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Feb 21, 2012 2:20 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Hampton Bays Entrepreneur's Spa Products Will Star At Academy Awards

Feb 21, 2012 4:06 PM

Hampton Bays resident Christine Laureano did not foresee that an innocent exchange about smiles and negative self-talk on Facebook earlier this month would lead to an opportunity to get her Ba6 natural skin care product line into the hands of celebrities.

But as a life coach and aromatherapist, Ms. Laureano is always open to possibilities. So when the chance conversation with a friend led to an invitation to include her product in the gift bags given to Hollywood A-Listers attending the 84th annual Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday, she was left praising the power of positive thinking.

It was her longtime friend Linda Joy, the Boston-based editor of the online magazine Aspire, who suggested to Lisa Gal Binachi that Ba6 would be a perfect addition for this year’s gift bags. Ms. Gal Binachi is the owner of the California-based business Hollywoodbaskets.com, which assembles goodie bags for the popular event.

A week later, Ms. Laureano was shipping off 30 8-ounce jars of her Hydrate Body Creme to Ms. Gal Binachi. The assortment of gifts, which will also include candy, custom-made jewelry, luggage, wine and cosmetics, will be delivered on Sunday, February 26, to presenters and Oscar nominees staying at The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. The names of those stars have not been released.

Ms. Laureano describes her Hydrate Body Creme, which retails for $32 per jar, as “decadent.”

“I thought, ‘let’s give them something substantial,’” she explained. “I wanted to include a cream that left people feeling hugged and loved—like their skin was drinking it in.”

Ms. Laureano’s quest into all things natural was inspired by a jolting life event: the loss of her 4-month-old daughter, Alexa, in 1995 in a tragic accident at day care. From that dark moment, she eventually emerged focused on following her inner voice, leaving a career in the corporate world to find her unique purpose.

After having two more children—Victoria, now 15, and Collin, 13—Ms. Laureano began analyzing labels and choosing natural products. A do-it-yourselfer, she started mixing her own creams and that eventually persuaded her to study aromatherapy.

Ms. Laureano has been bottling her cream concoctions for friends and family for the past 10 years, under the label Good Ground Botanicals. It was a text message exchange with her teenage daughter in November, however, that provided the idea for a new name. With that Ms. Laureano took a leap of faith, deciding to become a manufacturer and repackage her product. She began by changing the name of her line from Good Ground Botanicals to Ba6. The new title stuck and seemed to fit since her products are based on six natural essential oils.

All along, Ms. Laureano said her main mission has been to use her knack for creating soothing lotions to help others feel good. She considers her natural skin care products a vehicle for teaching people to feel good from the outside in. Ms. Laureano is certified through the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy. Her products do not contain harmful synthetically derived compounds or petrochemical enhancers, nor are they tested on animals.

For instance, her Ba6 Boobie Balm, previously called Super Healing Cream, is included in every Pink Ribbon Bag given to women diagnosed with breast cancer by the Coalition for Women’s Cancers at Southampton Hospital. Ms. Laureano’s Aloe & Lavender Healing Gel was her solution to the sea lice that plagued her children and their friends after spending time at Cupsogue Beach one summer. The homemade gel proved to be more effective than doctor prescribed creams at eliminating the rash caused by the sting of jellyfish in their larval form.

“It’s all about coming back to love the person you are and raising the feel-good consciousness,” Ms. Laureano said.

She added, of course, that she’s also very excited about the publicity she’s getting for having one of her products featured in the goodie bags that will be handed out to celebrities this weekend. Those interested in learning more about Ms. Laureano’s line of products can visit www.Ba6Botanicals.com.

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