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Aug 7, 2018 5:23 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Locals On Mission To Restore The Residential Nature Of The Neighborhood Surrounding Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

Walter Deane discusses the mission of the Southampton Hospital Neighborhood Association. ELSIE BOSKAMP
Aug 10, 2018 11:29 AM

About 40 Southampton Village residents who live on the streets surrounding Stony Brook Southampton Hospital have joined forces, with a goal of eventually restoring the residential nature of the hospital’s current Meeting House Lane site when the facility eventually moves to the Stony Brook Southampton campus, where a new $250 million hospital is planned.

Walter Deane, a longtime resident of Southampton Village, is among the neighbors who formed the Southampton Hospital Neighborhood Association. He said the fear is that the site of the current hospital will be auctioned off and used to build a dense development, like townhouses and attached apartments, similar to the Southampton Pointe and Bishops Pond condos nearby.

Last week, the group sent letters voicing their concerns, signed by 26 of the association’s members, to Bob Chaloner, the hospital’s chief administrative officer, Southampton Village Mayor Michael Irving, and the Village Planning Board.

“We hope that the next step will be a commitment from the hospital and the village—and the town, and the county, and the state—that the neighbors will be listened to and be a part of the decision process, because it’s going to involve all of those entities,” Mr. Deane said, standing in front of the Southampton Point development on Tuckahoe Lane.

“We have always been committed to being a good neighbor,” Mr. Chaloner said in a statement this week in response to questions about the association’s concerns. “We have met with the Southampton Hospital Neighborhood Association and will do so again as we move forward in the planning process.”

According to Richard Lisman, another longtime Southampton Village resident, the group met with Mr. Chaloner for an informational meeting last fall, where Mr. Chaloner said the hospital could have plans to continue using the property instead of selling it. “They did tell us, whether it’s still true or not, that their highest priority was a managed care facility, like Peconic Landing on the North Fork,” he said.

If a nursing home is still one of the proposals for the current hospital site, the group members said that they would want the hospital to conduct a study to determine if there was a genuine need for such a facility in Southampton.

Mr. Deane noted that a number of nearby residences have been purchased by the hospital over the past 50 years to create additional parking and building space, and, as a result, the neighborhood is less residential. Neighbors also are concerned about noise and environmental issues.

“We hope that the impending move will result in these houses and parking lots, and the roads that surround the hospital, which have been widened and made into virtual parking lots, to be returned to their original state, as the current zoning requires, as they will no longer be needed for the hospital,” he said. “We will not accept the option of the properties being sold to the highest bidders without consideration of the resulting impact on the neighborhood and village.”

The group members noted that they will continue to meet on a regular basis, and welcome any concerned residents living in the immediate area of the hospital or elsewhere in the village or town, to join them on their mission to conserve the neighborhood.

“This is wider than the neighborhood—it’s the village in general,” Mr. Lisman said. “What would you like to see there for the next generation?”

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Dense development is more affordable with less environmental impact than single family homes. The hospital's location on an existing bus route and within walking distance to town and the ocean make it ideally situated for townhouses or other quasi-dense housing.

A managed care facility is in high need on the South Fork, The Hamptons Center is currently the only option and is consistently at full capacity.

By Aeshtron (291), Southampton on Aug 8, 18 11:42 AM
Same locals who oppose a boarder wall?
By kpjc (159), east quogue on Aug 8, 18 12:51 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By BrianWilliams (66), on Aug 8, 18 2:05 PM
I can spell border and much more. I am a Trump supporter. Ignorant snobs like you are the reason so many people support our President.
By Babyboo (258), Hampton Bays on Aug 8, 18 6:15 PM
2 members liked this comment
Something like the Sag Harbor Watchcase re-development would be incredible here.
By Agawam Yacht Club (58), Southampton on Aug 8, 18 3:43 PM
When you think they will break ground ?
By knitter (1606), Southampton on Aug 8, 18 6:19 PM
High quality affordable rentals would be exactly what the area needs! Young people can not afford to stay.
By Mouthampton (417), Southampton on Aug 8, 18 7:21 PM
Apparently ownership has been out of the equation for some time...
By Mr. Z (10914), North Sea on Aug 8, 18 7:28 PM
I will translate for people out of the know. The village says they would love affordable housing and love minorities. They just dont want the hospital converted nor do the want Hillcrest to remain a minority area. Quite the group of ra ists on the village board
By chief1 (2609), southampton on Aug 8, 18 9:47 PM
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Just want to be clear, you are asserting the members of the board made their decision based on a hatred of non-white people and are seeking to physically drive them from the area, is that correct? They are racists (based on some knowledge you have, presumably), so filled with animus towards non-white people that they are trying to ethnically cleanse the area. I just want to be clear I understand what you're saying, because it's an extremely serious accusation to be leveled in a public forum.

By MoronEliminator (164), Montauk on Aug 10, 18 3:04 PM
In 1909, the Southampton Hospital Association bought the Hervey J. Topping house on the corner of Lewis Street and Meeting House Lane and planned to build the hospital on an adjoining lot. In 1911, Samuel Parrish donated 2.5 acres (1.0 ha) on Old Town Road, stretching from Meeting House Lane to Herrick Road, where the present hospital opened in 1913 and still stands today.

If you want to return the neighborhood to its original feel, those annoying carpetbaggers would have to first leave ...more
By even flow (808), East Hampton on Aug 9, 18 6:48 AM
I doubt what will be built there will be affordable to locals. That property is south of the highway and so close to the ocean.
By Mrs.Sea (267), Sag Harbor on Aug 9, 18 7:37 AM
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So true an it will most likely become luxury aprtament rentals.

The old Jet East property on NS road would be a great place for the Town to establish actual affordable housing ( particularly for single locals) keep it local...use Tiny Hamptons LLC for a section designated for singles. And larger units for couples an small families . Small homes are better on the environment an since we are implementing bans left an right. Shouldn’t we be encouraging smaller housing ....
By toes in the water (738), southampton on Aug 11, 18 7:35 AM
The hospital needs to raise too much money to devote all of that land to affordable housing. Maybe some portion can, and should, be affordable, but Southampton Hospital has to raise $250 million to build the new facility. Single family homes are the best way - each 1/2 acre lot could probably sell for between $2 and $3 million in that location.
By vsmorton (1), Southampton on Aug 9, 18 1:05 PM
just curious moron eliminated do you see any affordable apartments being built in the village? Do you see any help for Shinnecocks or people in Hillcredt to help people? Do you see the village making arrangements to buy the hospital? Just going by actions
By chief1 (2609), southampton on Aug 10, 18 10:33 PM
Not in my back yard [212's]...
By knitter (1606), Southampton on Aug 12, 18 6:04 PM