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Feb 5, 2019 4:35 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Hampton Bays Motel Finally Getting Approved For Apartment Conversion After Court Settlement Allowed Progress

The Tiana Pines Garden Apartments in Hampton Bays is almost through the legal conversion process to be deemed an apartment complex. ANISAH ABDULLAH
Feb 6, 2019 10:43 AM

The Tiana Pines Garden Apartments, a 16-unit motel in Hampton Bays whose owners have been trying to convert into an apartment complex for years amid opposition, is now almost through the town’s approval process.

The site plan application to convert the two-building property from a non-conforming motel use to a non-conforming apartment use, which will now include three affordable units, was approved in a unanimous decision by the Southampton Town Planning Board on January 24. The addition of three affordable units into the complex was requested by the town to be included in the application, the motel’s agent, Michael Nobiletti said.

“The application came to us essentially already pre-approved, subject to normal site plan conditions,” Planning Board Chairman Dennis Finnerty said.

Prior to that, the Town Zoning Board of Appeals granted the conversion last June, after initially denying the variance in 2013. The Suffolk County Department of Health Services also granted final approval last September.

The motel had been operating as an apartment complex for over two decades without town approval and the owners, Domenico and Vincenza Iadevaia, began seeking a variance from the ZBA in early 2013 to legally convert the property to an apartment use. The Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays civic group adamantly opposed the conversion while the application was before the board.

The ZBA’s ultimate denial of the variance that year led the applicants to sue the board in Suffolk County Supreme Court. A court settlement last April allowed the application to resurface and continue where it left off, in front of the ZBA.

During the course of those years, the motel had the right to continue renting units as apartments due to its non-conforming use. It is currently at full occupancy, Mr. Nobiletti said.

As part of the recent Planning Board approval, the Iadevaias now have to make changes to the property including storm drainage improvements in parking and driveway areas, improvements to the handicap space and removal of a non-compliant front sign, among other minor adjustments. They are also required to schedule a pre-construction meeting with the Engineering Division two weeks prior to the start of construction and notify them 48 hours in advance of all phases of the project to conduct inspections.

Mr. Nobiletti said that they are planning to hire a contractor to begin drainage construction within the next few weeks.

“We will also include re-asphalting of the areas for the drainage systems,” Mr. Nobiletti added. “But we will have to wait for asphalt plants to re-open in the spring season for that.”

The owners must submit site plan changes and other requested documents to the Planning Board within 90 days of the resolution, or else it will be deemed null and void.

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The owners have been operating this place illegally for over two decades and now all they have to do to change it is make:

storm drainage improvements in parking and driveway areas, improvements to the handicap space and removal of a non-compliant front sign, among other minor adjustments.

Poof they are now apartments instead of motel rooms?

By bb (910), Hampton Bays on Feb 9, 19 10:43 AM
bb - if you followed the Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays, this was one of the first motels that was noted as being illegally used as year round apartments where children were living and attending the school, but was being assessed as a seasonal motel. The CCHB represented the people at the ZBA and the request for change was DENIED by the ZBA about 5 years ago. In May, the Town Board without public discussion allowed for a settlement after somewhere around 50 adjournments and 5 years in court. ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (551), Hampton Bays on Feb 10, 19 7:42 AM
Yes I was aware.

The CCHB worked very diligently to affect a change. But, the Board does what they want.
By bb (910), Hampton Bays on Feb 13, 19 7:21 PM
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