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Two-Day Music Festival Planned for Amagansett

Like the first poster, I too have been in the festival game for a very long time and while I applaud the intent, these guys have already shown their lack of experience by projecting the wish that Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, etc. might show up. The press has already twisted this wish into the suggestion that they are actually playing, which is the kiss of death in our business. Notwithstanding the tech rider and production standards for these artists, which these knuckleheads could never afford, Billy's just announced a tour with Elton and Paul only play with his band, which they, again, couldn't afford. To Copter Boy above, the failed shows at Ross School (lost $18 million!) showed that people simply won't pay high prices for an event like this. The Polo crowd expect to get in free more and more...personally, unless these guys are prepared to underwrite about $750,000 or more, this thing is going to crater on its own weight. " Jan 29, 11 9:15 AM

Amagansett Festival Organizers Consider Moving Concert To Airport

Sorry, but these guys are sounding more defensive and way too loose lipped to be helping the perception of their inexperience. Saying they have "major" acts and not releasing their names is just dumb. We do not give out talent details in our business until the venue, sponsors and other key logistical details are locked and loaded. Chris and Bill, if you're reading these things, SHUT THE HELL UP! You have no obligation to give disgruntled folks a soap box to make you respond when you're not required to. If you got/get your MGP for the venue that works, the smartest thing you could do is as follows: Have an event plan rendering done for all to see and release that...then, bond the $ for the town...and get back to work!" Feb 12, 11 4:53 PM

They have a venue that they've now agreed with their critics may not have been the best decision. So now they're trying a new location that they're talking about. Not done in our business.

As far as announcing the line-up, personally, I would wait until about May 1, especially if they were successful in securing a few sponsors. Thus far, the press on this gig had been weal and not forgiving. Turn the tables with a good story!

" Feb 12, 11 5:52 PM

Actually, I am Michael Lang's oft time producing partner, so I would say I'm qualified to make my comment. As above, best to be quiet until details are locked and loaded." Feb 13, 11 2:09 PM

please guys, this is getting a little nuts. Depending on the level of talent, whether the event is a first timer and sponsor goals, "On Sale" dates are normally 60 - 90 days out, or May 12 - June 12. For this event, beginning of May is best." Feb 13, 11 2:16 PM

I appreciate your concerns, am an EH resident and am not involved with this project. And I too have many reservations about this show pulling off at all. However, these guys are getting pressed from all directions and when that happens, answers usually are put out to temporarily quell the uncertainty. They have a MGP, which means they fulfilled the town's requirements. For them to be successful, they need to make a talent announcement when it can generate a good story and sales. All I'm saying is let them get their house in order and maybe they'll surprise us all. " Feb 13, 11 3:30 PM

A very out out of touch post. As I've written many times, they just need to get their house in order and announce when things are ready to be announced. And as a so called "expert", you must have an ingress/egress and additional safety plan integral to ANY mass gathering event plan, so try not to spout when you know not of what you speak. In addition, any expert in our business who doesn't think way out of the box does not stay in the game...or they're a contractor working for someone who does. Finally, most of us who are actually Producers do events in all sizes...we just don't spout off anything in the news before we're ready." Feb 13, 11 8:21 PM

Bingo on the Airport, but they've been trying to do rentals for years. I fly the seaplane in there on friday's, so I'm hoping to avoid the mess. However, the idea of a a sizable show in the right spot could be very cool. Around five years back, Crosby, Stills & Nash played a show at the field behind the Church alongside the Maidstone Tennis House in EH. I didn't go as i was out of town, but my wife went and said it was excellent and had zero problems. Ten acre perfectly flat field for people, ten acre field next door...think the headcount was about 2,500-3,000. Something like that would be a lot of fun." Feb 14, 11 7:55 PM

Vampire Weekend, Bright Eyes Will Headline MTK Festival

Wow, what a line-up!!!!! ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS!?! These bands target young kids who complain about spending more than $30 for tickets. They will be lucky to sell 1,500 tickets a day to this." May 10, 11 6:47 AM

I actually am an expert and festival producer. First, they are not promoters...the two from Sag Harbor have no event experience and the guys they hired are: a low level label guy; Bobby Kennedy III; and a guy involved with the Hampton Social series...which lost $18 million! Instead of the Vampire Weekend article, maybe you should read today's article about Live Nation partnering with Groupon because of dropping concert ticket prices.
" May 10, 11 11:27 AM

Actually, I have known Bobby III and family since he was a little kid, so be very careful what you assume. Bobby is qualified to get his beautiful people friends like Amanda Hearst, Luigi Tadini, etc. to go to the event, but not to navigate the local politics of something like this. Qualified for any of them would not choose a $195 price point for a first year event when ticket prices are dropping and the artists don't command more than $30 - 45 for any of their shows." May 11, 11 10:25 AM

If you're not doing their PR or work for them already, you should. The price point for a first year event is ridiculous...and Bright Eyes average ticket price is $38...The only reason for the $200 price on August 6th is because of the popularity and small size of The Blue Note venue." May 11, 11 10:32 AM

Really...you mean there's more than one Bobby Kennedy of RFK Productions working on MTK that's the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Please, do tell as the Earth Day at the National Mall credit of MTK's Bobby Kennedy that had Sting, The Roots, etc. included Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and family." May 11, 11 1:37 PM

OK, then I would ask him why the heck he would allow tickets to go on sale before the FAA approval and with the Amagansett lawsuit in waiting and a price of $195. it just doesn't make sense to me for someone who knows the ropes." May 11, 11 3:49 PM

You forgot / missed a minor detail...that series LOST $18 MILLION DOLLARS and the charity got jack. It was a disaster and MTK has one of the "professionals" who worked on that one working on this one. " May 13, 11 1:26 PM

A little testy are we Mr. Rich. Not sure how all knowing one has to be when Warner Bros. music, which is PUBLIC, had to write off $18 million. But knowing Nile Rogers, The Strategic Group, and the others who produced the Ross series, yes, I may know a few more facts than others...beyond the fact that I and ALL of my friends were comped. As far as swooping in, I or any other with chops in our business would not be part of this event based on the way it has been handled. If you attended various MTK planning events, John Broderick, who's been in our game for a long time, has been much more outspoken than me." May 13, 11 10:57 PM

Not a hater at all. Frankly, I'd prefer to see this event succeed because then it won't ruin it for future projects. The Ross series put such a bad taste in peoples mouths, it took four years just to get another project on the books. As far as how it's been planned, it's played out in the press since day one...and at $195, the risk of not selling like Ross is high. " May 14, 11 9:01 AM

If i am wrong about this Kennedy, then i do apologize, but I can't find a single Bob Kennedy from RFK Productions via Google or anywhere else. Bobby Kennedy III, who is RFK III is indeed easily found and attended the Earth Day at the Mall referred in the article about MTK Producer Bob Kennedy...the coincidence is a little much, no? As far as the ticket sales and FAA approval, they did not go on sale the same day as the approval, it was days before. So, not really that off base." May 16, 11 4:37 PM

Actually, Time Warner/Edgar Bronfman lost the money by way of its purchase of Bulldog Entertainment from Joe Meli. That shareholders meeting was not pleasant." May 19, 11 12:48 PM

MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

All I can say is, I got a lot of @#$* for saying many months ago that this was poorly priced and playing it out in the press will backfire. What pizzes me off the most is that it ruins it for folks like me who actually know how to do these things and would never have played it this way. fingers crossed that Phoenix House and the other charities get their $" Aug 7, 11 9:28 AM

I think his point is that a more careful review of the background of the organizers prior to approval would have revealed that it's probably not a great idea to allow people who have never done an event to do so. People who said the sky is falling had NOTHING to do with this cancellation! To pull off a first year event, promotion has to drive the response and these guys just weren't able to generate the excitement...notwithstanding the fact that the average ticket price for any of the biggest names in the line-up was about $35...$195 plus parking in a remote location with no major hotel inventory...I don't think so. Think about the folks who had to buy 3 night minimum's at hotels for this...no refunds." Aug 7, 11 10:27 AM

This is nonsense! All first year events in vacation spots have this kind of initial community response, but few play themselves out in the press by the organizers the way this one did. As a producer, you NEVER go public with anything until you've lined your ducks in a row and solved any major area push-back. They could have gaged the problems with Amagansett and moved to the airport right away. Also, the $100K was put in escrow for the charities and if the lawyers were smart, it was payable regardless of its execution. " Aug 7, 11 10:37 AM

Not possible unless the organizers are prepared to spend major last minute ad costs and then underwrite the additional losses (which are probably between $350 - 500K right now)...it's likely these guys are already going to be sued by vendors and others and as they've already paid deposits to talent which is non-refundable (50% of the cost of all 18 bands), the only real hope is that the lawyers maid the charity contribution $ payable regardless." Aug 7, 11 12:58 PM

Actually, that's not necessarily true. The reason for this money to be escrowed back when it was established, was to ensure that the community had a minimum benefit. Some of you may remember the @ Ross Concert Series which also pledged $ to charity. In that case, the event happened, lost $18 million and charity got zip. Happen, not happen, charity can get screwed...this money should go to the charities. " Aug 8, 11 2:33 PM

Actually, the promoters should be hung out to dry for ruining it for future projects, playing out their planning in the press, pricing insanity and making lofty predictions about their "vision"...total amateurs that should NEVER be allowed a permit ever again. And the charities should definitely get their promised $ That's why it was put in escrow. Like @Ross Concerts, who promised and never delivered to charity after holding their event and losing $18 million, there has to be a minimum or simply forget about pledging to charity at all." Aug 8, 11 2:41 PM

Actually, that entire post is untrue. The escrow has NO connection to the time or money spent by the Town in connection with this event. As a festival and nonprofit event producer who has successfully done projects in this area, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the escrow was because of the Town's request that local charities, NOT the Town, have some benefit from events held on EITHER private or public properties when a mass gathering permit is requested. The Town takes the charitable component into consideration when reviewing the permit request and in this case, the Promoters proposed the escrow because of the backlash already in motion in the area and because they believed they'd be fine as far as revenues...PERIOD! I personally would like to see the charities get this money because, in our business, these decisions are part & parcel and "pay or play" can become the difference between a yes and no re permits." Aug 9, 11 10:37 AM

Some good points, but the promoters presentations were all done after the permit was issued, so those that got their nose bent out of shape felt that it got slipped through without public comment. Re the charity $, the Promoters would not have been required to put up this amount...they chose to do so and to put it in escrow because of the growing backlash. Finally, the @Ross concerts 4 years ago promised charity, held their concerts and gave zip...a lot of people were aware of this and one of the promoters staff also worked on that event (stupid move!). " Aug 10, 11 8:35 AM

An interesting post....on one hand you feel sorry for the promoters, on the other, it was a fiasco. In that spirit, I too applaud those trying to do something new and take a risk. However, these guys didn't do adequate homework, played out the planning in the press and did the worst promotion job I've seen in a very long time. And for those of us that produce successful events, we now face greater scrutiny for whatever we want to do in the area thanks to this "fiasco". " Aug 11, 11 7:46 AM