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May 3, 2011 4:08 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

East Hampton Town Weighs 'Carry In, Carry Out' Policy

May 3, 2011 4:28 PM

Beachgoers and hikers might notice something a little different about East Hampton Town’s public places this summer: instead of garbage cans, there could be signs encouraging people to carry out what they carry in.

The East Hampton Town Board is considering a policy that would require people to take their garbage with them when they leave selected beaches and preserves rather than throw it away in public waste receptacles.

If the Town Board approves the policy when it meets on Thursday evening, people will not be allowed to dispose of garbage in 28 public areas starting as soon as this summer, and possibly more sites in the future. Any waste they bring into the locations they will be required to take with them when they leave and dispose of elsewhere.

If the policy is approved, Parks and Building Maintenance Department employees would remove garbage cans from the designated areas and put up signs advising people to take their garbage out with them. Some of the areas, like certain road end beaches, have garbage cans, while others, like some preserves, do not.

In places where there are currently no garbage cans, the policy would be put in place to encourage people to not litter, according to Councilman Pete Hammerle, who crafted the proposal with the help of various town employees and presented it at a work session Tuesday.

“The concept is the way you found it is the way you leave it,” said Mr. Hammerle, who also said he is aiming to have the signs in place by the July 4 weekend.

Mr. Hammerle said the policy would allow Parks and Building Maintenance Department employees to focus on removing garbage from busy areas, like some of the ocean beaches, as well as discourage people from littering. He said the idea came from his trips to Vermont, which he said has instituted the policy in its parks.

“Access areas to some of the lakes didn’t have garbage pickup and yet everything was immaculately clean,” Mr. Hammerle said.

Most of the 28 areas on the pilot list are not-so-busy road end beaches and preserves where town employees have had to pick up litter, Mr. Hammerle said. Others are the sites of town garbage cans that have become depositories for household garbage.

Town employees would closely monitor the selected sites early on to make sure the policy is working as planned, so instant cost savings would be limited, Mr. Hammerle said. The list of sites could be altered if the policy does not work in certain places, he said, and the program could expand or contract as needed.

The policy would require the town printing 43 signs at $30 per sign, according to Mr. Hammerle.

“Down the line it could not only save us some money, but it will allow the Parks Department to focus on those heavy beach areas that could probably use a lot more garbage removal,” he said.

When told that Sammis Beach is proposed to be part of the pilot program, resident Beverley Bond said she has been cleaning up litter on the beach for 17 years and expressed concerns that she would have no place to dispose of it if the town removed the site’s garbage can. Mr. Hammerle said the town would work out a way to pick up the litter she collected.

As it stands, the Parks Department collects waste from 301 garbage cans at 80 locations, said Mr. Hammerle, who worked with Superintendent of Recreation John Rooney, Town Maintenance Supervisor Tony Littman, Land Management Specialist Scott Wilson and Senior Environmental Analyst Andy Gaites on the proposal.

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What a terrible idea!! Can't wait to see more litter on the beach.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on May 4, 11 7:38 PM
Areas in Vermont were immaculately clean? This is the Hamptons...filled with people from NYC and NJ. Is hamerlee delusional. Put the signs up if you want but please keep the garbage cans and enforce fines for littering. Keep our town and beaches clean
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on May 4, 11 7:44 PM
Although this is the start of a great "idea" - Mr. Hammerle- who won't be here after November (as if he is "here" now) has said "The Town will work out a way to pick up the litter {that people now} voluntarily collect". ??? Talk about empty promises from an empty seat . . . to (hopefully for the Dems) be filled with more Democrats of the same ilk? Must be an election year . . . the devil is in the details.... but he will go out "leafing" that - pun intended - to the taxpayers to figure out -- thanks ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on May 4, 11 9:37 PM
Horrible idea! There are way too many lazy people who can't seem to make it to the garbage cans as it is. Take the cans away from those responsible enough to use them and this will make the problem fifty times worse. Plus, there is no comparison between our tourists and those who visit Vermont. Vermont is overall blessed with laid back travellers who actually care about the place they're visiting, unlike the hustle and bustle partiers we are stuck with, who expect others to clean up after them ...more
By YesYesBub (58), East Hampton on May 5, 11 1:02 PM
This is laughable
By ADAMSG (53), EAST QUOGUE on May 5, 11 2:21 PM
Guaranteed more litter. People will bury their garbage in the sand like beer bottles, etc. Where is the logic in this? Dirty beaches will save money?
By Non-Political (124), Hampton Bays on May 5, 11 5:20 PM
1 member liked this comment
I've been taught to follow this type of policy since I was a kid. Being a Boy Scout reinforced it, for that matter.

It would seem to me that it is more a matter of how you are raised, and the ideals of respect which are inlaid into your character by your parents, and elders. Though the rule is a good idea as far a a public awareness statement goes, that is ALL it is good for. In practicality, if you expect people not to be lazy, and careless, you have obviously not been a reasonably ...more
By Mr. Z (11670), North Sea on May 6, 11 6:07 AM
Is there any article you don't comment on? Your amateurish psychoanalysis is too much. By the way, given that you are always trying to play both sides of the spectrum, I feel you may be suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder
By razza5351 (551), East Hampton on May 6, 11 8:25 AM
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Actually, I simply exercise what is called freedom of speech, and lend my point of view.

In case you hadn't noticed, I get alot of "Like" clicks.

Just like your pal progressnow, you read far too much into things.

By Mr. Z (11670), North Sea on May 10, 11 4:08 PM
The beaches are dirty enough with the garbage cans in place! Don't do this EHTB. Close the Dumps an extra day and now take cans away?
By gansetteer (125), East Hampton on May 6, 11 10:06 AM
This idea is only a pilot project. If it doesn't work they will stop it. People should be responsible for their own garbage. And as far as Pete Hammerle he is the only one on the Board who knows anything about this town, except for Julia. I'd rather see Pete than Steven Gaines on the Board. Now that has got to be a joke.
By housewife (79), east hampton on May 7, 11 12:30 AM
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By housewife (79), east hampton on May 7, 11 12:30 AM
The same policy exists to one degree or another in many states. And enforcement comes from encouragement to education to severe littering penalties. However they all have a system so people can dispose of their waste and not need take it home. So lets see. "Take your garbage home please" but we have no beach patrols. That doesn"t matter because there won't be any driving on the beach and life guards can be distracted by chaseing litter bugs. "It's your garbage you get rid of it" except on Wed. ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on May 7, 11 12:15 PM
This Hammerle idea is obviously not completely thought out. Par for the course on Dem ideas over the years -- lest we forget the proposal to mine landfills for $80 million, building a food compost facility for $10 million, putting in the court house backwards, taking "free" historical buildings that end up costing $ 7 million to put back together, hiring 100 new workers then not raising the revenue to pay for them, buying software for $400,000 that never got used, etc., etc., etc. Also what does ...more
By hohum123 (91), springs on May 8, 11 12:55 AM
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