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Oct 5, 2015 11:03 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Zeldin Reflects On Boehner's Resignation And What Is Necessary To Move Forward

Oct 6, 2015 8:00 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin, like many other Republicans, is convinced that the resignation of John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, leaves the party with a chance to accomplish more than it could have with him in power.

Mr. Boehner, who was largely seen as weak to conservative Republicans because they thought he often caved in to President Barack Obama’s policy requests and legislation, served in Congress for 25 years.

“His retirement presents an opportunity to the party and Congress to become stronger and have a greater ability to accomplish more,” Mr. Zeldin said, adding that, ultimately, new legislation would depend on who assumes his position and how that individual does his job.

Although Mr. Zeldin has not endorsed anyone for Speaker of the House, he said he would look for such qualities as good leadership and someone who could communicate effectively with colleagues, Congress and the American public.

“Someone who is good on their feet, intelligent, understands the legislative process very well and tactically knows how to navigate it very effectively to ensure that policy vision is being implemented,” Mr. Zeldin said as he described his ideal candidate. He added that a leader cannot be reserved.

Mr. Zeldin recently endorsed Representative Trey Gowdy for House Majority Leader, as the current leader, Kevin McCarthy, is a leading candidate for Speaker of the House, which would leave his position vacant.

After his endorsement, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a statement arguing that Mr. Zeldin does not identify with residents who live on Long Island, as he has supported defunding Planned Parenthood and has endorsed extremist leaders. Representative Gowdy is known for his investigation into the Benghazi attack and his support of a bill that would allow the House of Representatives to sue the President if it disagreed with how he enforced a law.

“Speaker Boehner’s resignation is a clear sign that the Republican Party is broken, thanks in part to House Republicans like Congressman Lee Zeldin who cozy up to extreme fringe groups and leaders rather than govern responsibly and looking out for the best interest of Long Island families,” Bryan Lesswing, the northeast regional press secretary for the DCCC said on Friday.

Mr. Zeldin explained that it is most frustrating that the Republican Party right now is unable get legislation passed in both houses of Congress. In the House of Representatives, it is relatively easy, because there are 237 Republicans and there only needs to be 218 votes to get a bill passed. However, in the Senate, there are only 54 Republicans where 60 votes are needed to bring a bill to a vote.

“I believe that the Senate needs to revisit the filibuster rules, especially as it relates to appropriations,” Mr. Zeldin said. “We in the House have passed hundreds of bills addressing so many different topics since January that haven’t been voted on in the Senate, they haven’t been sent to the President’s desk for his action.”

“I am not looking for a unicorn to become the next President or next Speaker,” Mr. Zeldin said. “We just have to find the individual who is the best leader who has a clear vision and goal and ability to move our country in a better direction.”

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As usual both candidates are bad choices. McCarthy appears verbally illiterate and Chafetz clearly doesn't have the temperament for the position.
By harbor (411), East Hampton on Oct 5, 15 11:07 AM
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Whose your choice? Maybe they should ask pelosi?
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Oct 5, 15 7:25 PM
Can't wait to the next election!
By Jimion (129), Hampton Bays on Oct 5, 15 5:05 PM
While Mr Zeldin seemed positively reasonable when he ran for his seat he has since shown himself to be an over the top right wing crackpot more interested in representing the right wing of Israel than the people of eastern LI. While I was sick of Bishop and happy to see him go, I am now reminded of the saying "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it". Zeldin - one term and out.
By bird (824), Sag Harbor on Oct 5, 15 7:25 PM
I can't believe you didn't see that coming!
By metsfan2 (161), southampton on Oct 5, 15 7:29 PM
By bird (824), Sag Harbor on Oct 5, 15 7:39 PM
How exactly has Zeldin shown less interest in representing the people of eastern LI? He sits on multiple committees and subcommittees and is engaged on the issues both locally, nationally and internationally - and yes, some of which have involved priority issues to a long standing allie in light of an administration that at times has seemed adversarial with that allie. Did you forget Tim Bishop too was a member of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus?

I submit that Zeldin remains reasonable ...more
By Mr. Snerdley (397), Southampton on Oct 5, 15 10:21 PM
Mr Zeldin's support of Trey Gowdy for Speaker tells you everything you need to know. Trey Gowdy - extremist right wing crackpot whose sole purpose in life is to spend endless taxpayer dollars on endless going nowhere hearings of anything Democrat for the sole purpose of trying to tear down the Democrat party. A guy with nothing to offer and no solutions to anything.

As for Bishop, no I didn't forget as you can read from my post above I was happy to see him go. Every time he said "You can't ...more
By bird (824), Sag Harbor on Oct 6, 15 9:31 AM
Speaker Boehner ... fundamentally misunderstands the role of speaker of the House of Representatives. The speaker's first priority must be to defend the institution on behalf of all Americans. While the speaker may have a role in policy debates, that role cannot trump his obligation to uphold House process. - via Justin Amash

We need a speaker who understands the job description.

By susgeek (41), Speonk on Oct 5, 15 10:32 PM
Keep up the great work Congressman Zeldin. The vast majority of your constituents think your doing an excellent job representing us in Washington.
By BillWillConn3 (180), Southampton on Oct 5, 15 10:33 PM
Vast majority? Hardly...
By metsfan2 (161), southampton on Oct 6, 15 9:55 AM
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By Biba (564), East Hampton on Oct 6, 15 7:17 AM
Lee Zeldin betrayed his country by colluding with the Likud Party of Israel to smear President Obama with false charges of financial manipulation of the Israeli election in order to weaken the president's authority in negotiating the Iranian nuclear agreement. His disloyalty should mandate his expulsion from the House.

Those Right-Wingers who approve of his behavior will defend him regardless. However, realizing that his treachery is unpalatable to most Americans, they will ignore his ...more
By highhatsize (4185), East Quogue on Oct 6, 15 8:39 AM
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Thank you for your comments.
By metsfan2 (161), southampton on Oct 6, 15 9:56 AM
"Lee Zeldin betrayed his country by colluding with the Likud Party of Israel to smear President Obama with false charges of financial manipulation"

Didn't Zeldin merely co-sign a letter asking the IRS Commissioner for in inquiry into allegations of inappropriate political activities by tax exempt groups stemming from media reports?

Yes, I do approve of this behavior for it holds elected officials and government programs accountable!
By Po Boy (5104), Water Mill on Oct 6, 15 10:49 AM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Biba (564), East Hampton on Oct 7, 15 8:28 AM
to Po Boy:


"Yes, I do approve of this behavior ..."

We already know that. The only requirement that such behavior need meet for Right-Wing approbation is that it disparages our president. Even the fact that it is treacherous behavior by a U.S. Congressman in the service of a foreign power is irrelevant. The Right-Wing has no better a concept of loyalty than it does of shame.

Lee Zeldin was the delivery boy for a plot ...more
By highhatsize (4185), East Quogue on Oct 7, 15 9:04 AM
Breathe hat... breathe. This is of course, your opinion.

Reasoned people will readily sift through that rabid verbal concoction.
Oct 7, 15 3:08 PM appended by Po Boy
Hey, did by chance see Representative Zeldin was recognized by The Nature Conservancy with “Supporter of Nature” Award on October 6th? "“Congressman Zeldin has been a key supporter of nature by fighting for the health and conservation of New York’s lands and waters,” said Jessica Ottney Mahar, Director of Government Relations for The Nature Conservancy in New York."“We are so grateful for his support, since protecting our natural resources is so critical to our economy, our heritage and our way of life. Congressman Zeldin has advocated for the preservation of Plum Island, the restoration of Long Island Sound, and the reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, recognizing how important these bi-partisan priorities are for future generations of Long Islanders.” Press Release.
By Po Boy (5104), Water Mill on Oct 7, 15 3:08 PM
So HHS lets say the Muslims get what they want in the Middle East which is Israel annihilated . What's next for America ? And please explain to me how the Muslim Brotherhood works ... I'm so confused.
And let's be clear , this comment is on topic. Because Zeldin is being attacked because of his support for Israel. And if people can attack him for that , I should be able to post my support Thank you
By Biba (564), East Hampton on Oct 8, 15 10:15 PM
to Biba:

First of all, let me make it clear that no one is suggesting that Israel should be left on its own to defend itself against Middle-East Muslims, regardless of the legitimacy of its occupancy.

While one honors the principle of self-determination, one must realize, in light of the pronouncements of neighboring Muslim states, that the transformation of Israel into a state legitimately ruled by the indigenous population would result in atrocities, absent authoritarian control.

For ...more
By highhatsize (4185), East Quogue on Oct 8, 15 11:26 PM
Larry Millers thoughts on "palestine " .....

The Peel Commission

The Muslim Brotherhood : Hating Jews since 1928 , long before we could blame Americas foreign policy.....

Aish.com -Israel's right to the land.....

Testimony of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem , Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini January 12,1937 ( that land was not stolen)

I support Zeldin and America !!!!!!!!
By Biba (564), East Hampton on Oct 9, 15 11:06 AM
Perhaps people should also look up Miko Peled, grandson of one of the signers of Israel’s Declaration of Independence and son of a prominent Israeli general. His book, The General’s Son, fully exposes the zionists ongoing genocide and methodical ethnic cleansing, all with the full support of US politicians.
By bird (824), Sag Harbor on Oct 10, 15 4:35 PM
"American politicians must begin to pay attention to the well-being of their country and their constituents rather than to the interests of those who fund their political campaigns."

Which American politician is receiving foreign funding for political campaigns let alone not paying attention to the well being of their country and constituents? That's a lofty allegation!
Oct 9, 15 3:44 PM appended by Po Boy
Ever hear of the Foreign Agents Registration Act? It bans Foreign Nationals (ie, governments, foreign political parties, foreign corporation, etc) from making such contributions.
By Po Boy (5104), Water Mill on Oct 9, 15 3:44 PM
to Po Boy:


"Which American politician is receiving foreign funding for political campaigns[?]"

Tell us, Po Boy. You are the first to make the allegation.



"Which American politician is ... not paying attention to the well being of their (sic) country and constituents?"

That ...more
By highhatsize (4185), East Quogue on Oct 9, 15 5:20 PM
Ted Cruz Is Rising in Polls despite Trump - Political Outcast

Ted Cruz is the most underestimated candidate in the 2016 Republican feild, Cruz is rising in the polls and attracting more attention
By 27dan (2817), Shinnecock Hills on Oct 14, 15 7:28 AM
Get over your self Hat
By bigfresh (4594), north sea on Oct 10, 15 4:59 PM
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Rep. Lee Zeldin Announces Over $990K in Funding for The Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative October 3, 2015 Press Release

Hauppauge, NY– Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, C – Shirley) today announced $999,999 in funding for The Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative, a program run by The Retreat Inc., which is based in East Hampton.

The Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative, based in Hauppauge, seeks to provide assistance to low-income and at-risk fathers in an effort to prevent ...more
By Po Boy (5104), Water Mill on Oct 11, 15 9:57 PM
Good press release, Lee. We can't help but note, however, that the amount of money that actually comes from the federal government is omitted, as is the role you played (if any) in getting it.

We know that you are ethically opposed to asking for money from the feds but we have some problems out here that are going to take big bucks to remediate (e.g. septic waste pollution of our watershed.)

We look forward to a press release announcing a program that actually helps our community ...more
By highhatsize (4185), East Quogue on Oct 14, 15 10:44 AM
Well at least we now know your position on low-income families, domestic violence and the family unit.

See previously noted Press Release for Representative Zeldin's environmental accomplishments as noted by The Nature Conservancy and his “Supporter of Nature” Award presented to him on October 6th.
By Po Boy (5104), Water Mill on Oct 14, 15 5:23 PM
no thanks we dont need federal $
By Erin 27 E (1263), hampton bays on Oct 14, 15 6:33 PM

Despite a full-on, five-day promotional rehabilitation campaign for Hillary Clinton courtesy of NBC News; despite all of the media piling on Ben Carson The Scary Black Man Who Preaches Self-Reliance; despite the media’s ongoing hate campaign to paint Donald Trump as a racist, a new Fox News poll shows that both men are handily beating Ms. Clinton.

In fact, despite the media’s ongoing campaign to tar the Republican Party as a whole as extreme and incompetent, ...more
By 27dan (2817), Shinnecock Hills on Oct 13, 15 7:59 PM

Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
The debate last night proved that Hillary is running against the “B” team. She won’t be so lucky when it comes to me!
12:31 PM - 14 Oct 2015
Oct 14, 15 4:54 PM appended by 27dan
Actually, only Democrats are sick and tired of hearing about Clinton’s e-mails They are sick & tired of hearing about the e-mails becuse DEMOCRATS are pretty much locked into having this evil, disgusting hag for their NOMINEE. And if e-mails are even an ISSUE, then they LOSE. HILLARY broke the Law!!! Hillary's actions were in direct violation of Title 18 U.S. Code § 1924-- "Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material;" as well as Title 18 U.S. Code § 793-- "Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information." The former chief U.S. prosecutor has begun giving interviews recently in which he says that he's performed a legal review of Hillary's exposure in the e-mail debacle, & based on HER OWN STATEMENTS he thinks there's a prima facie case to be made that she violated as many as 15 federal statutes, many of them FELONIES, including the 2 mentioned above. Title 18 U.S. Code § 1924-- "(a) Whoever, being an officer, employee, contractor, or consultant of the United States, and, by virtue of his office, employment, position, or contract, becomes possessed of documents or materials containing classified information of the United States, knowingly removes such documents or materials without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both." Hillary did EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THAT. ...but she says didn't send or receive anything that was marked classified. WHAT DIFERANCE DOES THAT MAKE!!! None not the SLIGHTEST!!! Her e-mails COULD NOT have been marked classified, b/c she sent & received them OUTSIDE OF THE OFFICIAL GOV'T. ELECTRONIC ENVIRONMENT THAT WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR SO MARKING THEM!!! Even if Obama pardons her & Hillary never sees a day in court-- which is LIKELY-- anyone who votes for this evil, disgusting, CRIMINAL candidate is a self serving POS.
By 27dan (2817), Shinnecock Hills on Oct 14, 15 4:54 PM
By PhilStill Here (1)

By joe hampton (3429), southampton on Oct 14, 15 7:15 PM
I tried to watch dis boring nonsense, but I could only watch a few minutes ,That wuz the whitest group of candidate I seen in a long time. All old, all white, all not a new idea in the bunch. bernie won the debate bigtime, but he is so OLD I thought he might just die of old age while we watched. CNN and Anderson cooper did all they could to help Hillary . They where all scared to attack her for her lies and criminal activity. Overall it was just Very White, Very Old, and very Boring!
Oct 14, 15 8:11 PM appended by local 84
i found this two be the most interesting thing cnn is hiding this facts look it up fo yourselves ---CNN’s Facebook Poll Shows Sen. Sanders As The Winner Of A Majority Of Debate Issues
By local 84 (348), riverhead on Oct 14, 15 8:11 PM
Clinton did not know what to do when Anderson Cooper asked about all her many Flip-Flops, Cooper: "Will You Say Anything To Get Elected?"

And just so you know "All lives matter" !
By Undocumented Democrat (2042), southampton on Oct 14, 15 8:18 PM
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Washington: Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin will be interviewed Friday by the House Benghazi Committee in a closed session in the Capitol,

The appearance comes six days before her boss, the former secretary of state and current Democratic presidential candidate, delivers much-anticipated public testimony before the committee.
By joe hampton (3429), southampton on Oct 14, 15 8:36 PM
Phil, By the morning this will all seem like a dream as you are once again erased from this forum and your radical partisan opinions will once again be left to rattle around in your empty head.
Oct 15, 15 11:42 PM appended by They call me
See, Its like you were never here. STAY CALM AND ERASE PHIL
By They call me (2797), southampton on Oct 14, 15 11:42 PM
No sorry,
Phil, Your opinions are no longer allowed here!

Oct 14, 15 5:58 PM appended by They call me
By They call me (1302), southampton on Oct 14, 15 5:58 PM
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joe hampton,27dan,Undocumented Democrat,dnice,Erin 27 E ,marlinspike,widow gavits
By They call me (2797), southampton on Oct 15, 15 8:52 AM
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Did you hear about Trump shopping in a Muslim book store? The owner asked Trump if he needed some help and he said, "Yes, I am looking for my book on anti-immigration". The Muslim owner of the bookstore said loudly, "Get out of here! Get out right now!". Trump replied, "Yea, that's the one - got it in paperback?
Oct 15, 15 9:04 AM appended by 27dan
In retort, the Muslim says "I'll keeeeel you now!" To which Trump replies - I already have a Koran, thanks.
By 27dan (2817), Shinnecock Hills on Oct 15, 15 9:04 AM
Surely you joke!
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Oct 15, 15 10:36 AM

do you remember when people used to do that ?
Oct 15, 15 1:37 PM appended by 27dan
Surly you are over 35 and remember when people used to laugh once in a while and not always have to be so PC
By 27dan (2817), Shinnecock Hills on Oct 15, 15 1:37 PM
she seems to be one of the ones around here who enjoy being uber pc
By Erin 27 E (1263), hampton bays on Oct 15, 15 5:23 PM
It was absolutely pitiful that only Webb stated clearly that ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!! What a bunch of feckless, spineless, weaklings lacking in any character whatsoever. Talk about pandering, oy!
By bigfresh (4594), north sea on Oct 15, 15 4:34 PM
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cooper did not even ask hillary the qestion the same way he boxed in the others with it.
By Erin 27 E (1263), hampton bays on Oct 15, 15 5:09 PM