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Jun 8, 2009 4:57 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press

Inside the AD's office with Bill Madsen

Jun 8, 2009 4:57 PM


ierson High School Athletic Director Bill Madsen is a man who’s used to fulfilling his dreams.

Madsen’s entire life and career has been directed by his love of sports. He knew he wanted to teach physical education and coach before he was a teenager, but even before he achieved that goal, he dreamed of improving struggling athletics programs and eventually set his sights on the head administrative position he has today.

Madsen graduated from Dowling College in 1989 and was immediately hired by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he earned his chops coaching football. Madsen coached sports in the Northport School District and then moved on to the Brentwood School District in 1993. He taught phys ed and coached teams of all ages there until 2004, when he went to Rocky Point and became the savior of that school’s football program.

Last summer, Madsen filled the long vacant athletic director position in Sag Harbor and at the same time agreed to take on the role of facilities director. So far, the administrator said he’s thriving in the unique situation, juggling the two positions.

Pierson was the only job Madsen applied for, but he seems to have a knack for getting what he wants. Since taking the job in August, he’s made an effort to improve pride and school spirit in the district and he plans to build the varsity athletics programs by exposing kids to sports at a young age and integrating the programs so students of all ages are directed toward one goal.

Madsen sat down for an interview with The Southampton Press last week to discuss his plans and reflect on his first year as the Sag Harbor athletic director.


Give me an idea about your background. Where did you start out before coming to Pierson?

Bill Madsen:

The last four years I was a physical education teacher at Rocky Point, where I also served as the varsity football coach. I started my career in the Brentwood School District for 10 years where I coached varsity football, was head varsity softball/baseball coach, junior varsity boys basketball and middle school sports throughout my 10 years.


So you taught phys ed at Brentwood?


Really, K-12. I did elementary school, high school, middle school, wherever they needed me at the time.


How does one become a football coach? What are your credentials? Where did you play?


I was fortunate. The year I graduated college I was able to get a full-time coaching position, football, at WPI. It’s a college in Massachusetts under a tremendous head coach, Jack Siedlecki, who is actually now the head coach at Yale.

At a very early age, I guess I was 21, 22 at the time, I really learned how to run a football program from really one of the top coaches in the country. I was very, very fortunate. Then to take that experience into the Brentwood School District where I was an assistant coach and a coach at various levels. I knew if I ever had my own program I’d like to run it like Coach Siedlecki.


Did you play football in college?


No, in high school, at Commack North. I was more of a baseball player in high school and college. After I got out of WPI, I was fortunate once again. I had the opportunity to work with some great people. I had two stints coaching at Northport High School under Kip Lucarelli, who is also the varsity lacrosse coach at Huntington. He’s been the football coach at Northport for 20 years and he really taught me how important relationships are with people and parents and how to run a districtwide football program, from kiddie league to youth league, to the weight room, to all the things. So, I’ve been fortunate to really work with some great football people.


Didn’t you also have a great season at Rocky Point?


We took over the program in 2004 that had the longest losing streak in New York State at the time. I think they lost 18 or 19 games in a row and then the last three years we were there we were the winningest team in Division III. We had a nice turnaround. I had great coaches, great loyal coaches working for me and I had kids that really bought into what we were selling them. We just rolled up our sleeves and went to work. They were looking for leadership and myself and my staff was able to provide it.


Do you have designs or fantasies about creating a football program here at Pierson or is this school not big enough?


Obviously, being a football person, it runs through your mind. I don’t know if it demands it. We have a few kids playing in East Hampton. I know they had a football team here in the ’50s or the ’40s, but I don’t think the numbers will dictate, plus the facility is a problem as well. We don’t have the facility for it. I think there are a couple of strikes, that it would be hard to start one.


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Perfect timing this guy quit the day before your article appeared......And while we are on the subject of old news ,all you fred marienfeld supporters {family members} he has quit as well ,word is he was cursing at middle school bases ball players as well!
By bigmac (8), portjeff on Jun 15, 09 8:13 AM
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