 AMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Fundraisers Set To Benefit Gun Safety Group Moms Demand Action

Three local bands will perform at the Young Musicians Unite fundraiser held at Guild Hall on August 9th.      COURTESY GUILD HALL
Jul 24, 2018 2:42 PM

Yoga and music will come together in a two-part event to raise money for Moms Demand Action—a charitable wing of Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization devoted to solving the problem of gun violence in America. On Thursday, July 26, at 7 a.m., the first of two events will take place when Mandala Yoga Studios hosts 108 Sun Salutations, a community-oriented, hour-long session of yoga that will be held in the center of Amagansett Square. More than 20 yoga instructors based as far west as Southampton and as far east as Montauk will come together to teach the course, said Heidi Humes, retail and event director of Mandala Yoga, which is based in the square.

Though Ms. Humes said guests with yoga experience are encouraged to come, she also said that those who are not familiar with the practice are more than welcome to participate.

“This is a community-building event,” she said. “We want the market of people to represent a mandala of personality and roads of life.”

Ms. Humes added that in yoga, 108 is an auspicious number—one that represents celebration and bringing people together—and that is the reason for the precise number of sun salutations that will be practiced at the fundraiser.

Just two weeks later, on August 9 at 8 p.m., a second event to benefit Moms Demand Action will be held at Guild Hall in East Hampton—complete with speeches by distinguished guests, live music, food and beverage service and voter registration booths.

Michael Clark, who came up with the idea for the event in March and has since led its planning, said that proceeds from every facet of the fundraiser will go directly to Moms Demand Action.

Called Young Musicians Unite for Gun Sanity, the event will feature three local bands: The Sectionals, Earthreal and Big Karma. Speakers will include student activists, former New York City District Attorney Jackie Hilly and Paul Guttenberg, whose niece was a victim of the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“[The fundraiser] is not at all about taking somebody’s gun away,” said Mr. Clark. “We’re just trying to close loopholes … getting a gun should be at least as difficult as getting a driver’s license.” Mr. Clark also said that he has “never been an activist,” but instead “more of a moderate.” After the recent shooting in Parkland, however, he decided to take action.

The premise of the event, Mr. Clark said, is “to get everybody out to register to vote … We’re letting millennials know that you have the majority—if you vote, you’re going to get what you want.”

Of Moms Demand Action, Mr. Clark said the group is steadfastly committed to its goal of protecting children from gun violence. “Why not raise money for a group that has some clout?” he said.

Anna Skrenta, Suffolk County-East End Membership Lead of Moms Demand Action and Amagansett resident, said she could not be more grateful for Mr. Clark’s efforts to put together the event. “We are the very lucky benefactors of his hard work,” Ms. Skrenta said of Mr. Clark. She also expressed the sentiments that the issue of gun violence is on the minds of everyone—including schoolchildren—and that advocacy is more important now than ever.

“Our leaders failed us,” she said, “it’s important for us not to become complacent and to take action.”

Ms. Skrenta will also speak at the fundraiser.

Tickets for 108 Sun Salutations are priced between $5 and $500, while those for Young Musicians Unite for Gun Sanity are available for between $15 and $40. For more information on either event, visit mandalayoga.com/events or guildhall.org/events, respectively.

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"“[The fundraiser] is not at all about taking somebody’s gun away,” said Mr. Clark"

Of course they will have to take guns away from citizens to achieve his goals. Does anyone actually believe otherwise? Does anyone believe the activists are happy to "lock in" current gun ownership rates, when they claim that's what lies behind the violence they seek to end? It defies logic, and a long history of incrementalism proves this.

One common element of most anti-2nd Amendment ...more
By NateNewtown (99), east on Jul 24, 18 11:19 AM
2 members liked this comment
Explain to me how the 2nd amendment permits machine guns and semi-automatic assault weapons? Do you really need those to kill Bambi? The purpose of the 2nd amendment was to prevent the government from disarming militias, not to all every citizen to do target practice in their back yard with an assault rifle. It's time these sensible restrictions were put in place like in every other civilized country in the world.
By eagleeye (81), Sag Harbor on Jul 24, 18 11:45 AM
I'd be happy to explain. First, where did you get the idea that machine guns are legal? The incredible depth of ignorance such a statement makes clearly highlights how many people, like you, who have strong opinions like you operate on falsehoods and untruths. Machine guns have been banned for nearly 50 years.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was made clear by the founders who wrote it. It has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting, hardly endeavors that rise to the level of requiring ...more
Jul 24, 18 12:07 PM appended by NateNewtown
(Yes, I see the typos in the first paragraph). According to the vast majority of Constitutional scholars and courts, "Militia" in 1770 did not mean what it does now. It referred to every able bodied male citizen who reached the age of majority. "Well Regulated" did not, in 1700s parlance, mean "regulations" as we understand the term now. It simply meant "functioning" or "working properly", which was a reference to the obligation of able bodied male citizens to protect their communities.
By NateNewtown (99), east on Jul 24, 18 12:07 PM
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Are there not legally-owned machine guns in civilian hands? You know better.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8057), HAMPTON BAYS on Jul 24, 18 12:28 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By MoronEliminator (215), Montauk on Jul 24, 18 12:38 PM
Unrestricted, as I believe nate is referring in response to the inference made by eagle, no.
By Po Boy (5103), Water Mill on Jul 24, 18 12:39 PM
"It has to do with the fundamental right to protect oneself, including collectively against a tyrannical government that may arise"

Okay - you don't need magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. You don't need a gun that is "SEMI-AUTOMATIC" Which is legal.

Will laws and restrictions help? Probably not...but something has to be done - children are dying and while the gun isn't to blame, the people who are obtaining them (legally or otherwise) are, and we need to do something. ...more
By Polandspring (96), Southampton on Jul 24, 18 12:53 PM
Not only do you have no business telling others what they need and trampled many on the rights under the 2nd amendment in the process, my personal problem with your summary is while you accurately identify that restrictions won't work since only the law abiding follow them, my apparent lack of brain/heart says the fundamental problem has been misidentified as a gun problem, and not a society problem.
By Po Boy (5103), Water Mill on Jul 24, 18 1:36 PM
1 member liked this comment
Pardon me, but you don't need the internet. You don't need a car. You don't need 27east.com. Lets ban all those things! As long as we are banging things we don't "need" lets ban all food expcept for bread and water! Brilliant thinking!

"Don't need a semi-automatic" Wut? A semi-automatic gun is pretty much every gun except bolt-action, wheelgun, or single-shot. Just come out and say what you really want to but you know is a horrible idea that no one supports: you want to ban all guns because ...more
By TrueHamptons (33), Sag Harbor on Jul 24, 18 1:48 PM
Po: where did you get "unrestricted" from eagle's comment?

The fact is that there are legally-owned fully-automatic weapons in civilian hands, contrary to Nate's assertion that there aren't.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8057), HAMPTON BAYS on Jul 25, 18 9:48 AM
"Explain to me how the 2nd amendment permits *[unrestricted]* machine guns and semi-automatic assault weapons?"

It's easy to see how the liberty can be taken from the statement. Eagle asserts the essence of the unrestriction. I fully get nate's statement in reply to eagles assertion.

Jul 25, 18 10:49 AM appended by Po Boy
You probably don't understand the use of parentheticals, but I added the loosely formed parenthetical *[unrestricted]* to eagle's original statement for effect....LMAO.
By Po Boy (5103), Water Mill on Jul 25, 18 10:49 AM
But it DOESN'T permit unrestricted machine guns and semi-automatic assault weapons.

You're starting with the assumption that Eagle was outright wrong rather than assume they were specifically talking about legally-owned machine guns and assault weapons?

I suppose that's your choice, but I hope Eagle clarifies your confusion.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8057), HAMPTON BAYS on Jul 25, 18 10:57 AM
Sigh...Don't tell me what I'm starting with...cuz you've been 100% wrong every time.

I've placed no attribution to right or wrong to either eagle or nate. I simply responded with "no" to your question based on an inference to the unrestricted nature, which you even agree with.

Attribution to right or wrong is all on you.
By Po Boy (5103), Water Mill on Jul 25, 18 12:22 PM
You read the word "unrestricted" where it wasn't typed.

The FACT is that the 2nd amendment allows the legal ownership of machine guns.

Go pound sand about it.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8057), HAMPTON BAYS on Jul 26, 18 7:19 AM
Remove "machine guns" whether restricted or unrestricted and my comment still stands. These weapons were never intended for civilian use and the 2nd amendment was never intended to arm civilians with weapons of mass casualties. I love that people are willing to ignore the fact that gun laws enacted in many other countries have resulted in a massive drop in gun deaths. I guess it's just the US where this wouldn't work, because we have become the Land of Entitlement.
By eagleeye (81), Sag Harbor on Jul 26, 18 11:32 AM
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Most gun control activists actually know nothing about guns, in my experience with them. They should take the time to learn about them before attempting to impose controls.
By Taz (700), East Quogue on Jul 24, 18 12:16 PM
I'll take some of what the guy to the right has.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Jul 24, 18 12:27 PM
Welp, I know where I won't be going and spending my money on.

The attacks against the 2nd amendment are fierce and without logic. Thankfully we are very close to having a Supreme Court that backs common sense and the 2nd amendment. It'll be a great day when NY's unconstitutional gun laws are revoked.
By TrueHamptons (33), Sag Harbor on Jul 24, 18 1:39 PM
Sounds like a great event for a worthy cause. Here's hoping for a great turnout!
By johnj (1019), Westhampton on Jul 24, 18 2:05 PM
Truhamptons and po boy
Where do I even start? First of all your redneck attitude toward your guns needs to be checked
Second – you are absolutely right! You don’t need the internet or a car…or wait for it…a GUN. No need at all. YOU WANT a gun. You WANT unlimited rounds. You WANT them and you are hiding behind a centuries old document that was written when we were using muskets. Now we have a weapons far more dangerous than we use to. If you can’t admit that, ...more
By Polandspring (96), Southampton on Jul 25, 18 8:49 AM
First, what would you call Rosa Parks efforts not to sit in the back of the bus, I wonder.

Second, oh, I see, you're "one of those" who thinks the God given Rights afforded in the Constitution are old and outdated and along with it, all the moronic analogies - muskets, i.e. - even if muskets were the only firearm available at the time and the the technology possessed by the tyrannical government that was defeated. No where in the Constitution is any credence given to technology or ease ...more
By Po Boy (5103), Water Mill on Jul 25, 18 10:43 AM
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God-given? "On the sixth day he invented the six-shooter" lol.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8057), HAMPTON BAYS on Jul 25, 18 10:48 AM
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I knew that would break the Left out in hives. Thanks Fore, I knew I could count on you. I happen to see life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as gifts from God...and yes....a firearm as nothing more than the tool it is, to play it's part in that.

By Po Boy (5103), Water Mill on Jul 25, 18 10:56 AM
This explains so much. "God-given".
You don't have an argument 'po boy'
While we agree that something has to be done about PEOPLE (we agree there so calm down), something also has to be done about the access to the guns. Yet again, I will state - that you don't NEED a gun capable of shooting more than a few rounds at a time. Protection? One shot (if you know how to use it (and yes - I do know how to use them), so under 10 rounds is PLENTY for any gun.
I grew up in Maine - my high ...more
By Polandspring (96), Southampton on Jul 25, 18 11:14 AM
Ok, access to guns...control...what do you propose for 300 million already in the hands of the law abiding? How do we control them?

So you've limited to 10 rounds... what if there are 11 people? By my math, that's one short. Here lies Polandspring...who wishes he had one more round. Seems that is a need. Or...what is you miss? PLENTY? I think not.

Criminals don't follow regulations. New laws won't stop mass shootings. The laws in NY are nothing more than feel good security theater.
By Po Boy (5103), Water Mill on Jul 25, 18 12:30 PM
The Constitution does not mention the word "God". More "right wing" fantasy.

Any reference to a deity is purposefully generic.
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Jul 26, 18 6:24 AM
No one is being asked to give up their rights!! This is an irrational fear stemmed from a place of insecurity. The article mentioned "guns should at least be as hard to get as a drivers license" a gun is equally as dangerous as a moving vehicle, can we all agree on that? Why aren't we regulating guns as efficiently as we are our vehicles?
By Kbcorwith (1), Water Mill on Jul 26, 18 4:16 AM
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a firearm is only dangerous when loaded, the safety is off and the trigger is pulled. Driving a car is a privilege, owning a firearm is a RIGHT.
By bigfresh (4594), north sea on Jul 26, 18 6:29 AM
1 member liked this comment
Only an absolute idiot would believe the U.S. armed forces would turn on the populace.

More bull**** as usual.
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Jul 26, 18 9:20 PM
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Automatic weapons have been illegal since 1986 moron.
By chief1 (2790), southampton on Jul 27, 18 9:07 PM
Machine guns are NFA items that can be purchased legally.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8057), HAMPTON BAYS on Jul 27, 18 9:59 PM
Those gun safety moms are...um...pretty.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Jul 28, 18 11:20 AM
Moms Demand Action—a charitable wing of Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization devoted to solving the problem of gun violence in America.
Founded and financed by Billionaire Michael Bloomberg.
Say no more.......
By WEK (12), southampton on Aug 3, 18 8:40 AM
Wek, every republican in the house and senate , funded by the NRA. Say no more.
By Fred s (3197), Southampton on Aug 3, 18 8:48 AM