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Feb 14, 2011 9:04 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

Feb 14, 2011 9:04 PM

Southampton Town officials released details of the separation agreement between the town and former Southampton Town Attorney Michael Sordi, who stepped down from his post last Friday.

The agreement stipulates that Mr. Sordi, who effectively resigned on February 11, will receive a lump sum payment that includes a 30-day compensation of his annual salary, which is listed as $115,000 in the 2011 adopted budget—or just under $9,600 a month—as well as all unused and accumulated paid vacation days available to him up to the date of his resignation, according to the agreement. Mr. Sordi would also be required to file a written report on the status of all the cases and matters he was responsible for with the town attorney’s office by February 28, 2011. He is also required to respond to inquiries from the town for matters he’s responsible for up until May 31, 2011.

The town will pay for Mr. Sordi’s health insurance coverage up until May 31, 2011, according to the agreement.

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A Sordid affair indeed. At least SH Town has decided to allow a bit of transparency here.

You can't make this stuff up!
By PBR (4877), Southampton on Feb 14, 11 9:45 PM
Well IMO Nuzzi and Malone owe an explanation as to why this agreement makes them so uncomfortable as to justify an abstention... Lights, cameras, action...Where are the thespians?
By V.Tomanoku (651), southampton on Feb 14, 11 10:04 PM
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Cowards abstain for fear of taking a stance
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Feb 15, 11 8:02 AM
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Barack Obama was faced with a difficult vote in the Illinois legislature — to support a bill that would let some juveniles be tried as adults, a position that risked drawing fire from African-Americans, or to oppose it, possibly undermining his image as a tough-on-crime moderate.

In the end, Mr. Obama chose neither to vote for nor against the bill. He voted “present,” effectively sidestepping the issue, an option he invoked nearly 130 times as a state ...more
By RealityFirst (597), Bridgehampton on Feb 15, 11 9:15 AM
What does that have to do with this article? Absolutely nothing. So why do you bring it up? Because that is the tactic of people without ideas - change the subject and attempt to divert attention.

By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Feb 15, 11 9:35 AM
You are a hypocrite.
By RealityFirst (597), Bridgehampton on Feb 15, 11 11:47 AM
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This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Mr. Z (10415), North Sea on Feb 15, 11 3:15 AM
$10,000 is a small price to pay to get rid of this guy!
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 15, 11 9:13 AM
I think it's more like three times that amount -- a gift for Sordi, but a fairly good deal for Sordi, considering that he's been a "no show" for his salary and benefits for the past five months.
Feb 15, 11 3:39 PM appended by Frank Wheeler
Oops -- mis-read the terms of the deal.
By Frank Wheeler (1796), Northampton on Feb 15, 11 3:39 PM
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Very fair settlement
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Feb 15, 11 9:59 AM
Most anyone else, would be paying for COBRA until June, out of their own pocket.

I thought only executives received "golden parachutes"...
By Mr. Z (10415), North Sea on Feb 15, 11 10:06 AM
$9,600 plus unused vacation days, plus health coverage through May 31. That's it? So why did Chris Nuzzi and Jim Malone abstain on accepting his resignation? On 2/13, just two days ago, 27east reported they were "unhappy with the settlement agreement" and quoted Mr. Nuzzi as saying "I'll just say I was not comfortable with the terms of the agreement."

What's not to like, guys? As often happens with these two, there's some unseen agenda in play here. Maybe it's just taking a blind ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1861), Quiogue on Feb 15, 11 10:18 AM
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Sorry, date in 2nd paragraph should be 2/13, not 2/11.
By Turkey Bridge (1861), Quiogue on Feb 15, 11 10:25 AM
TB, you (and others) need to re-calculate.
Feb 15, 11 3:42 PM appended by Frank Wheeler
Nev-ver mind!
By Frank Wheeler (1796), Northampton on Feb 15, 11 3:42 PM
As distasteful as having to give him even a dollar may be, the fact is that the Town got out of this one cheap.
By CoweeDewey (110), East Quogue on Feb 15, 11 6:12 PM
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Nuzzi and Malone both want to be Supervisor. They want to preserve a record of never voting money to an incompetent Democratic appointee.
By highhatsize (3701), East Quogue on Feb 15, 11 10:36 AM
Or,they wish to preserve our treasure to pay overtime and benefits to the SHPD?..Lol.
By V.Tomanoku (651), southampton on Feb 15, 11 1:01 PM
V., don't encourage him
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 15, 11 2:38 PM
What if the default is part of the Town's legal strategy and Nuzzi and Malone want nothing to do with it?
By Duckbornandraised (181), Eastport on Feb 15, 11 10:38 AM
I don't think you understand how law works...
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 15, 11 11:19 AM
QuiogueGeorge finally got it right-ATH can do nothing right. She has a perfect record.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Feb 15, 11 12:04 PM
"You can't make this stuff up!"

Where have we heard this phrase before?

SH Town government continues to DE-VOLVE into dysfunctionality.

Sad IMO.
By PBR (4877), Southampton on Feb 15, 11 6:12 PM
Turkey Bridge or George who ever you are, said “$9600 that’s it”??

No Turkey that’s NOT IT.

$9600 VACATION 4 WEEKS All ADMIN STAFF GET 4 weeks up front
for the New Year.
$3925 5 MONTHS OF HEALTH INS (Cost Of Health Ins. $9500 per yr)
$25,894 Total payout

This amount may be even more, who knows ...more
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Feb 15, 11 7:43 PM
You assume Sordi had not used a day of vacation since startin in 2010 (not 2009) and I can tell you that's wrong. He also didn't show up for a week before his quitting so that used up some time.

People who you believe were "forced" to retire got a sweet deal thanks to a retirement incentive plan put fourth by NY State that Southampton signed onto. They got credit for extra time they never worked as civil servants and get to take pensions early with no penalty.

Sordi, as Town ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 15, 11 9:12 PM
How much of this are you assuming? So much for "A Nature's Tale"
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Feb 15, 11 9:31 PM
Only the part about how much vaca he used, and the part prefaced as "my guess". The rest is F-A-C-T
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 15, 11 9:36 PM
Interesting. Darlene Troge, whose only apparent sin was not being a buddy of ATH's, gets frogmarched, weeping, out of Town Hall, with no severance package. Meanwhile Sordi, the Empress's bully, runs off with a settlement. I can still remember ATH invoking her good-hearted socialist father at her inauguration. Housing and free clinics for the workers; compassion and fairness for all. Something wrong with this picture?
By rabblerouser (45), Hampton Bays on Feb 15, 11 8:47 PM
Correct rabblerauser
We have a liar, phony and chief for supervisor.
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Feb 15, 11 9:36 PM
I don't think anyone is defending ATH...
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 15, 11 9:39 PM
It would seem, not a one.
By Mr. Z (10415), North Sea on Feb 15, 11 10:45 PM
I've said it before and I'll say it again, reg rep, you need new writers. That "liar and phoney" line that you use constantly about ATH is really getting tiresome, especially since the "phoney" part is wholly nebulous and the "liar" part is wholly unproven.

Anyway, let's be accurate: I didn't say "$9,600 that's it?' I said "$9,600 plus unused vacation days, plus health coverage through May 31. That's it?" So I covered all the items you've named, and you know what? It's a good deal ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1861), Quiogue on Feb 15, 11 11:33 PM
TB: "the 'liar' part is wholly unproven."

On the contrary, sir, she gave a statement to a reporter shortly after the Kabot arrest, which statement was impeached by SWORN testimony given by the other party to the telephone call.

Now that this has emerged, she's doing what the Beach Blogger termed "The Clinton Diction Defense" in an attempt to weasel away from her earlier statement. That's some shameful stuff right there!

Now you're all over Reg Rep being "quite irrational ...more
By Frank Wheeler (1796), Northampton on Feb 16, 11 2:38 AM
1 member liked this comment
"Spate of dissembling," Mr. Wheeler? What are you talking about, besides the one disputed instance you've cited just above? I know you're careful with the facts, unlike some on this site, so you won't give us distortion or innuendo. So what else is there? I ask, because one time (and a contested one at that) does not make a "spate." You're exaggerating.

As far as my alleged "partisan loyalty" is concerned, you seem to have missed my admission above that ATH probably made a mistake ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1861), Quiogue on Feb 16, 11 10:43 AM
TB: "...one time (and a contested one at that) does not make a 'spate.' You're exaggerating."

So, how much DOES make a spate, sir?

You're all about "spin" of late -- DJ113 says always -- and calling her statement to a reporter vis-a-vis subsequent sworn testimony, is extremely weak.

An "admission above that ATH probably made a mistake" with the "probably" qualifier,, is not much of an "admission," is it?

As far as 'exaggerating," I call your attention to your ...more
Feb 16, 11 1:40 PM appended by Frank Wheeler
Whoa!!! I just noticed that my on-line spell-check program (I check because I care) didn't recognize "Nuzzi" and changed it to "Nazi." That was not my intention, and I apologize!
By Frank Wheeler (1796), Northampton on Feb 16, 11 1:40 PM
Correct on one point we are very different (thank God). I don't like phonies or liars and Ms. Throne-Holst is both.

I could never defend a liar (as Frank Wheeler pointed out) like Anna Throne-Holst.
The reason you find my comments about Anna being a liar and a phony tiresome is because you know it to be true. With my constant reminder to you and everyone else on this blog is upsetting you. You see Turkey the people should not ever forget what Anna is.
The statement you ...more
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Feb 16, 11 7:54 PM
Mr. Wheeler, it's laughable that you accuse me of spin when you employ the tactics you do. When an intelligent person like you is disingenuous enough to ask "how much DOES make a spate?" though you know very well what the word means, that's just rubbish. I can't believe I'm doing this, but the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "spate" online as "a large number or amount." So that's more than one, right? And it's more than two, and more than three, and so on. My point is that you only ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1861), Quiogue on Feb 17, 11 1:16 AM
In post just above, 9th paragraph, 7th line, "ourt" should be "court." Sorry.
By Turkey Bridge (1861), Quiogue on Feb 17, 11 1:27 AM
In post above, 5th paragraph, 4th line, "oposition" should be "opposition." Equally sorry.
By Turkey Bridge (1861), Quiogue on Feb 17, 11 10:57 AM
Golly, TB, I admit to prodding you, but I never expected you to take the bait that thoroughly.

Yes, "laughable" was a good word here, but you seem to have missed what the "laughable" part was, and I'm getting the sense that you are full-time as serious as you were during your podium-pounding appearance on TV last November. How else could you have failed to recognize "how much DOES make a spate?" for what was intended? The kids of today advise others to "take a chill pill," but in your case, ...more
By Frank Wheeler (1796), Northampton on Feb 17, 11 11:02 AM
I still don't catch the humor you're suggesting, Mr. W., so maybe I'm really slow, or maybe I'm as "serious" as you speculate. I truly believe this town's in trouble on several levels, as I think you do too, and that sort of puts a serious cast on my comments. Given how many people on this site are less than serious -- and less than satisfying -- in one way or another, maybe that's not a bad thing.

But it's OK, and the only thing you've said that I'll trouble to contest (having already ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1861), Quiogue on Feb 19, 11 12:02 PM
Then it's really a matter of personal policy, TB, and you'll have to accept (as do I) the consequences of how others may perceive us.

I herewith withdraw. I sense that we may share a certain distaste for how things are going within the Town, and as I have no insider connections to any of those responsible, I'm not loathe to make critical comment where I see fault.
By Frank Wheeler (1796), Northampton on Feb 19, 11 12:10 PM
Get real: The Town's payout here is a bargain compared to fighting the guy in court. $26K would get burned up in a month or two of attorney fees to outside consel fighting a Sordi suit. And even if Town attorneys handled it, Sordi would have gotten more than $26K from a judge/jury.

SPOILER ALERT: Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and people who walk away from unexpired employment contracts without demanding $$ in return all share something in common. It's not a desire to give ...more
By CoweeDewey (110), East Quogue on Feb 16, 11 12:34 AM
Does anyone notice a pattern here? Both Southampton and East Hampton Towns hired Town Attorneys who had been let go from other positions due to incompetence/poor records and both of whom were later "negotiated" out the door of both Towns. Is the east end the dumping ground for incompetent attorneys from all over the island? Surely there are competent local attorneys who would be willing to take these positions, why not tap into what we have and support the local community and ecomony at the same ...more
By soggy pants (6), montauk on Feb 16, 11 10:26 AM
If you're "competent", an "attorney" AND you live on the "east end" you would never take a position as a Town Attorney because financially you would be taking a loss. The people who take the position of Town Attorney aren't good attorneys...if they were they wouldn't waste 40-50 hours a week making only $110,000/year.

Asst. Town Attorneys on the other hand are a different breed - they usually are working for the Town to become specialized in something (like Land Use law) and enjoy the ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 16, 11 10:43 AM
East Hampton has had the same town attorney for ages. In fact didn't they change the law specifically for him since he resides outside of the township in Crookhaven? Yeah, a municipality is a great place for a young attorney to start out. But when someone in there 40's -50's still works for the town wouldn't you wonder a little about their competence?
By Brown25 (38), Groovehampton on Feb 16, 11 12:36 PM
Sordi isn't from Brookhaven - he lives in Smithtown (Nesconsett).
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 16, 11 12:59 PM

Actually the assistant town attorneys stay on even after they are seasoned. Why? Because they can get paid by the Town, earn benefits from the Town and keep a private practice "on the side". Tax payer financed law practice!

East Hampton Town was even worse until the side practices were banned.
By CommonSense (71), Southampton on Feb 16, 11 3:42 PM
I hope all bloggers are following this story in all the local papers.

Is everyone aware that Anna Throne-Holst at last Fridays work session broke with open meeting protocal by neglecting to mention a special town board meeting would be held following the executive session. This was the special board meeting where the resolution to accept Sordi's resignation would be voted on.
Let me explain why this is important. When an executive session is the last item on a work session the press ...more
Feb 16, 11 8:34 PM appended by reg rep
As far as my comment on a cover up. Anna Throne-Holst has lots experience on cover-ups.... Can anybody say Linda Kabot
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Feb 16, 11 8:34 PM
In the general scheme of things was this that relevant? Are you becoming a bit too obsessed with your disdain for ATH? You seem to see conspiracy under every leaf. Get some sleep.
By V.Tomanoku (651), southampton on Feb 17, 11 1:48 PM
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WHO HIRED THIS GUY ANYWAY??? I don;t get it! He's told to hit the road (in a round-a-bout way), gets a big payday for the rest of his year. Why?? couldn't we just kept him around since he's still being paid and strip him of all legal duties and assign him a different job description for the remainder of the year cleaning all town toilets. Atleast the money paid him would be utilized and not totally lost and he'd be where he belongs doing what he does best shoveling s__t.
By The Crow's Nest (63), Red Creek on Feb 16, 11 8:41 PM
2 members liked this comment
There would still be the cost of hiring someone else doing his work. The town hired, wisely IMO, outside counsel to take over his cases. I don't know that he is being paid for the rest of this year except his medical insurance through May. I think for morale purposes you would rather not have him around.
By V.Tomanoku (651), southampton on Feb 17, 11 9:20 AM
The Supervisor did not cover anything up....give it a rest!
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Feb 16, 11 9:30 PM
Of course she did, I know it's a disgrace but it's true.
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Feb 16, 11 9:59 PM
Of course Anna told the truth. The problem is that her version of the truth is different from yours. Given that, neither of you will be able to reconcile your differences on this matter at least.

I for one think she does herself a disservice with her nuanced and indirect answer to this question about who called whom when. Whatever the consequences take a page out of Linda Kabot's book and grab this bull by the horn. Let the chips fall where they may and put it behind her once and for ...more
By V.Tomanoku (651), southampton on Feb 17, 11 1:57 PM
The press has the article of the Sordi resignation up on line. Very interesting, it seems that the town board members have been discussing laying off Sordi for months. As the article states he's been screwing up for months. It started shorly after he was hired. The article further states that Anna and Bridget would not agree with the other 3 to terminate him. It was not until recently that Anna and Bridge agreed to let him go. Anna also said in the article that she knew about Sordi's troubled past ...more
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Feb 16, 11 9:47 PM
Good summary of the information on the update of the original article about the resignation. It does a good job of informing us as to all the previous misdeeds of this attorney.
However, I would add that Mr. Nuzzi was also aware of this attorney's troubled record in Nassau. Although the article does point out two versions of what went on there. Anna bought the wrong version,the one that defended his record. She is accountable for that. Did Nuzzi, or did he have an obligation, try to impede ...more
By V.Tomanoku (651), southampton on Feb 17, 11 3:11 PM
"What a nerve he would have filing a suit against the town."

He's an incompetent attorney that has no problem taking tax payers for a ride and his personal life is is proof he lacks a moral compass (from personal experience).

Yea, ATH is to blame - but so is the rest of the Board. I don't care if it's "policy" or whatever that the TB approves whoever the new Sup wants as Town Attorney. They should have said, ATH - this is a bad idea. He has a bad track record, let's find someone ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 17, 11 10:27 AM
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V. Tom & Nature:
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Feb 18, 11 7:16 PM
Hampton Bays Rotary, Autumn Evening by the Sea, Joyce Oakland, Oaklands Restaurant