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Aug 9, 2011 5:17 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Councilwoman Wants Town Board To Explore Shutting Down Clubs

Aug 9, 2011 5:27 PM

East Hampton Town Councilwoman Julia Prince urged her fellow Town Board members at a work session on Tuesday to back her in seeking to shut down Montauk nightclubs that she said are persistent scofflaws.

Ms. Prince, who lives in Montauk and is the board’s liaison to the hamlet, said some of the newer clubs commit offenses year after year, despite receiving almost nightly summonses for excessive noise and other Town Code violations. She said the establishments, which include the Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer’s, are also diminishing the character of the hamlet by attracting large and unruly crowds on weekends.

“Montauk is so out of control,” she added.

Ms. Prince contended fines are proving ineffective, and the town should explore a “next step” which could include seeking a court order to close the most brazen violators.

But she was met with some skepticism by her fellow board members. Councilwoman Theresa Quigley expressed reservations, saying she was worried about the town appearing to target certain businesses. Supervisor Bill Wilkinson said that police have worked to clear up traffic problems near the clubs this summer, and that penalties are the responsibility of the courts.

Ms. Prince also said that not taking action was unfair to businesses that comply with the law.

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Come on Julia. These people are what keeps your friends in business and able to make enough money to get through the winters. Just shut it down and ship everyone back west? Get real....... Your to young to remember the hay day of Montauk and Amaganset when clubs were hopping and cars were lined up from one end of town to the other. That was in the 70's!!! I doubt the CCOM types who are complaining were even here 40 years ago. I was here during the summers back then and remember them well. This ...more
By formertbm (76), east hampton on Aug 14, 11 8:00 PM
formertbm...what you say is nonsense. Why should these bar/restaurant owners be allowed to operate with complete disregard to the welfare of their neighbors and the community? Other business comply, why can't they? Clearly they are willfully violating local laws as demonstrated by the multiple summonses they've received. One can't even make the argument that these businesses are adding to the local economy.. they aren't. Their customers come to Montauk for the night and then head home. We aren't ...more
By harbor (411), East Hampton on Aug 14, 11 9:35 PM
"Their customers come to Montauk for the night and then head home"? C'mon Harbor ... the people who go there (an amazing amount of locals -Julia Prince included) are in Montauk and/or East Hampton and aren't "heding home" to anywhere but here. The people who work there live here . . . and the only way "locally owned bars" GET roots in the community is by being here year after year after ... I read an article about Wilikinson touring Montauk in the early morning hours and the fact he was looking ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Aug 15, 11 9:09 AM
Right. Hordes of locals are cramming into Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyers for the $15 vodkas. I think it's great these restaurants and bars are thriving. But it's not so great that their successes are having a negative impact on neighbors and that local government is not taking the steps necessary to curb the unwanted behavior. Are you saying that businesses that willfully break the law shouldn't be targeted? The article you refer to about Wilkinson touring Montauk is a couple months old I believe. ...more
By harbor (411), East Hampton on Aug 15, 11 12:34 PM
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Such a Wilkinson hater you are Harbor - nothing personal is it? You sound like YOU are running for office! The "solution" is bringing the violators to court Harbor - I saw a meeting after this article where Julia Prince comes out and says "oh - after LOOKING INTO this we can't bring an injunction - we would lose". Look at what happened in Southampton when the Town tried to get one against the most blatant violators.... nothing. After spending town bucks that aren't in the coffers (SH has to ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Aug 23, 11 11:08 PM
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