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Sep 15, 2015 2:42 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Camp SoulGrow Extends To Ease Seasonal Depression

London Rosiere with one of her young Camp Soulgrow campers. COURTESY OF LONDON ROSIERE
Sep 15, 2015 4:37 PM

With summer winding down and the thought of cold, dreary days ahead, Montauk resident London Rosiere is one step ahead of the seasonal shift with plans to expand her successful brainchild Camp SoulGrow into a year-round venture, also called SoulGrow, and specifically designed to combat seasonal depression.This was Camp SoulGrow’s first year in Montauk. As a form of enrichment, kids of all ages and backgrounds had the opportunity to participate in more than 90 workshops ranging from classes with local artists to hip-hop dance clinics. Although the camp will continue into the school year, Ms. Rosiere’s answer to winter blues is geared toward teens and young adults from 16 to 30 years old.

Ms. Rosiere said she wants this age group to be able to “live free and let their inner child out.”

As with Camp SoulGrow, there will be a variety of activities offered to allow community members to discover or rediscover passions like cooking, sewing or dancing. Many of the workshops would be run by local chefs in their restaurants and dance teachers in real studios.

With the summer crowds gone, Ms. Rosiere said restaurants have more time to open up to the community. “I want to inspire people to believe in themselves with programs run by people who live here,” she added.

She said she has also been in contact with professional social workers for therapy-based workshops. Those two-hour sessions would be held every other Monday with the first being held on October 5 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Montauk Salt Cave, a salt therapy spa that is said to help alleviate many ailments, including depression.

“People do fall into depression and addiction during these months,” Ms. Rosiere said of the coming winter. “I’d like to show them possibilities and lift their spirits up.”

Her mission is one that, for her, transpired out of adversity. Her mother, Diane Rosiere, died of renal liver failure at age 52 after years of alcohol addiction following the devestation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, where she and her daughter resided.

"Her hope was destroyed," Ms. London Rosiere said. "It [led to] the destruction of her sprit. It’s never too late to find something you’re good at … to be excited about life"

Following her death, Ms. London Rosiere set out to rebuild herself. “[I pushed] myself athletically, spiritually and mentally,” she said. “I looked back and realized I wasn’t being creative and limited myself.”

Camp SoulGrow itself proved to be the real factor in self-healing. After founding the nonprofit, Ms. Rosiere said she got hooked on helping kids in the community. She said she hopes that participants of SoulGrow can also find a passion that keeps them happy and motivated and give them a "glimmer of hope" that her mother did not have. "I know my mom is smiling down helping me to do this to help people like herself."

Information and scheduling will be available at soulgrow.org.

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