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Voters Take To The Polls On Tuesday, All Budgets In Southampton Town Approved

Could it be that it was alphabetical. Pa before Pi. Relax, they both will get the same 1 vote. " May 18, 11 8:13 AM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

Are you kidding me...." Nov 4, 11 2:47 PM

Look at the FACTS.
1. NON working gun inside of LOCKED car, no brought into the building
2. Gun NOT car owners
3. NO threats were made
4. NO ammunition inside of car
So if John brings a water gun to school does he get home tutoring for the year?
If the car was parked just off school grounds would the same punishment be invoked?
Some punishment here yes....but lets use common sence or has that also left the East End land scape along with the farm lands.
" Nov 4, 11 3:02 PM