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Oct 26, 2018 3:30 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

East Hampton Village Roundabout Completed

The finished roundabout on Buell Lane.  ELIZABETH VESPE
Oct 29, 2018 4:24 PM

After two years of planning and construction, the roundabout at the intersection of Buell Lane and Toilsome Lane in East Hampton, called “Five Corners,” is finished.

“It’s been a long, drawn-out saga, but the work has been completed,” East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. summed up at an October 19 meeting of the Village Board.

The Garden Club of East Hampton and the Ladies Village Improvement Society plan to add flowers, shrubs and grasses, Mr. Rickenbach said.

At the meeting, Drew Bennett, the village engineer who developed the plan, requested an additional $235,000 for completed odds and ends that had not been included in the original plan.

Additional paving on Toilsome Lane North, which the board had requested in April 2017, cost approximately $120,000 extra, Mr. Bennett said. To pass weekly inspections by the State Department of Transportation, the project also required temporary striping, the correction of defective drains, and the construction of several temporary lanes of asphalt, which cost about $70,000. Miscellaneous expenses for asphalt, excavation, seeding, topsoil and streetlights added up to $72,000.

The roundabout cost a total of $1.6 million, with $800,000 granted by the state, and the rest bonded by the village.

“Yesterday, we received our quarterly notice from the state … there are additional funds that have trickled down from the government,” Rebecca Molinaro Hansen, the village administrator, said at the meeting. “It will cut today’s change order in half.”

Originally, the state funded $700,000 for the improvement, but, as of October 18, it had granted an extra $100,000.

“We still have some planting to do, and we have to go through one final Department of Transportation inspection,” Mr. Bennett told the board. Although the DOT has inspected the roundabout several times, he said, there are always a few loose ends pointed out at the final inspection.

In the summer of 2016, village officials awaited permission from the DOT to proceed with their plans to redesign what they deemed a hazardous intersection at Five Corners, where Buell Lane, Route 114, Toilsome Lane, Buell Lane Extension and Highway Behind the Lots all converge.

Mayor Rickenbach noted that the DOT may add speed bumps adjacent to the roundabout: “People are just accelerating as they head north on Route 114 and Buell Lane, and that’s problematic.”

“I think the roundabout works really well, and I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback,” said Rose Brown, a Village Board member.

“It’s one of the segues into our beautiful village,” Mr. Rickenbach added.

Also on October 19, the Village Board approved a proposal to pay $45,646 to Long Island Mason & Concrete to restore sidewalks and curbing on sections of Toilsome Lane, Park Place, Gingerbread Lane, Mill Hill Lane, Race Lane, Pantigo Road, Hither Lane and the Schenck parking lot.

According to Scott Fithian, the superintendent of public works for the village, “We are replacing damaged sidewalk panels at various locations.” The sidewalks have been damaged by trees heaving during high winds, vehicles driving or parking on them, freezing temperatures, and water buildup in low areas.

A new section of sidewalk will be constructed from Buell Lane Extension to Meadow Way on the west side of Toilsome Lane to connect the sidewalk that currently extends to Montauk Highway.

According to Ms. Hansen, the sidewalk restoration will begin in mid-November.

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In all honesty I never felt this was a problematic intersection and what was done is overkill. (Plus not being able to make a left from Buell Ln to Hwy Behind the Lots/Toilsome is now really annoying.) It makes me sad that $1.6m was spent on this that could have been spent on something more worthwhile.
By dunes (11), East Hampton on Nov 1, 18 11:36 AM
Now drivers have to learn how to navigate the round-about (or rotary as we called them growing up in Massachusetts!) I was in the circle the other day when a car coming from Toilsome Lane drove right thru, not yielding to my car which was in the circle.
By sharon tompkins (5), east hampton on Nov 1, 18 12:17 PM
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