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Jul 10, 2018 4:55 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

'The View' Co-Host Claims People Shouted Racial Slurs At Her In Sag Harbor

Jul 10, 2018 4:55 PM

Sunny Hostin wanted to celebrate the Fourth of July with her friends in Sag Harbor, but said she instead was subjected to racist insults from a group of random people.

Ms. Hostin, a co-host of the popular morning talk show “The View,” claimed on the July 9 show that “about 20” people ran in front of the Sag Harbor Hills home that she, her husband and her friends were renting for the holiday, and began yelling racial epithets at them.

Speaking over the phone on Tuesday, Ms. Hostin said that she and her friends were sitting outdoors in the backyard of the house a little after 10 p.m. when they noticed the group of college-aged people setting off fireworks on the private sandbar about 100 yards away.

“They said, ‘This is America. We are patriots. This is our holiday,’ things like that,” Ms. Hostin said on the show.

The house is in one of the subdivisions famous for being home to many African-Americans who were able to afford and own beachfront property after World War II. “This area is supposed to be a safe haven—it’s a place of pride,” she said on the show. “We found out later that they targeted us, specifically because of that community.”

Sag Harbor Village Police said they were called to Ms. Hostin’s house at 10:22 p.m. and, once they arrived, she said the group scattered, cursing at her and her friends some more for calling police.

After police took a statement from her and left, Ms. Hostin said the group came back to the same spot to set off more fireworks no more than 30 minutes later. Police were called again and managed to stop a few of the people in the group, though Ms. Hostin said that they denied they were the ones using the racial slur.

She added that police found “alcohol debris” on the sandbar when they returned a second time. Ms. Hostin later found out from a neighbor that a group of people in a white truck had been driving around the neighborhood earlier and may have been shouting things that upset the neighbors and seemingly, in Ms. Hostin’s words, were “casing” the area.

“We were all pretty shocked,” she said in a phone interview on Tuesday. “We’re all adults and parents who’ve been welcomed into this community for years. After the police left, some of my friends spent an hour talking about race and the first time they were called the n-word.”

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