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Oct 26, 2011 5:31 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

DEC Charges Against Kelly And Paul Lester Dismissed In East Hampton Town Justice Court

Nov 1, 2011 4:47 PM

The initial charge against Kelly Lester had been a misdemeanor, and therefore a criminal one, but it had been reduced to a violation by the time the Lesters pleaded not guilty on August 18. If it had stayed a criminal charge, Mr. Rodgers said, he would have demanded a jury trial, “which gives us the basis to appeal it all the way up to the Supreme Court.”

As things stood, “I was thankful that the judge made a quick decision,” he said.

“I’ll be able to sleep tonight,” Ms. Lester said outside the courthouse after the charges were dismissed.

When asked how he felt, Mr. Lester said, “Good, very good. ... Normal. ... The way it’s supposed to be.”

Mr. Rodgers said the Lesters planned to throw “a clambake at my house” to celebrate.

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Shuck Yea! What a bogus story.
By bchgrl83 (52), Westhampton Beach on Oct 26, 11 7:43 PM
Thank God! The DEC is an out of control, powerful governmental agency with no elected officials to vote out of office when they step over the line.
By bigfresh (4587), north sea on Oct 26, 11 7:52 PM
So if they didn't possess or sell them, how could they bill the DEC for them? Sounds like they just won a popularity contest, not a trial.
By lucky and aware (44), Speonk on Oct 27, 11 11:12 AM
how could there be reasonable doubt? the cooler and self serve sign are still there. drive by it all the time.
By fishy (92), East Hampton on Oct 27, 11 3:53 PM
Why would the DEC be selling Lester's fish to Stuart's Fish Market which it had confiscated? I would think it would have to held in evidence. Something sounds fishy.
By BruceB (142), Sag Harbor on Oct 27, 11 5:07 PM
1 member liked this comment
How are you going to keep fish as evidence?
By EHDiva (7), East Hampton on Oct 28, 11 10:52 PM
Spacemaker bags?
By Mr. Z (11647), North Sea on Oct 29, 11 12:05 AM
1 member liked this comment
By TO BAD (24), hampton bay on Oct 30, 11 1:15 AM
Should it not be TOO BAD? Good call on the freezer though.....
By ICE (1214), Southampton on Nov 3, 11 9:19 AM
finally a fisherman wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By TO BAD (24), hampton bay on Oct 30, 11 1:16 AM
I "Like" it, but...
By Mr. Z (11647), North Sea on Oct 30, 11 3:25 AM
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