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Two Nabbed After Burglary In Southampton Village

I guess they needed "a little bit of luck!"" Jul 9, 11 1:46 PM

Two Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Afternoon Were Disoriented Hunters

I guess they missed the Polar Bear Plunge." Dec 8, 12 4:24 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Makes Offer To Stave Off Creation Of Sagaponack Village Police Department

Leaving Wilson out of this, the residents of the east end have a right to demand better police services. The one car that covers Sagaponack, also covers Bridgehampton and Water Mill. In addition that car has to pick up calls or back up the other pd cars in Southampton, North Sea, Noyac and North Haven. Why does the town have 3 full time cars east of the canal and 5-6 cars west of the canal. Throwing part time cars out east during the summer months isn't cutting it. Is this what it takes to increase police patrols out east, the loss of revenue. It shouldn't have come to this. Police management should of planned ahead. Then again they probably don't go east of the canal. " Sep 11, 13 10:01 AM

Sagaponack Looks To Thin Deer Herd With Sharpshooters

Wasn't it a few years ago when a biologist went to euthanize a sick whale he missed with his gun. I recall a lost lethal dart floating around the shoreline and police divers sent out to look for it. Leave the hunting to the hunters. " Nov 27, 13 8:49 AM

Oceanfront Boardwalk Part Of Town Plans For Neptune Property In Hampton Bays

A museum that will most likely be open in the summer months only, unless the town wants to heat it. Now we need town employees to maintain and staff the museum. A museum we have to worry about during storms and over the winter. Added legacy costs into maintaing for future budgets. Look at the old Summers Beach Club. How's that working out for the town. Let's have a museum of old photos of Hot Dog Beach, Summers, Neptunes, Hampton Beach Club, Drift Inn, Canoe Place Inn, Tiderunners. All History!!!" Dec 11, 13 7:57 PM

UPDATE: Driver In Fatal Crash Pleads Not Guilty To DWI, Held On $250,000 Bail

The person would usually not be that way, if it weren't for the substance. That's why people have applied to have their convictions overturned, because they were under the influence of the substance. It's about the substance and the use of the substance." Jan 5, 14 3:06 PM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

Why don't we have the board meetings at Southampton Justice Court. They already have metal detectors and armed security. They can sit on the pulpit and admonish all people in the room. " Jul 23, 14 1:08 PM

Proposed Southampton Town Plastic Bag Ban Comes Up Empty

How about the town leads by example and stops selling green plastic bags." Jul 23, 14 8:54 PM

New Season Brings Same Old Traffic Delays For Eastbound Commuters

Time to build a park & ride at Exit 63. " Apr 26, 15 2:52 PM

Community Members Revisit Contentious Long Beach Road Guardrails

How about guide wires instead of guardrails, as on Sunrise. The county should put more effort into County Rd. 39 safety. It can use the median." Aug 20, 15 9:14 PM

State Police Could Lock Doors To Riverside Barracks Before End Of October

Just like their community policing substation in Bridgehampton." Oct 6, 15 10:19 AM

Meschutt Beach, Other Suffolk County Parks, To Have Advanced Septic Systems Installed

Meanwhile Indian Island golf course keeps the fertilizer feeding into the Peconic River. The county should turn over Meschutt to the town. " Dec 4, 15 12:53 PM

Shinnecock Nation Could Grow Medical Marijuana And Build Dispensary On Reservation

How about a sewer district. They can hook up the village and waterfront homes. Plenty of growth." Feb 10, 16 9:41 AM

Still No Buyer For Hampton Bays Diner Building One Year After Closure

64K in taxes will scare small business owners away. Another zombie property in HB or we wait for a giant corporation to buy it up. I think town officials need to figure it out soon." Aug 17, 16 8:09 PM

Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

Thank God they don't want another nail salon." Jan 28, 17 10:37 PM

People will never window shop in downtown Hampton Bays. When they go down the street they usually have a pre-determined purchase in mind. The shopping centers pull traffic away from the downtown. Hampton Bays will be lucky if the Macys stays open. You don't even want to buy gas in Hampton Bays. " Jan 29, 17 9:55 PM

Southampton Town To Tap Budget Surplus To Battle Pine Beetles

$236K highway surplus to cut trees. Are we going to fill potholes with wood chips?" Mar 20, 17 10:04 AM

Hampton Bays To Get Trolley Service This Summer

Let me get this straight. A trolley that runs north and south will help alleviate traffic that runs east and west. The town will partner with Hampton Luxury Liner that can barley run buses and has filed for bankruptcy. All aboard the magic bus. " May 11, 17 7:06 PM

New Southampton Town Police Chief Deploys Anti-Terror Units To Summer Events

More traffic control and less anti terror patrols needed." Aug 2, 17 12:42 PM

Thiele Decides Against A Run For Zeldin's Congressional Seat In 2018

Maybe Kate can move to Southampton and run for supervisor." Oct 3, 17 10:00 AM

Southampton School Officials Begin Process To Look Into New Administration Building

More space for more overpaid administrators." Oct 10, 17 3:57 PM