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Feb 3, 2009 12:28 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press

Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

Editor's Note: Regarding comments on this story: The Press will allow some lattitude, especially where comments regarding the coach and administration are concerned, but any comments attacking the students or their families will be disabled. When commenting on the story, please stick with the facts as presented in the story and refrain from personal attacks--Ed.
Feb 3, 2009 12:28 PM

The Whalers were scheduled to visit Ross (4-6) on February 3 at 6:15 p.m. and will host undefeated league leader Greenport (9-0) on Friday, February 6, at 6:15 p.m. They’ll visit Stony Brook (8-1) on Monday, February 9, at 4:30 p.m., and will close out the regular season at home against Smithtown Christian (0-10) on Wednesday, February 11, at 6:15 p.m.

After defeating Shelter Island, the Whalers needed only one more win to assure that they would finish with at least a .500 record in league play, which is the requirement for advancing to the postseason.

Marienfeld led the Whalers to the Class C playoffs in every season since he has been at the helm and accumulated an overall record of 38-34 while coaching the team. His firing has created a fierce debate within the local community and will likely continue to be a topic of interest after the season is over. According to Madsen, the position for the varsity boys basketball head coaching position will be posted again next year, in keeping with the policy with all coaching positions at the school.

“We have one-year contracts, and at the end of every year, all the coaches are evaluated,” Madsen explained. “In May or June, every position is then put up for hire again.”

When asked if Marienfeld would be allowed to re-apply for the position, Madsen responded: “Absolutely.”

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This is outragous. Fred Marienfeld has filled the gym, given the boys pride and the will to fight. This is all about 2 families (DePetris and Federico) whose boys QUIT the team...that wanted to bring the coach down with him. Shame on the Pierson Administration!!
By tjpg (11), Sag Harbor on Jan 30, 09 2:17 PM
I can't believe a coach like Fred Marienfeld could be fired because a few cry babies did not get their way. Fred has taught his players about much more than basketball. He has taught them to fight hard and never give up. He is an honest man with great integrity. Unfortunately, a couple of sore losers who didn't get enough playing time have that kind of power, and the people behind his firing should be ashamed of themselves.
By orion4ever (13), sag harbor on Jan 30, 09 2:44 PM
This is totally absurd ! Coach Mareinfeld is one of the best men to hold the position as Head Coach of the boys varsity team in Sag Harbor. He is truly dedicated to his team , as his record shows. Anyone who knows this man knows that a mistake has been made !
By harbormom (1), sag harbor on Jan 30, 09 2:53 PM
I agree with the above comments. Coach Marienfeld is an honorable man, and he is an honorable coach as well. Amazing things happen in small towns. The two sour apples could not be happy, so they had to spoil it for everyone! By letting Fred go, the administration has shown no guts. Unreal.
By bballjones (1), southampton on Jan 30, 09 3:09 PM
Let me also add that Fred is a class act, works hard and relates to people well. I've known him since his Greenport days. According to The Star, some were offended by "boorish" behavior. Have the Hamptons gotten so snobby that we expect our coaches to be Jeeves?
By Mr Suffolk (113), Twin Forks on Jan 30, 09 3:28 PM
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By Support Fred (4), Sag Harbor on Jan 30, 09 3:40 PM
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By Born and Bred Sag Harbor Local (2), Sag Harbor on Jan 30, 09 3:52 PM
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By Lefty46 (56), Westhampton on Jan 30, 09 3:53 PM
Several Parents complained....has anyone spoken to the players? Or dont they have a say? New Superintendent. who dosnt know the community... kids who obviously dont know what it means to be a team players and parents who indulge them...A mans reputation is damaged...sad ... very sad. I hope the new coach bans those two quitters from the team. That would be a lesson to them...Winners never quit..and quitters never win.
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Jan 30, 09 4:18 PM
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By WhalerFanForLife (13), Southampton on Jan 30, 09 5:17 PM
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By WhalerFanForLife (13), Southampton on Jan 30, 09 6:14 PM
What have high school sports come to? "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" Why even play anymore? Lets just give all the kids a cup cake and a "nice try award." Coach Marienfeld shows passion about the sport and cares about the kids. Sports are more than just games, ithey are LIFE LESSONS. And guess what, mommy and daddy can't hold your hand forever. This seems to be a real life witch hunt. I thought they only took place in Salem. As a former Pierson athlete and Sag Harbor resident ...more
By Landshark44 (8), Colora on Jan 30, 09 6:42 PM
It is just a case of politcs. He has been in the communtiy for years and because a couple of kids have promblems he gets fired. That is ridiculos what ever happen to loyalty.
By pierson1 (1), Sag Harbor on Jan 30, 09 7:17 PM
It goes like this: if the kids who quit are back on the team in a few days, you know it was the cry baby parents of the quitters. Nice message to give your kids, mom and dad. Are you gonna get them jobs after college, too?
By Change up (4), WHB on Jan 30, 09 7:17 PM
I've known coach Marienfeld for nearly two decades and he's always been a man of unimpeachable integrity and character. His dedication to his team, players, school, town, and family could never be questioned. He is the kind of leader and teacher that any school should consider itself proud and very fortunate to have as a coach. That the Pierson administration appears to have lost sight of this is a disservice to the students, the community, and to Coach Marienfeld himself.
By harborfan2009 (1), Bellmore on Jan 30, 09 7:27 PM
What is going on in Sag Harbor? I am a Hamptons resident but not a Sag Harbor resident. I would be EMBARRASSED to say I was from Sag Harbor. Firstly, you don't show your teachers the respect they deserve by paying accordingly. They are the lowest paid teachers in our region. You have schools that produce high test scores and send your graduates to great schools.There is a reason why that happens!!!!Secondly, your administrators cave to whining parents! Who is your board hiring?? Maybe you should ...more
By Hamptonforever (2), East Hampton on Jan 30, 09 8:19 PM
I do not know Mr. Marienfeld- so I cannot vouch for or counter any claims to his good name.

I am SO thankful that I left this kind of nonsense behind when I pulled up stakes and left Sag Harbor for good. This kind of petty action is what spurred Steinbeck to write 'Winter of our Discontent' whilst he lived in Sag Harbor. (do not be fooled - it is NOT a New England Town it IS Sag Harbor).

Though the town has undergone many changes since my departure some 20 + years ago, it is ...more
By Hamptons Refugee (1), southampton on Jan 30, 09 8:29 PM
The Principal, AD and Superintendent of Pierson High School should be wary of the precedent that has been set with the firing of Coach Fred Marienfeld. Not only have they let go of an incredibly qualified and passionate coach, they have let go of a man of amazing integrity, loyalty and decency. These are attributes you look for when leading our sons and daughters. He is a teacher of respect for games as well as life. I think he has been shown the greatest disrespect. Only one word can ...more
By Hamptonforever (2), East Hampton on Jan 30, 09 11:11 PM
The details of what happened are somewhat vague in this article, but the administration’s awkwardness is reflected in the contradictory statements from the principal.

The direct quote: “The district has expectations for its coaches, and Mr. Marienfeld did not meet those expectations.”

Later in the article: “According to Nichols, Marienfeld’s position as a physical education teacher in the district will not be affected by his firing as head basketball coach, nor will any of his ...more
By jimbolina (1), Long Beach on Jan 31, 09 3:00 AM
As a former Suffolk Co. sports official, I can attest to the fact that Mr. Marienfeld is an honorable and fair man. This is certainly an injustice.
By tenn tom (250), remsenburg on Jan 31, 09 10:47 AM
By ELECTRICUTIONER (65), east islip/montauk on Jan 31, 09 4:26 PM
I find it a shame that this happened to Coach Marienfeld. I love the reason that the administration gave in the article "the district has expectations for its coaches....". I guess a winning record, repeated trips to the playoffs and a hard working dedicated coach are not the expectations that the administration had! If this has something to do with the Coach using foul language, let me say this; if every coach got fired for using foul language, there would be no coaches. Or if it's because some ...more
By GreggS (1), Sag Harbor on Jan 31, 09 7:57 PM
I find it interesting that everyone seems to forget the real reason EX Coach Marienfeld was released from his coaching job. That reason being, plain and simple, that he violated the privacy of the students/team members. Besides the fact that he also does not know the meaning of the word "coach"....instructor, teacher, advisor, mentor. A coach doesn't humilate, demean and have favorites. A coach should be an exemplary role model who encourages and teaches. He should be held up as a representative ...more
By earwarts (3), Sag Harbor on Feb 1, 09 10:34 AM
earwarts, you should learn how to spell before commenting in the paper. Coach Marienfeld did indeed apologize for his actions at the Mercy game. If every coach was fired because of foul language, there would certainly be a lack of coaches in this country. Let's get to the real reason for his termination, the truth of the matter is the 2 families of those boys harrassed the newspapers until "their" side of the story got told. When Coach Marienfeld told his side the school administration used ...more
By WhalerFanForLife (13), Southampton on Feb 1, 09 12:28 PM
I guess Mr Earwarts has never seen any coach in action other then one to be found in "Mr Rogers Neighborhood" Golly, what do you think Coach Petrie says when players make mistakes on the floor? Does he give them a kiss on the forehead and a warm glass of milk? I think not. Ever heard of guys like Bobby Knight? How about Bob Vishno or Debbie Jayne? Do you think every word out of their mouth was kind?? Why must we surgar coat every thing we say and handle players with kidd gloves? I'm sure ...more
By Landshark44 (8), Colora on Feb 1, 09 3:27 PM
i can only speak to the character of coach marienfeld, and not to the incidents that led to his firing. he is and always has been a true 'good guy'. i've known fred a long time and know that he is passionate about sports and coaching. he also happens to be one of the nicest guys in sag harbor. when i learned that he would coach at pierson, i thought what a perfect fit! i really feel the administration made a huge mistake that will rattle the entire sports program at pierson. what kind of message ...more
By redee (1), eastport on Feb 1, 09 4:32 PM
Whatever you think of this individual as a person is totally irrelevent in a situation such as this one. He is dealing with kid's here.
If any of these kid's he is talking about negatively got arrested let's say ,because they are minors their names would not be published.
The shame of it all is that the way teacher's unions are made up they can't get rid of him.
If they don't want him coaching boy's 15,16,17,and 18 years old why in the world should he be teaching middle school boy's ...more
By bigmac (8), portjeff on Feb 2, 09 9:40 AM
BigMac, despite the fact that your post is poorly written and makes little sense, I am compelled to disagree with you.

Fred Marienfeld's character is EXACTLY relevant in this issue.

The teacher's union have NOTHING to do with this story, what are you talking about?

Obviously, the administration is not unhappy with his performance otherwise they would not have said:

“According to Nichols, Marienfeld’s position as a physical education teacher in the district ...more
By Support Fred (4), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 11:41 AM
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By pierson.alumni (1), sag harbor on Feb 2, 09 12:08 PM
Once again I reiterate.....the REAL reason he was dismissed is being ignored. He was dismissed from the coaching position because he violated the privacy of 2 students! That is simple to understand and it is being buried under certain peoples opinions about Mr. Marienfeld as a person. He is a nice person and no one is disputing that. This is about a violation of privacy plain and simple. It's not about any ones lack of grammatical skills, it's not about Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and it's certainly ...more
By earwarts (3), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 1:01 PM
Neither kid came back. You were saying?
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 2, 09 1:32 PM
Uhmm, Earwarts, what's so private about all this?

Anyone who has a child in Pierson High School or follows Whaler's sports, knows that one of the students in question quit the team in the middle of the season last year, and that he didn't participate in any of the summer practices this year and that he quit this year because he wasn't made captain. That's what was printed in The Star, and guess what, that's what happened.

Believe me, both my kids, niece and their grandfather even ...more
By Support Fred (4), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 1:41 PM
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By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 2, 09 1:47 PM
Support Fred,
I dont know which player your refering to. But as i just stated.Not only did he start ALL year. Hewas named All-League.They name problem players wlo quit half way through the year to the All-Leagur squad? Sure you follow the games .It shows.
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 2, 09 1:54 PM
Anyone who knows anything about being in education education knows that you do not name names. Would you like your finances talked about in the media by a bank employee? It's the same thing. Here's more food for thought...did it ever occur to you that some kids have to work during the summer? Or that maybe they play other sports as well? Pierson is not turning out NBA material so since when is it so important that every bit of energy has to be put into basketball? As I said before he VIOLATED ...more
By earwarts (3), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 1:58 PM
Coach was encouraged and misled by reporter Jack Graves of the Star. Graves said it would be a good idea to "hear Fred's side of the story." And, yes, that's what got him fired. But in everybody's heart it's just not right. It was an easy way out for the administration to keep the complaining parents at bay.
By tjpg (11), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 2:07 PM
Double D-

I am an alumni of the school, I have kids in the school and I go to the games.

Either way, I have no idea what you are trying to say because your comment doesn't make any sense. What's an All-Legur squad? What does wlo mean?

You are a poor representation for your stance and you would probably be taken a little more seriously if you learned how to speak or spell English.
By Support Fred (4), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 2:08 PM

My son works in the summer and he made practices. If he couldn't make them, he called Coach Marienfeld, told him, and made arrangements to make the next one. I think a lot of kids who made those practices worked. I can't see that as a valid excuse.

Furthermore, if a student chooses to play two sports and the practices for those sports happen at the same time the student has to make a choice over which one is more important to him.

If he picks sport A, he's going ...more
By Born and Bred Sag Harbor Local (2), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 2:28 PM
By sagharborparent (30), sag harbor on Feb 2, 09 2:57 PM
Where is Peirson sagharborparent? Does Mr Marienfeld teach/coach there as well? Guess you don't know the school cheer....Must be off on Elite travel somewhere.
By Landshark44 (8), Colora on Feb 2, 09 3:54 PM
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By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 2, 09 4:31 PM
It's really sad that most of all you Fred supports are worried about other peoples grammer. When in fact all you are trying to do is take the focus off of what Fred is all about. Maybe you should take the time and go to the Pierson web site and read the Athletic Code of Conduct. It is not only for the students but for the coaches as well. Respect and dignity are very important and Fred knows nothing about these two words. I go to all the PIerson games and watch the other coaches coach when ...more
By roman (3), southampton on Feb 2, 09 5:13 PM
Fred supporter
sorry about the grammer expolsion I will try better this time. I read in the East Hampton Star that the player that is a senior started some times last year. You say he quit half way through the season. How could this player have been named to the county ALL League team at seasons end if he quit half way through the season, or only started some time for that matter. Are you aware to recieve ALL League honors you must be nominated by your coach and voted upon all coaches in ...more
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 2, 09 5:25 PM
Had to add one last comment. Just wondering when in past history has the adminstration dismissed a coach or teacher to accomodate whining parents? Isn't it great to have two new administators who put children before teachers, after all the teachers are here for the students not the oppostie?
By roman (3), southampton on Feb 2, 09 5:43 PM
Uhhh...Roman? There were no more time outs left. And what else is he going to yell? "Hold the Ball?". Nothing but "SHOOT IT!!!!!" Oh, double D? Did you go to the Mercy game? Not many smiling faces there! Of course the kids will smile when they win. And we all want them to win.
By tjpg (11), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 5:54 PM
Yes i did and yes i was smiling. Why wouldn't i. What a game. Only down by 3 going into the 4th. A little more experience and near perfect foul shooting down the stretch helped clinch it fior Mercy. A far cry from the debacle in Riverhead. Wouldn't you agree?
When i played basketball we always had several plays we were all familiar with in case we were down a basket with no timeouts. Where was your buddies? {hope you don't mind roman}.
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 2, 09 6:19 PM
This story has been significantly updated Monday evening.
By Cailin Brophy (16), Sports Editor on Feb 2, 09 6:43 PM
I cannot believe what is written here. Do you people really think that the admin for Sag Harbor just fired Marienfeld because of one incidence? Your all crazy. His complaint folder is full and thats what it is all about. The senior that quit put up with this man for years, and finally said I do not need this anymore, I am a good person, I do my school work, I keep my grades up, and I am not going to take it anymore, unlike the player who was required to make up around 30 homeworks to even qualify ...more
By momma2 (4), Sag Harbor on Feb 2, 09 8:25 PM
The man has fired and is publicly being tried without jury. Yet this does not satisfy some. Both sides have not handled this very well.If Mr Marienfeld 's conduct previous to this incident was a problem what was he still doing there? Is someone asleep at the wheel? This seems to be a case of an eye for an eye but no one is happy. Sports teams should be transparent you get out of it what you put in. Players and coaches are joined together for several weeks to form a cohesive group that are able ...more
By mainbeach (1), East Hampton on Feb 2, 09 9:27 PM
a couple of things:

EARWARTS, what is the violation of privacy your are talking about here? are you talking about the childrens names being printed in the paper? if thats what your so worried about then the parents should not have spoken to paper in the first place. and isnt it a violation of freds privacy to be videotaped without his consent and then it used against him?

all fred was trying to do was what he loved, which was coach. yes he practices tough LOVE, but it is still ...more
By pierson.alumni (1), sag harbor on Feb 2, 09 9:38 PM
By sagharborparent (30), sag harbor on Feb 3, 09 9:23 AM
I can read and according to your post you said that you were not born here, but have lived MOST of your life here. It did not mention where you received your education. Since MOST is the operative word and its definiition relative, I did not realize that you were so old. My mistake. My point was at least you could spell the school correctly. For your future reference PIERSON is spelled out in the cheer on bus rides home. But only in the case of regular teams, not special ...more
By Landshark44 (8), Colora on Feb 3, 09 10:46 AM
Don't any of you ask yourselves, why would I write something bad about someone you do not know. If you all had the facts you would understand that this was handle very well, isn't coaching about being a mentor not a tormentor, its about teaching the kids the love of the game, the rules, and respect for each other and for their coach. If you continue to harass and belittle kids, what are you saying to them as a coach. There is a young man at Pierson who coaches, middle school athletics, both boys ...more
By momma2 (4), Sag Harbor on Feb 3, 09 2:19 PM
Actually momma2, the quote is:

'Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.' It wasn't a a 'great man' who said that, it was Eleanor Roosevelt.

My point, it seems that the majority of posts in this forum that are 'anti-Marienfeld' contain many, many spelling, grammar, and some pretty obvious factual errors.

You can call me petty, you can say I am being nit-picky, but it's really hard to even consider the 'other side' when you ...more
By bernie (1), Sag Harbor on Feb 3, 09 2:42 PM
Everybody should read the related article on this website by Cailin Brophy, "A Fine Line."
By tjpg (11), Sag Harbor on Feb 3, 09 3:42 PM
excuse me if I got the saying wrong, but it conveyed what it was supposed to, Well there you go a woman said it. Go figure. I am not anti-marienfeld, I just believe that there are much better and more productive ways to coach than his. When it comes to kids, you must tread lightly, and he did not. The answer to the question from pierson.alumni, anyone who takes a job in the school setting must sign a privacy contract saying that they will not repeat or disclose any information about a child who ...more
By momma2 (4), Sag Harbor on Feb 3, 09 3:47 PM
I have one last comment before my head explodes. You have mentioned peoples comments calling the kids quitters, whiners, etc are small minded and wrong to do so. Yet you yourself have been slinging comments around about Fred, calling him a tormentor and claiming to know the exact size and content of his personnel folder. In fact one post likend his actions on the same level as a coach charged with murder.You want to talk about not knowing facts or a violation in privacy policy? Did ...more
By Landshark44 (8), Colora on Feb 3, 09 6:03 PM
Hamptons Refugee said:
Jan 30, 09 8:29 PM
I do not know Mr. Marienfeld- so I cannot vouch for or counter any claims to his good name.

I am SO thankful that I left this kind of nonsense behind when I pulled up stakes and left Sag Harbor for good. This kind of petty action is what spurred Steinbeck to write 'Winter of our Discontent' whilst he lived in Sag Harbor. (do not be fooled - it is NOT a New England Town it IS Sag Harbor).

Though the town has undergone many changes ...more
By AnonymousSgh (183), Sag Harbor on Feb 4, 09 9:22 AM
The Great Charlie Pharoh-Dini once said, "You got another thing commin". End Scene
By student12 (5), sag harbor on Feb 4, 09 3:16 PM
After reading over all these comments I have come to one conclusion... I do believe in love after love...
By student12 (5), sag harbor on Feb 4, 09 3:20 PM
It's important to remember its a High School sport and its about the kids and only the kids. The coach and parents should only get involved as to help guide the team along and progress. Im not exactly sure if this blog is in the right place. Maybe you should address these things at a board meeting and not sit over the internet with no real human emotions and get your panties in a tizzy. For lack of better phrase. I know you guys are new to blogging its not really your generations "thing" but ...more
By student12 (5), sag harbor on Feb 4, 09 3:28 PM

Thanks for your thoughts about 'our generation', they are actually pretty funny. I'm most certainly from a different generation than you but I can assure you am quite web savvy.

Try not to make assumptions about adults and 'us adults' will try not to make assumptions about 'you teenagers.'

A blog is an online diary where people post their thoughts and others have the ability to make comments about it; i.e. the Olsen twins new obsession with leg warmers even ...more
By RealLocal (76), Bridgehampton on Feb 4, 09 3:52 PM
I was just being silly to lighten the mood.. nothing I said was real. The whole generation thing was not serious.
By student12 (5), sag harbor on Feb 4, 09 7:20 PM
i.e. leg warmers need to stay in the 80's
By student12 (5), sag harbor on Feb 4, 09 7:22 PM
It's not about whether or not this coach is a good guy or not. The fact is, he flat out bashed two kids in a local newspaper!! I have grown up out here , played sports out here for our local schools , even coached. With all that aside no matter what was said or what happened, how is that kid feeling? You're an adult and you acted in a non-professional matter. Now, for you parents who are taking the coaches side, grow up. We all know if it where your kid you would do the same as what those caring ...more
By eastend (1), southampton on Feb 4, 09 8:41 PM
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By harbor man (45), sag harbor on Feb 4, 09 9:28 PM
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By harbor man (45), sag harbor on Feb 4, 09 9:52 PM
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By harbor man (45), sag harbor on Feb 4, 09 10:10 PM
When a person is paid more you come to expect more and in this case it did not appear to happen. We are talking about a high school sport and I can never recall a high school coach being fired or removed as in this case.
By harbor man (45), sag harbor on Feb 5, 09 12:43 AM
Yes coach's in hs do not get the boot during the season ,so a lot more must of happened that we do not know.
I know these kid's as well and can assure you they are very happy he is gone .
By bigmac (8), portjeff on Feb 5, 09 8:28 AM
With each new generation the tweens and teens are becoming more and more empowered than the generation prior, yet the rules and general practice around accountability of a minor's actions simply cannot keep up with the rate of change. Young kids should not be given the privilege to complain like adults about the results of their own laziness. If you don’t work hard you don't get to play hard - PERIOD. If it takes you until the age of 15,16 or 17 to figure this out, then I'm afraid Mommy and Daddy ...more
By I love penguins (1), Bridgehampton on Feb 5, 09 2:56 PM
Mommy and Daddy didn't defame minor aged students in a public forum. Fred did. Try to stick to the facts please. Do you have a guess as to how many perfectly wonderful people have spoken out of place in a completely inapropiate manner and lost there position for it.
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 5, 09 4:41 PM
Mr. Hartley should understand the rules of Section XI before posting. A coach does not decide what league his/her team will compete in. Each year every school district in NYS submits a BEDS form stating the district population. Section XI then places teams in leagues based on the school's size. Pierson was in league VII when the enrollment swelled a few years back. Now Pierson is back in league VIII due to a decrease in enrollment. Section XI counts only the student in 9,10, and 11 grade to determine ...more
By Factfinder (1), Jamesport on Feb 5, 09 8:54 PM
Double D...Does that stand for "Double Dumb"? Spell check your work, man! Maybe you need some coaching!
By tjpg (11), Sag Harbor on Feb 6, 09 12:03 AM
Hey Mike

Since when is Ed Petrie NOT a district teacher? Is the East Hampton middle school not considered in the East Hampton district? He was a PE teacher for the middle school for how many years? He coached and taught for how many years as well as ran the biddy basketball? And if you want to talk about playing favorites, please. I lived some of that crap. I was a student at the school and he would not let girls play on his biddy b-ball teams. Sure, that was fair, not. Hey if it ...more
By Landshark44 (8), Colora on Feb 6, 09 9:54 AM
Please tell your editor's that when they publish a letter in Marienfeld's defense they really should state that the letter was written by the guy's sister!
By bigmac (8), portjeff on Feb 6, 09 10:06 AM
1 member liked this comment
We can talk about my keyboard abilities if you like. Although i was under the assumption that we were talking about a gym teacher/ex basketball coach.
I would love to be informed as to why after only 1 season with E.H. football he was asked not to return for a second? Was it for his obvious inability to control his emotions and mouth?
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 6, 09 12:56 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 6, 09 1:02 PM
Did you just compare Fred with what may be the most successful coach in state history? We have had Fred's overall record posted quite frequently. Could someone please break down his wins against teams with winning records? How about against other C schools? Yes i know it. I am wondering if you do? Let me know if you need help. He has 1 playoff win in 3 years.
Piersons record is 0 for the season against C schools this year. This is nit a bash. Just the facts.
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 6, 09 1:55 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By tjpg (11), Sag Harbor on Feb 6, 09 2:23 PM
Here are my top favorite quotes from double-D:

‘players wlo quit half way through the year to the All-Leagur squad’
‘sorry about the gammer expolsion’
’are you aware to reiceve’
‘clinch it fior Mery’
‘completely inapropiate’
‘This is nit a bash’

This has nothing to do with your 'keyboard abilities' and everything to do with what a stupid idiot you sound like.

I know who you are. A bitter, high school drop out that's got no life. Not a community minded ...more
By Born and Bred Sag Harbor Local (2), Sag Harbor on Feb 6, 09 4:36 PM
You got me. What can i say . I was taught at P.H.S. Bitter? I coulldn't be happier. The school administration finally got it right. How we doing finding the record against other C schools for the last 3 years?
By double-D (96), southampton on Feb 6, 09 5:11 PM
You tell us what the record is since you are such a well informed know it all, double-D.
By Support Fred (4), Sag Harbor on Feb 6, 09 5:18 PM
Double dumb,

What I compared was their coaching STYLES, not their RECORDS. Where did you see any such stat mentioned? Or anything close to that? Plus Fred had just started with this program, how can you compare a LIFETIME of coaching over just a few years? Since you're a FACT guy, what was Petries record in his first 3 years? First 5 years? How about his win % at Pierson? That would be an apples to apples comparison. Which is some random point you seemed to have made up.
O.K ...more
By Landshark44 (8), Colora on Feb 6, 09 5:28 PM
hey bigmac--why should they state the obvious? I put my entire name in the letter, people who are following this know I am Fred sister. Just as double d knows who I am, and I know who he is. So what? Does that make my statements less valid? No.

You are both hoping for the demise of a man who is everything they are not, and never will be. You both don't equal half the man he is. 'Nuff said.
By tjpg (11), Sag Harbor on Feb 7, 09 10:24 AM
I've known Fred for many years, there is no one more dedicated to his team and community. This is an unfortunate situation for everyone!
By Harbor at Heart (12), East Hampton on Feb 7, 09 12:41 PM
I'm just wondering if any you folks (regardless of your feelings for Fred) have
gone to the Pierson Athletic Dept. web site and read the code of conduct
for the Athletes (which in my eyes includes the coach). Bottom line he did not follow what was expected of him and he was terminated. I hope these standards are held for all the coaches in the school as Fred is not the only one who is not following the code. One last thought or should I say observation
Listen to the parents of ...more
By sagharborparent (30), sag harbor on Feb 9, 09 2:23 PM
Hey Fred's sis it is pretty sad that your bro was mislead by Jack Graves,kinda like being mislead by Mr Rodgers. If he kept his big mouth shut he would still be leading the whalers to a .500 record in the worst league in suffolk county history.
By bigmac (8), portjeff on Feb 10, 09 8:50 AM
As one who has coached against Marienfeld, I can objectivly say that his teams were always prepared and for the most part displayed good sportsmanship. The problem here seems to stem from the sense of entitlement which these two players (as well as their parents) in which they sought out retribution due to thier own actions. ie., quiting and not being named captain. The biggest issues that I see are 1) The AD and Superintendent not standing up to bickering parents. 2) The message that is clear ...more
By coacheee (2), greenport on Feb 10, 09 12:24 PM
Dear coacheee
I wish I could use my real name but because of how middle school children are treated in gym by Fred I cannot. This has nothing to do with entitlement, by these children or thier parents. If you are not an athlete he treats kids like crap. Most people in the district know the real DEAL it's all about Fred and the kids that his two boys are friends with. That's the only place I see enittlement,
Ask about his PAL team It's not open to all. He only has his friends kids on ...more
By sagharborparent (30), sag harbor on Feb 10, 09 2:18 PM
A lot of folks apparently need to grow up here. It sounds like inflated egos, spoiled kids & self-absorbed parents. How about concentrating on an education and not just "games?" I went to this school. Education came in second to sports. They pushed the kids to constantly win in order to obtain scholarships because the kids did not have the brains to do anything else. Then, when they all failed in the real world, they ran home to work for their daddies. Sad. Seems some things never change. ...more
By Ms. Jane Q. Public (147), Southampton on Feb 13, 09 10:38 AM
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