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3 Comments by Irving Venice

West Hampton Dunes Village, Residents Challenge Authority Of Town Trustees

I am dumbfounded by the ignorant comments posted here. What horrible, mean-spirited neighbors all of you are.

First, a big hooray for our great Mayor, Gary Veglante, ten times over. If it hadn't been for Gary, who pushed us to form our Village and who has served as Mayor for almost 20 years, we wouldn't even have a barrier beach, and none of you would have access to the beach at Cupsogue Park.

When the mis-engineered jetty field cause massive beach erosion in our area, and we begged the Town of Southampton (then our only jurisdiction) and the Trustees to help us in our fight againt the Feds, New York State and Suffolk County, the Town and the Trustees did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even to protect their own assets and tax base.

That's why we formed our Village. After the huge (and fully predicted) breach of 1992-3, It was only our Gary Vegliante, negotiating solo against the Army Corps, NYS and Suffolk County, who forged a settlement that re-created our barrier beach, saved the mainland from flooding and prevented Moriches Bay from remaining a part of the Atlantic Ocean. Not the Town, not the Trustees, and not any of you.

Now, 17 years later, the Town and Trustees, an arrogant and bigoted bunch of power-hungry jerks, are suing to delegitimize our Village and steal our land.

Nature - an amazingly conceited nickname you've chosen - the Town and Trustees are using YOUR tax dollars to sue us. We individual defendants - the Town and Trustees are suing us individually - are paying for our defense OUT OF OUR OWN POCKETS.

Sunshine - are you serious about YOUR holier-than-thou nickname too? - you write "Westhampton Dunes is all about destroying the environment" and other mean, nasty things. Are you kidding? There wouldn't even be a barrier beach if it hadn't been for us. Your heroes the Trustees would have been happy to see our beach gone! You accuse us of greed? In our settlement with the Army Corps, NYS and Suffolk County, all the beach-side owners agreed to move their houses back much closer to Dune Road and gave up ownership of most of their beach lots! That's why they're "close" to the dunes. We never received a dollar of compensation for the destruction caused by the jetties. You are an ignorant, mean person.

Bigfresh, highhatsize and Turkey Brain - In the settlement, which Gary negotiated solo without the help of the Town or Trustees, we had to give up the original promise that the jetties be completed down to Moriches Inlet. If the jettioes had been completed as initially planned, the tidal flows at the Inlet would have increased and re-flushed Moriches Bay, a point we brought up at every meeting. We pushed for this for almost two decades and were rebuffed. So, where were you when we were fighting this one on our own?

All of you should know that the Village and we individual defendants have asked the Town and Trustees to settle this asinine litigation. We have offered (a) to give the Trustees clear title to the spit formed by the breach on condition that NO ONE build on it and (b) to give the Town and Trustees a conservation easement on the very few private lots that were increased by the devastation of the 1992-3 breach so that nothing new will be built on the halves near the bay. What's so terrible or "greedy" about this? But the Town and Trustees have rejected our offer and are still suing. Sorry, but such an arrogant, mean, spiteful (!) attitude deserves a punch in the face, and I surely hope Gary socks it to them.

How many of you vote in the Town? I do. Do you?

Well, it's obvious none of you lives in the Village, you are so appallingly ignorant of the history here. Just as well - some neighbors you'd be.

" Nov 28, 10 9:48 PM

bigfresh - You are really a jerk. Flood insurance does not pay for land value, and research on the Dongan patent in 1957, when my folks bought the land and built the house, would never have revealed that the Trustees would some day shirk their responsibilities to protect the bay and the beach (in this case from the erosion caused by the jetties) and then, 17 years later, opportunistically sue us to try to grab our land. Our land, where it always was, not bay bottom, and not ocean beach. I truly hope that an out-of-control government agency sets its sights on you and comes down on you like a Biblical plague." Nov 29, 10 8:10 PM

stop - The Village has made no claim whatsoever to ownership of anything, and is proud of the public access that it asked the ocean-side owners to grant in the settlement. The Village has never - not once - denied anyone public access to the beach. Our settlement has granted MORE beach access to numbskulls like you than any other municipality in the Hamptons. You, like so many of the other dimwitted commentators here, have absolutely no clue as to the issues or the history." Nov 29, 10 8:54 PM