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Jul 3, 2013 1:01 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Montauk Shark Attack Party Is On, With New Parking Plan

Jul 9, 2013 7:30 AM

A party expected to attract nearly 4,000 attendees to the Montauk Yacht Club will go on after all Friday and Saturday after its organizers won last-minute approval on Wednesday morning for an alternative parking plan in Amagansett after their previous plan fell through.

The East Hampton Town Board, in a special meeting called just for the “Shark Attack” party application, rescinded the event’s previously granted mass-gathering permit after realizing that the proposed parking area, Rita’s Stables in Montauk, could not be used for that purpose because its development rights had been purchased by the Community Preservation Fund.

The three Republicans on the board, Supervisor Bill Wilkinson, Councilwoman Theresa Quigley and Councilman Dominick Stanzione, voted in favor of the new plan, which allows event parking at a large field at 531, 551 and 561 Montauk Highway in Amagansett.

Democratic Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc voted against it, noting how the Fourth of July weekend is the busiest of the year, as did Democratic Councilwoman Sylvia Overby, who said she did not feel parking in Amagansett, which is several miles farther away from the original site, was an improvement. The votes fell along the same party lines as they did when the party, which is being billed as a fundraiser for the Montauk Playhouse, which Mr. Van Scoyoc called “misleading,” was approved last month.

“What we have is a well-planned party,” Lawrence Kelly, an attorney representing the yacht club told the board, “and as John Adams said in a letter to Abigail Adams, he believed that the day of the signing of the Declaration would be celebrated around the country for generations to come.”

The field in Amagansett, he noted, has been used for parking for past events, like Soldier Ride’s “Rock the Farm” concerts. He and the club’s general manager, Lloyd Van Horn, also stressed that the majority of ticket-holders can be contacted by text messaging and other electronic means so they will be aware of the change in plans. Nearly 3,000 tickets have already been sold, they said.

East Hampton Town Police Lieutenant Chris Hatch described the new plan, which his department received for review that morning, as complete and comprehensive. He said the new location is safe, offers plenty of room and would translate into fewer vehicles in Montauk. Board members expressed concern that partygoers would be loath to park in Amagansett, more than a dozen miles away from the event, and catch a shuttle bus. Some may opt to bypass the bus and head straight for Montauk, they said.

Lt. Hatch also noted that the change in parking venue to one off a state highway would entail a greater expense for the town, with more officers needed to direct traffic.

Mr. Kelly said the hosts would consider incentives for parking in Amagansett, such as prizes, and that they were considering making a contribution to the Amagansett Fire Department.

Meanwhile, the question of how the original plan won approval, despite its flaw remained unanswered.

“It didn’t get discovered, not because we didn’t get it sooner, but because it’s not our job to do the minutiae of checking of the issues...for a mass gathering permit,” said Ms. Quigley. “I’m not going to double-check the police on the parking, I’m not going to double-check the attorneys on legal issues, and I’m not double-checking planning on whatever they do .... That’s their job. ... “I don’t trust that you’re incompetent, and if they’re all incompetent...let’s fire them all, and if they’re not incompetent, let’s trust them to do their jobs correctly.”

The same event, held last year at Rick’s Crabby Cowboy Cafe in Montauk, was shut down after an estimated 2,000 to 2,500 attendees turned out for the event, which was intended for 800 guests.

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Party on, dudes!
By VOS (1089), WHB on Jul 3, 13 1:05 PM
"it's not our job to do the minutiae of checking of the issues..." That is why there is a big empty hole on Route 114 Ms. Quigley.
By nellie (451), sag harbor on Jul 3, 13 2:09 PM
that's precisely what their job is... they don't have to personally check it, but they better make d*mn sure someone checks it more than once.
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Jul 3, 13 2:36 PM
Nothing like waiting until the last minute to make decisions!

It may not be the job of the Town Board to check minutia, but it IS their responsibility to set up an ADULT DECISION-MAKING PROCESS, with plenty of lead time, and an organizational structure that makes sure that the details get handled way ahead of time.

Good to have certain members leaving office soon IMO.

As was suggested under another article, follow the money . . .
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 3, 13 3:33 PM
PS -- If this turns into a Republican Folly of epic proportions, at least the election is close. 3,000 tickets already sold? Is there a cap on ticket sales built into the permit, or is it an open-ended free-for-all?

Oh wait, I guess that gets us into "minutia" which are beyond the scope of the Board's authority!

We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 3, 13 3:41 PM
1 member liked this comment
Ha! Now Amagansett gets dumped on, especially when post-party revelers come back stumbling drunk at 3 am and try to navigate out of the Amagansett lot. I hope Town Police have PLENTY of police on duty over there, could be many accidents that night. Thanks Stanzione & Co. for throwing Amagansett under the bus just to push this event thru. Those promoters greased plenty of palms it seems.
By SisBoomBonacker (106), Hamptons on Jul 3, 13 3:25 PM
2 members liked this comment
$40,000,000.00 of the $69,000,000.00 operating budget for the Town of East Hamtpon is for employee salary and benefits. 1% of that amount, or about $400,000.00 is for the Town Board membes. Nellie and Nature are you saying you have no expectation of competence from all of those earning 99% of those tax dollars? Are you saying that the Town Board members need to check every detail of every bit of work done by people earning $39,600,000.00 of your tax dollars?
By theresa quigley (1), east hampton on Jul 3, 13 3:41 PM
1 member liked this comment
Councilwoman - that's not at all what I'm saying. I'm saying it's your job to ENSURE that the people charged with informing you of what decisions to make know what they are talking about it. I think my comment was pretty clear in pointing out your job is to make sure you are well informed.

It seems as though you are implying your employees are incompetent and that's not your fault. Who dropped the ball when they OK'd parking on a CPF property?

You said it yourself Councilwoman: ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Jul 3, 13 4:09 PM
1 member liked this comment
theresa quigley, assuming you are indeed a member of the EHT Board, and an attorney, perhaps it would be helpful to have your view of this situation, from the perspective of the voting public. Does this look like good government in action?
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 3, 13 4:39 PM
1 member liked this comment
Fill in the hole!
By nellie (451), sag harbor on Jul 3, 13 7:07 PM
1 member liked this comment
"Are you saying that the Town Board members need to check every detail of every bit of work done by people earning $39,600,000.00 of your tax dollars?"
No, but you all could've paid attention to details of one of the biggest, if not the biggest events in the Township this year.
Ms. Quigley is part of the 1%, could you expect anything from her other than pointing the finger the other way. Typical politico cop out.
Blaming your subordinates is pretty lame.
By ICE (1214), Southampton on Jul 3, 13 7:32 PM
4 members liked this comment
Shouldn't the head of CPF have had that knowledge that the stable could not be used as this was going on?? Oh..Doesn't play well with others??
By gansetteer (125), East Hampton on Jul 3, 13 11:06 PM
"Helicopter" Dominick Stanzione, Quigley and Wilkinson need to return to Disneyland. You have made Easthampton Town government a laughing stock.
By nellie (451), sag harbor on Jul 3, 13 8:13 PM
2 members liked this comment
wilkenson has returned fiscal sanity to the town. You should be thanking him not bashing him. Maybe you yearn for the days of McGintee
By razza5350 (1895), East Hampton on Jul 10, 13 3:05 PM
It has been reported that the Water Mill coyote was last seen boarding a train to Montauk to avoid this parking SNAFU.

A new band has been added to the line up: Wylie and The Sharks.

In other late-breaking news, Mr. Stanzione has reportedly, and unilaterally, commanded the FAA traffic controllers at the EH airport to divert all chopper traffic carrying concert goers to proceed directly to the Montauk airport, where buses from the Disney Co. will shuttle them to the festivities.

Have ...more
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 3, 13 8:42 PM
1 member liked this comment
Wouldn't this be BW and TQ's payback to Amagainsitt for nixing the MUSIC TO KNOW CONCERT. Yep.
By we could run this town! (128), the oceanfront trailer park on Jul 4, 13 7:25 PM
If this goes off smoothly then I guess it would show that you can have events in the summer. We have them in Southampton all the time. I remember in my younger days traveling to Amagansett and having cars parked from the train station all the way west to the gas station - Martells, Talk House, Fiidlers, then to Fromm's at 4am for breakfast. Montauk had live music spilling out everywhere - Memory, Shagwong, Nick's. More recently - East Hampton Airport hosting 4000 for the yearly fundraiser for ...more
By mrmako61 (148), southampton on Jul 5, 13 12:52 AM
With almost 4,000 tickets reportedly sold, will all three members of The Troika which approved this event be attending?

The important question above remains unanswered: is there a cap on the number of tickets to be sold?

Also reported elsewhere today: EH Town cannot bill the event organizers for extra municipal services needed for this event, because the host has a NYS liquor license.

Just when you thought it could not get any weirder on a Fourth of July weekend.
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 5, 13 12:51 AM
The FaceBook page for The Aurelia Group was updated today:

-- "Last year, over 2500 guests attended"

-- "Sure to be bigger and better this year. A lot of surprises in store."

-- "** Free BBQ the first hour, $20 at door for all guests"

There is NO indication that this event has a limited number of tickets available, and obviously no warning that the event is sold out, or could sell out (that people should call ahead of time about ticket availability).
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 5, 13 12:56 AM
Correction, that FaceBook page was for 2012. The axs website's ticket order page does say that the event is sold out. The link for this page is below -- hopefully this link will not be deleted. Sorry for the error above.
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 5, 13 1:04 AM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 5, 13 1:05 AM
So, what is the verdict on the shark attack? Was Amagansett and Montauk paralyzed? Did life grind to a halt?
By mrmako61 (148), southampton on Jul 7, 13 8:28 PM
Drove down West Lake Drive and then by the entrance to Star Island around midnight that night. Had no idea there was a party there, and this is the first time I ever saw the entire area in lock down. Hundreds of drunk "kids" wandering down the streets, some I think trying to go to other bars. Several groups of them were standing in the middle of the street, and when i stopped they were begging for a ride. Where was the so called transporttation? We were at a restaurant close by and my wife told ...more
By JohnP_MTK (2), Montauk on Jul 8, 13 10:54 AM
2 members liked this comment
The changes in this little town, are so sad to witness....yes, this is the time where everyone makes the money, to survive the long winters. The natural beauty of Montauk is priceless. Surrounded by water, beautiful beaches, trails to walk, a place where my family spent many years, a place that my grandchildren are being raised. Thankfully, two of my grandchildren were not in town this weekend, and didn't have to see, girls riding bikes, topless on Westlake..young people staggering, and walking, ...more
By lhasabon (8), Wading River on Jul 8, 13 11:56 AM
1 member liked this comment
Have you ever been to Hampton Bays, Wainscott in the days of "the Attic", Montauk in the roaring 70's, Amagansett in the heyday of Martell's, etc., etc.? Historically, the east end is just the opposite of what you all describe. The east end made its bones in the 70's , 80's and 90's as a place people came to for a good time and enjoy the beach, weather and nightlife. From western Southampton to Eastern East Hampton the HISTORY you describe is not the historical truth.
By mrmako61 (148), southampton on Jul 9, 13 11:04 AM
1 member liked this comment
New article out.
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 9, 13 1:11 PM
theresa quigley, would you please advise whether you are in fact the EH Town Board member, and whether you intend to answer questions raised above (and in the new article) by your post from 7/3 at 3:41 PM?
By PBR (4863), Southampton on Jul 9, 13 2:19 PM
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