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Tuckahoe School Files Suit Against Town For Denying FOIL Request For Golf Course Revenues

Dear all,
While I have immense respect for the passion in this discussion, nearly everything concluded about the golf clubs is factually flawed. The clubs dont decide or even remotely influence what they pay in taxes. It is based on a methodology under NY State law, and cemented by multiple State court decisions, include appelate courts. The notion that it has anything do do with club profitability, or is manipulable by club boards, is just uninformed and wrong. The Town faithfully assessor applies the law, that's all. And generally gets as much revenue from the clubs as possible. The Tuckahoe lawsuit will undoubtedly cost more in legal fees than it can ever justify. Which is to say, it's a waste of money. Why are they doing it? Probably looking for a bogeyman to blame their problems on, which are political problems, not problems created by 4 taxpayers. Three of which, by the way, predate the school district. Let's look for real solutions, not scapegoats." Jan 14, 15 2:11 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Members Plan To Protest U.S. Open Over Lack Of Participation

Yeah, lets all protest this economic activity in our Town.
Super idea!!
Let’s chase it all away.
Who’s with the turtle guy????

Chief1 do you give free money to every group you respect? If so, congrats." May 23, 18 5:41 PM

Temporary County Road 39 Traffic Light Installed To Reduce U.S. Open Traffic

Nonsense? How about just say thank you for the economic activity...money to local suppliers, hotels, restaurants, workers, off-duty cops, sales tax to the state...maybe try being smart instead of just petty and small about a traffic light for a week? Too much? Sad." Jun 7, 18 10:04 PM

Shinnecock Members Look Past Controversies To See Success As Host Of 2018 U.S. Open

The Turtle’s intellect is about as evolved as his nickname suggests. I read that the club pays about half a million in school tax per year, and has obviously never sent a single child to the school. They follow NY law on how to pay tax, to the penny. Turtle, stick your head out of the shell and maybe you will absorb some facts. " Jun 24, 18 8:21 PM

Tuckahoe School District Dealt Another Blow In Attempt To View Local Golf Course Assessments

When you lose a legal request not once but twice, its reasonable to infer that the other side is correct. The school district needs to move past its class warfare Hail Mary...the courses pay tax exactly in accordance with NY law...and focus on doing more hard work for sustainable solutions for our kids. The Village and the Town both have real responsibility here too. These politicians are paid to fix our problems...fix them. But stop chasing the fake bogeyman...a waste of time and money." Aug 29, 18 9:36 PM

Hmmm. Sounds rational. I’m sure many are persuaded by this." Aug 30, 18 9:18 AM