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Sep 18, 2015 10:45 AMPublication: The East Hampton Press

UPDATE: Pilot Of Missing Boat From Montauk Hit-And-Run Comes Forward

Although the Massachusetts boat was damaged, officials deemed it seaworthy. MIKE WRIGHT
Sep 22, 2015 12:29 PM


East Hampton Harbor Master Ed Michels said Marine Patrol was still investigating the Thursday night boat hit-and-run in Montauk.

On Tuesday morning, authorities were inspecting the 26-foot boat based in Hampton Bays that allegedly struck a 21-foot Sea Swirl Swiper.

Charges had not yet been filed against the boat pilot who came forward over the weekend.

UPDATE: Monday, 12 p.m.

The pilot of the missing boat that struck a 21-foot Sea Swirl Swiper with two fishermen on board on Friday came forward to authorities over the weekend, said East Hampton Harbor Master Ed Michels Monday morning.

The pilot was scheduled to meet with Harbor Master Michels with his attorney to discuss the incident and deal with any potential charges. Mr. Michels said on Monday he could not release further details about the incident.


Two Massachusetts men were rescued from the waters off Montauk point at approximately 11 p.m. Thursday night when a boat struck their 21-foot center console and the boat and its driver fled the scene, heading east toward Block Island, said the U.S. Coast Guard. The missing boat is described as a 26-foot center console with two gray outboard Yamaha engines.

Officer Eric Best of Coast Guard Station Montauk said the boaters, who had been fishing, jumped overboard when they saw the boat coming toward them.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Marty Betts, U.S. Coast Guard public communications expert for the Long Island Sound, said a good Samaritan made a distress call, reporting that a boat was sinking. The Samaritan picked the two boaters out of the water before authorities from Coast Guard Station Montauk arrived.

Lieutenant Betts said the two boaters had returned to their boat and successfully stopped water from coming in. Their boat was towed to the Montauk station to assess the damages.

The Massachusetts boat had significant fiber glass damage, but was deemed seaworthy while the vessel that struck it is likely to have major damage to its bow, said Officer Best. He said the East Hampton Town Police Department’s Marine Division is investigating the incident and will be searching marinas and other facilities for the missing boat.

There were no injuries or pollution, U.S. Coast Guard officials said.

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Wow, sounds like a territorial hit was put on them
By johnj (1019), Westhampton on Sep 18, 15 1:17 PM
It's dangerous out there at night. Everyone is looking at their fishfinder and GPS instead of surrounding boats. Kind of crazy to be there in a 20 ft boat though.
By harbor (411), East Hampton on Sep 18, 15 10:22 PM
The boat is made for ocean fishing, with a seasoned owner on board, funny how people blame the victim
By RandySorbi (2), on Sep 19, 15 10:46 AM
Yes- and according to the New York City Housing Authority (as reported in NYC newspapers today) if you are murdered in a city housing project it is your fault because you should know how dangerous the projects are. They have a point, but still . . . .
By PoliticallyIncorrect (45), earth on Sep 19, 15 6:35 PM
Not really. Obviously, the guy from Hampton Bays in the bigger boat knew he hit somebody, and yet, with complete disregard for his victims, he fled the scene. Something tells me someone didn't want a breathalyzer...
By ValGal03 (58), Montauk on Sep 24, 15 5:35 PM
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There is no danger for a 20' boat to be out there in the weather conditions we had.They were most likely within sight of land and not far off shore. The person that left the scene should be serverely punished. Accidents can happen, but I would guess alcohol played a part in this. Either way, anyone who would leave and not lend aid the the boaters that had to jump into the water should never be able to operate a boat again. What kind of person could leave someone in such a bad situation? I hope Jamie ...more
By EH123 (22), East Hampton on Sep 20, 15 8:15 AM
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Well they did get a look at it up close! These guys are obviously boaters, I bet you a million bucks they told the coasties exactly what brand of boat it is. Regulator makes a 26 foot center console that is pretty unmistakable.

Hiding a boat with significant damage will be pretty hard. You can't just stash it in your garage and fix it yourself. I bet the guy turns himself in now that he has had time to sober up.
By em (51), sagaponack on Sep 21, 15 10:34 AM
You will not know the true story until you find the boat and pilot that hit them. Night is not easy to pilot. Small boats with small recognition lights sometimes are hard to spot until your right there! Some of these new fishing boats have so much horsepower and go so fast that cuts down the recognition time. Anytime you go out on the water you can have an issue. Not many boat owners today actually take boating courses but buy and operate boats are very dangerous people. A couple years ago on Peconic ...more
By North Sea Citizen (564), North Sea on Sep 20, 15 8:39 AM
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North Sea is right, very hard to see a little boat like that at night, especially an old one like that might not have very good nav lights. but if you're out there at night you should be paying damn close attention when you're running around at speed.
By em (51), sagaponack on Sep 21, 15 10:37 AM
The 26 footer knew he HIT someone!!! The leaving the scene part is no accident.
By ValGal03 (58), Montauk on Sep 24, 15 5:37 PM
Speed kills . . .

The USCG and other authorities should throw the book at the captain who fled the scene here, and also at the speedboat operator who hit a buoy in Plum Gut a couple of weeks ago going 148 MPH in the fog, while trying to set a speed record! [not a typo]
By PBR (4951), Southampton on Sep 21, 15 12:27 PM
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Hey PBR - try reading more than one article about the Plum Gut guy. The EH Star one is pretty good... he didn't hit the bouy at 148mph. He hit a top speed of 148mph and had a plan scouting his route. The problem came when they were enveloped in a quick fog and the plane couldn't see the water - he obviously slowed the boat considerably (based on the damage to the boat and the fact that he was able to maneuver away from a head-on collision).

Also, the pilot is very experienced and was ...more
By Nature (2966), Southampton on Sep 24, 15 10:17 AM
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The captain is responsible to operate his vessel in a safe manner. Operating at night requires reduced speed and increased vigilance. Hope they ream this fool!!!!
By bigfresh (4590), north sea on Sep 21, 15 5:40 PM
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He'll claim he thought it was a floating object. Didn't know it was a boat. Shady character, I hope they throw the book at him.
By fish sticks (53), hampton bays on Sep 22, 15 8:41 AM
Some information please: I thought Harbor Master was a political position, is that not correct? If not, why would a Harbor Master have jurisdiction over an event that took place in open water off Montauk? Wouldn't the Coast Guard have jurisdiction?
By bird (824), Sag Harbor on Sep 22, 15 7:47 PM
Ed Michele's, the East Hampton Town Harbormaster is the head of the marine patrol, and carries a badge and a gun and is part of the police department. He is not in a political position.
By jperrier (53), Springs on Sep 22, 15 7:58 PM
Got it. Thanks.
By bird (824), Sag Harbor on Sep 22, 15 8:05 PM
Ed is also a retired USCG BMCM, E-9. He was CPOINC of station Montauk prior to retirement
By Draggerman (940), Southampton on Sep 24, 15 10:01 PM
There is NO way you can blame the VICTIMS here come on they were fishing in their boat they have a right of way in many cases being the smaller craft, and apparetly the owners/operators of the larger vessel did not even TRY to warn or avoid them! I defintely feel there was something elese invovled like alcohol or partying as well on the behalf of the bigger boat..you see BOATS are RESPONSIBILITIES and are just as dangerous to other vessels, people and even those on board if NOT operated and respected ...more
By ChristyHotchkiss (1), on Sep 22, 15 9:32 PM
Boat brand is Sea Swirl Striper, not Swiper.
By realwhb (7), westhampton beach on Sep 23, 15 9:03 AM
Hampton Bays huh? I guess this damaged boat has been sitting under the noses of the esteemed Southampton PD marine unit for the past week. Was any effort made to locate this boat in southampton? Good thing the guy turned himself in (to a competent agency) or this would be another unsolved hit and run
By PoliticallyIncorrect (45), earth on Sep 23, 15 12:59 PM
Figured it was a Hampton bays man. Small hands, smell like cabbage
By C Law (350), Water Mill on Sep 23, 15 6:15 PM
looks like a baby's arm holding an apple
By CaptainSig (716), Dutch Harbor on Sep 23, 15 8:01 PM
Thank God no one was killed and why aren't they releasing the name of the driver who left the scene? If everything was copacetic.... a human being would stop and help another no matter the circumstances..... something is amiss.
By T818 (11), Hampton Bays on Sep 24, 15 4:34 PM
C Law..... Srsly? What a snob!
By JohnM (7), Hampton Bays on Sep 25, 15 7:36 AM
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