Hampton Jitney, Value Pack Sale

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All About Spuds

And no, you can’t take a supermarket potato and slice it up and plant it. They’ve been treated to prevent them from sprouting during storage.

Hmmmmm,,,,,,,,, No one told me,,,, I did a few times as they were starting to leaf out in the cellar and was rewarded with some of the best spuds I have ever had. Now that all the prime land around Bridgehampton is gone for developments and luxury homes [what a waste]." Feb 5, 12 7:36 AM

DEC Fish Seizures, And Sales, Under Fire

Finally, someone other than he fisherman see that the DEC is out of control.

WAY OUT,,,,,,,," Mar 23, 12 4:54 PM

DEC Pays Fishermen Back For Confiscated Catch

What about giving them interest and loss of pay for the whole fiasco? Defamation of character, and mental anguish? A slip and fall in King Kullen because you were too busy watching someone would get you more than just loss of the seafood, some have been forced to shut down business and leave the state here to make ends meet." Feb 19, 13 5:18 PM

PLUM TV No Longer Available In The Hamptons

Remember that? I knew more about Connecticut, and RailRoad Charlie than NY....." May 9, 13 6:23 AM

Choo Choo Charlie!" May 9, 13 6:24 AM

When the weather was good, it was Ed Sullivan, and you could always count me in on The Twilight Zone..." May 10, 13 7:03 AM

You could fix it yourself, there was Liggets Drug Store, tube tester, one in Southampton on Hampton Rd, and one in Sag Harbor for marine electronics too, that was hardly open!" May 10, 13 7:07 AM

If I could climb a ladder, I'd try to get back all those years. The only traffic jams were from potato trucks, and cauliflower later on, now its BMW, and Mercedes Benz. Take the ferry from Orient, with the spuds and go to Rail Road Salvage..." May 10, 13 4:29 PM

I remember the stores, actually the commercials, well.

Railroad Salvage was the pre-cursor to places like Job Lot and Odd Lots and other closeout stores. And then there was that train set in the East Windsor store.

The business frontman, a decorated WWII veteran, Rueben "Rubie" William Vine, 86, has died.

Vine, who used to live in New Haven but relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, was the king of close-out stores. He opened his first in 1950 and went on to become famous starring in his own goofy, boisterous commercials.

The commercials, which also sometimes featured his wife, Choo -Choo, were considered a pretty edgy, and slightly cheesy, marketing move in those days.

Plum was nothing like the old days of Black and White TV's and the damn antenna on the roof.
" May 10, 13 4:39 PM

East Hampton Town Deer Survey Results May Not Reflect True Population

They didn't just stop there, Shinneccock Canal must be like the Rio Grande, I never saw one where I am until about 15 years ago, now, they're like roaches." Jun 11, 13 1:47 PM

They are not sterile here, they're breeding up storm. More than on a hot night at the Beach Bar parking lot. The offspring are liable to collect food stamps here, just give them a PO box." Jun 11, 13 6:45 PM

The Private Life of Deer
Video: Full Episode

Watch the full episode The Private Life of Deer.
On Nature, we have created the ultimate habitat for the deer" Jun 11, 13 8:04 PM

Start Of Beach Rebuilding Delayed Again By Bad Weather

Let me look out my window,,, nope,,still in Shinnecock.
" Oct 12, 13 10:49 AM

Mollie Zweig Gets Approval For Rock Revetment On Georgica Beach

Ban waves, and tidal action, NOW!!!
" Oct 14, 13 12:31 PM

Southampton Town Drafting Comprehensive Deer Management Plan

6 are doing some weeding, I haven’t done in my back yard as I write, cute. Everything else is Deer proof, or it’s history here, since 1959 I never saw a deer, even in the woods where I rode horses and walked, now, I’m infested.
" Sep 21, 14 1:41 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Disbands Tribal Gaming Authority

How about a gas station, healthier than ciggy’s.
" Oct 1, 14 6:29 PM

Go for the tax free gas than, 24 hours a day, and they can still sell the damn cigs, as well as coffee. Open the golf course too, Lots of memories, as the elders worked as caddies in another time at SGC.
" Oct 3, 14 9:19 AM

Deer Cull Takes Place In Remsenburg

I like the Easthamptonites idea of issuing condoms to bucks, can't wait to see it on YouTube. "Is that a real rack? Or a silicone rack there Bucky?". Let them experiment first.
" Oct 6, 14 1:52 AM

Sculpture Crops Up On Sagaponack Farm Field

That’s “Olive Oil” knocked up...
" Oct 25, 14 11:04 AM

Southampton Town Board Ready To Make Decision On Canoe Place Inn Plan

The land between the bays is at it’s narrowest point here, [why the canal was put here]. You have Sunrise Highway, LIRR, Montauk Highway, and all that dreadful, noisy canal traffic as well. The people that buy, if they buy, will complain about it all, it’s not just a restaurant-club with a few hours of music, or noise to contend with. It’s a steady stream of annoyance to the “residents” there. If they buy, they’ll complain, and up and move on, we know what the next phase will be.

Carve it up, and bring in transient people, motels that are being bought out by the town to make neighbors happy all over again. To top it off you send the sewage up hill to a treatment facility, what about the people that live up there?A wonderful day in the neighborhood.
" Dec 11, 14 3:14 PM

Put the damn condos where the cottages are on the west side, there’s already a traffic light there. Give CPI a 2 level parking arrangement in the rear of CPI, it’s on a hill, and near the train tracks, it would be a great sound buffer, and wouldn’t look nearly as bad as 37 greedy townhouses on the east side. Put new restaurants, and shops on the east side and keep the sewage treatment where they envision it for the east side businesses. Then everyone gets a little of what they want, townhouses aren’t exactly flying off the shelf in Hampton Bays anyway." Dec 11, 14 6:41 PM

HHS, ATH is going to need someplace to hang her Real Estate salesperson license!" Dec 11, 14 6:46 PM

Boardy Barn gets a train, and at least 8 buses on weekends, no one says anything to that. The pilgrimage from the RR station west on Montauk highway is insane. We could use an upscale CPI as well as destination restaurants and shops on the east side of the canal. Gosmans is a perfect example of what would work there, on the east side.

Just don’t let the Rechler’s install one of those knocked-up Olive Oil free standing sculptures on either premise, like they did in Westhampton." Dec 12, 14 10:32 AM

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