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Sep 2, 2019 9:44 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

East Hampton Town Trustee Dell Cullum Tells Supporters, 'If You Love Me, Don't Vote For Me'

East Hampton Town Trustee Dell Cullum.   MICHAEL WRIGHT
Sep 3, 2019 12:20 PM

East Hampton Town Trustee Dell Cullum announced this week that he does not wish to be reelected to the Board of Trustees in this fall’s election, even though his name will be on the ballot.

Mr. Cullum, who was elected as a Trustee in 2017 and will finish his term in December, said in a note to supporters on Facebook this week that he was withdrawing from the race. He said it was because he believes his main issue, the placement of garbage cans on the ocean beaches, has been addressed sufficiently — and that he was frustrated with the politics of the Trustees.

“After not much thought at all, I have decided to remove myself from the political arena following the end of my term this year,” Mr. Cullum said in a note to supporters on Facebook. “In other words, I’M NOT RUNNING FOR TRUSTEE AGAIN. I’m done with politics from the inside; however, since I’m already on a variety of tickets, my very first campaign slogan will be my last, and that is, ‘If You Love Me, DON’T Vote for Me.’

“Although I’m honored to have your support, my needs and my sanity are far more important than what you folks think you need from me,” he added. “You can’t put me at a table with a majority of fools and expect me to produce anything good. Let me loose on the outside of the table and I’m in control and I make things happen.”

Mr. Cullum was elected to the board on the Democratic line but was not nominated by the party this year. He was nominated by the Independence Party and will be on the November ballot on that party’s line.

He had also been one of the nominees of the Fusion Party, a minor party created just for this year’s election by supporters of the Independence Party candidates, who are a mix of Democratic, Republican and politically unaffiliated candidates. But the slate was thrown out by the Suffolk County Board of Elections, because none of the nominated candidates filed the requisite acceptance letters.

Mr. Cullum has also been embroiled in the investigation by the Suffolk County district attorney’s office into the placement of recording devices in the Trustees offices in Amagansett earlier this year.

“I’m really disappointed to hear this,” Independence Party Chairwoman Elaine Jones said this week when told of Mr. Cullum’s decision. “He was really a good Trustee. It’s a shame to lose a good person because of politics.”


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